So You Want to Keep Your Readers Around?

When you spend hours up keeping your blog – creating clever content, designing the best layout, or promoting it on social media – you want others to see and appreciate all your hard work. Yet, the typical reader scans and moves on. “The average page visit lasts a little less than a minute” according to Situated Research.

Don’t lose hope yet! There are just a few small pieces you can add that will increase your chances of keeping readers around. And I promise it won’t add much to your already full list of blogging duties.

“Similar Posts”

This is the most effective way to keep your readers around. After scanning the first article, you want to catch their attention quickly. To do that, you can add a similar post plug in to your blog. This will generate other content for them to read through. You can decide how it chooses the posts based on how you organize your blog; content, tags, category. Why is this helpful?

  • There is no effort required on their part. They don’t have to fuss with your pages and archives; they can just click on through.
  • They don’t have to guess whether they will like it. If it’s similar to what they just read and liked, it should fit the bill.

Link Within The Blog

When you finish a great post, it immediately begins to collect dust. As a good blogger you know you need to keep content fresh. Yet, the more articles you churn out the further your older posts are archived.

But, great content shouldn’t go unread. By unearthing your content you are doing two things: bringing to life a great post and enhancing a new idea with old fundamentals. However, in the world of reader stickability, this is even better.

  • Pushing your reader deep into archives can get them poking around content. They from here to there, and before you know it they’ve read five articles.
  • While your blog may have made changes over time, it is still based in your fundamental backbone of why you started it in the first place. Giving readers a taste of the old stuff may help them better understand the new stuff.


Bloggers like widgets
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What blogger doesn’t like widgets? With so many to choose from, you can get your blog doing some funky things in no time. However, those little gadgets can be great tools for reader stay time. While they are fun for you to create, they can be even more fun for those who are actively engaging in them.

  • Polling: When you post a controversial article, add a poll. People love anonymously giving their opinion, and a touchy topic can drive them to do so. Allow it to show the results, and be sure to have some very interested readers.
  • Top commenters: This is a great way to get your readers involved. Everyone wants to be noticed, and a top spot on the blog’s sidebar is a great way to get that attention.
  • Popular posts: This is a great way to get your readers poking around. Showing that many people like a post gives it credibility, therefore, readability.
  • Categories: Your reader may be interested in only one of the 15 things you write about. Allowing them to choose the category gives them an easy way to sort through the content and get to what they really want.

With all the time and attention you give your blog, it’s important that your readers actually see it. Great content and easy to navigate layout are important aspects, but without readers then what’s all the effort for?

10 thoughts on “So You Want to Keep Your Readers Around?”

  1. I think blog posts interlinking (that’s relevant) is the most effective way of compelling readers to spend more time on your site. I’ve noticed a lot of quality niche blogs with a much lower time on site as compared to a few others that are not popular. If you can keep your readers around for more time, it can also help you obtain good alexa as well as search rankings. Time spent on site is a good signal to decide whether your site is of poor or high quality.

    Thanks for sharing these tips, Jenni.

    1. Thank you for your kindly comment here, maybe I will write a post about how to decrease bounce rate of blog in next time.


  2. Loved this post because it’s probably my number one priority right now. I have to get people to look elsewhere. I have a new related posts plugin I use and love it. I’ve tried linkwithin and it never seems to work correctly for me. I have also tried, on another site of mine, to link to other posts. I’m always trying to write with linking to my other posts in mind.

    I’d also like to know how to lower the bounce rate. Look forward to an article on that. Thanks.

  3. Making internal links can really help the visitor a lot because you’re making things a lot more close to each other. It’s also a way of categorizing posts having the same topic. This is going to make the user experience a lot better because you’re somehow showing them around your site. Those internal links can help them look a little bit at the past articles that can help support the current one.

  4. I am an avid reader of blogs. At most I can read 30 a day. I do agree about readers being discouraged from posts that are too long however posting a shorter content then providing another content that would support the idea of the other is much better. It usually takes some time for me to realize that I am scanning through the site’s pages.

  5. Thanks for sharing your useful tips, they could be really helpful for me. I think that your steps are really inportant, but the most important thing is still the content. If your content sucks, you could do all the SEO tricks but your conversion rate won’t be good enough.

  6. I’m sure that every blogger wants their readers to keep coming back around. The readers are their life, without them, your blog is useless. Make sure to always update your blog for your readers. Updates are the factor to help you keep your readers. It’s the thing that’ll make them come back to your blog. Treat your readers as your priority, I’m sure you’ll get what you’re asking for.

  7. Kate Brown Wilson

    Hi there for me i think that we can still gain our visitor in our site, if we keep on freshen up the content that you share, many interested readers will attracted once that your site keeps on updating. I really want to thank you for sharing this great information.

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