Top 3 Lesser Known Website Analytics Software

Website Analytics software enables you to know at a glance the number of visitors that visit your website, the particular web pages they visited and how long they stayed on each page, giving you an idea of what content they went through on your website, and the locations of your visitors.

There is no debating the fact that you need Web Analytics software to monitor and track the progress and workability of your business or products website.

You are about to study 3 website analytics software that you can use for your website:

Piwik Analytics Software

Piwik Analytics Software

While many people might be tempted to think that Google web analytics is the most popular website analytics software out there, there are many others that are equally effective and advantageous for your website, top among these is the Piwik website analytics.

Piwik traffic analyzer works perfectly with WordPress and Joomla websites among others without any hitch, and it has been specially designed to easily integrate into your kind of website or theme without any glitch whatsoever.

As an open source program, you can easily download Piwik and run it through your own server to set it up and running.

It easily tracks your visit traffic and even details their search terms and traffic engines used (like Google search engine traffic).

Piwik updates automatically and it is customizable in over 40 different languages and features.

Grape Web Statistics

Grape Web StatisticsGrape Web Statistics is another website analytics software that you can use for your site to monitor and track visitor stats and search info.

While it is arguable that grape web statistics might not be as popular as the rest, it holds its ground in the areas of analyzing traffic sources, their website behavioral patterns, and even the kinds of operating system they use.

Grape web statistics is known to be customizable to detail visitors traffic records at an hourly, daily or monthly rate among others, and you can easily customize its other features to work according to your website needs and requirements.

Open Web Analytics

Open Web AnalyticsOpen web analytics is also another website analytics tool that you can use to track the activities of visitors on your website, and to develop a background information on the visitors like the type of internet browser they use, their locations, web pages visited and how long they stayed on each web page, the search engines that referred them and the search keywords they used to arrive at your site.

Open web analytics also sports a very user-friendly interface and the layout is very pleasing to whoever would use it.

These are the 3 website analytics software that you can use for your website among the several that are in the market, and these 3 highlighted have proved their worth and effectiveness more than some people would readily admit. Why don’t you check them out today?

P/s: if you’re looking for more professional Website Analytics Script, don’t forget to check out “WtStats”:

WtStats Analytics Script


7 thoughts on “Top 3 Lesser Known Website Analytics Software”

  1. I know that Google Analytics os one of the best analytics software available because it is loaded with information and also it give me steps to take to make things work for my business.

  2. Well, I have heard about Piwik but never know about rest two analytics tools. I think Google analytics is complete analytics tool and that’s why you generally don’t think about any other analytics tool. I like to add one mention one more analytics tool here “Statcounter”.. I’ve been using for last 1 year and that’s quite useful and easy to use plus it’s free like Google analytics.

  3. Though I’ve been using Google Analytics for a long time now, I think there’s no harm in trying a couple other tools. I really hope that more and more tools are introduced in the field of web analytics, so that we are able to choose one that suits our requirements the best.

    At the same time, I would always want to use more than one web analytics tools so that I can compare the data from multiple tools and analyze things. Anyways, I would give Open Web Analytics a try for sure.


  4. I have been using analytic tools for some time. I have used Webtrends and now just stick with the staples, Google Analytics and Omniture. These 3 tools sound interesting. Is there any unique feature they offer that the big two don’t have?

  5. I see that everyone loves Google Analytics tool, however, these software above could be useful in case you want to implement them into your own project.

  6. It has a big help to your site. It monitors the site’s capacity and popularity which is an advantage to improve your site. It also shows the strengths and weaknesses of your website that helps you to develop the features of your website.

  7. Thanks! Great list! I still believe that Google Analytic’s is by far the best, but will defiantly give Piwik Analytics Software a shot as it also looks very good. Thanks again and keep up the great work!

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