Four Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic and Amass an Audience

As you know, all bloggers have a need to increase their web traffic. Blogs are designed to be public diaries within the Internet, so unlike an ordinary diary, they are meant to be read. A blog without a stable audience is like a television show with no viewers. Blogs have evolved from their intended purpose of penning one’s diary-like personal thoughts into a host of functions that require mass viewership to sustain, like:

  • Recreational bloggers who type blog posts primarily for own fulfilment but also to satisfy their need for recognition and readership,
  • Literary bloggers who want to portray their prodigious gifts in writing and have chose to use the Internet as a venue for airing their glaring pieces,
  • Commentary bloggers who want to spread their views and opinions about social, economic, and political issues with the Internet as an advantageous medium that enables them to reach them,
  • Academic bloggers who write about various topics in esoteric fashion fit for a specialist audience reliant on the Internet for knowledge,
  • Celebrity bloggers who bank on the cheers of an appreciative audience for their exultation and renown, and
  • Commercial bloggers who actively endeavour to introduce their businesses to the public, promote their products and services, obtain customers, transact with them, and allow them to make feedback that will sustain the customer-company relationship.

Whatever the purposes of the blog may be, bloggers are driven by the same desire of many authors – for their views to be read attentively and discussed logically. The most common complaint of bloggers is that they couldn’t even drive their blog traffic to, say, more than a hundred, no matter how much toil they put into writing their blog posts. So, how to get website traffic? Is there any killer tip to help you?

Beginning bloggers see a need to increase blog traffic early on, because they are still in the process of establishing a reputation within the blogosphere, so they should begin promptly. They cannot afford to linger for a long while and watch the blog they set up crumble in inactivity and inattention. Also, many experienced bloggers who are already comfortable with the intricacies of the blog world still feel the need to refine their skills needed to increase blog traffic.

Blogging, because of its popularity and utility, has become intensely competitive since the first time it was introduced, and the ultimate measure of blogging acumen is audience impact.

Skills Needed to Stand Out

1. Write at least one high quality – special blog post per week

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Just as the audience of a TV show becomes receptive to the TV show only as long as the TV show offers something new and fulfilling, viewers of blogs have to read something compelling from the blog whenever they visit. The best way to do this is to publish more and more blog posts. Do not stop!

Beginners should take a look at this, because at the early stages of blogging, they have to prove their worthiness in blogging first before they could increase blog traffic, which can be done by writing articles that remind the audience that you know what you’re talking about, and that you are receptive to their needs.

A goal to live by in blogging could be, say, one special blog post per week (different from ordinary blog posts). Write that one special blog post per week with all your gathered might and wit. Remember that your audience will be in line of the theme of your blog – if it’s about current events, expect them to be opinionated about the news; if it’s about beauty products, expect them to be well-informed about beauty products. So during your once-a-week venture, don’t relent. Of course, you will need some content. Research intently for this one sterling blog post; spend about 5-10 hours researching – until you are sure that, the article packs a large amount of value for the viewers.

However, don’t try to publish any article when it’s not ready. In the need of maintaining your blog traffic, you should keep posting frequently but please remember that: the higher quality your article is, the higher traffic your blog will be received! Yes, like you, I really don’t want my blog looks like an auto-blog at the end of the year:

Also, you can read this blog post from Pat about this subject: The Truth About Quantity vs. Quality

2. Maintain blogging visibility

While sterling blog posts factor hugely in traffic, ordinary daily posts are ways to remind the audience that you are willing to dish out new content regularly, thus reducing audience boredom and annoyance. Ordinary posts do not require much research as special blog posts, but they still have to be factually accurate, logically organized, and stylistically sound.

Ordinary posts help keep the interest of a diverse audience fired up every time they visit your blog. To increase blog traffic, ordinary blog posts should be written with no less dedication required in writing special blog posts. Consistency is reciprocated; if you post on your blog irregularly, expect a like reaction from your viewers. One great example for this blogging strategy which was used by many design niche blogs is: round-up articles (Ex: Top 10 Images Slideshow Scripts) along with premium tutorial (Ex: How to: optimize wordpress blog for maximum speed).

3. Network your blog

Blogging does not proceed only through posts. Posts may make an audience, but posts alone cannot make a sustainable audience. Bloggers should practice ways to make their posts accessible to a larger viewership. Fortunately, the Internet accords us many marketing methods that enable us to increase blog traffic. Networking could be done by:

  • Commenting on other blogs, which, if executed correctly, will lead viewers on that blog to be acquainted with your view and eventually visit your blog. In addition, the Blog Directory of Technorati would be a great place for you to find your blogging friend.
  • Commenting on online forums, which serves the same purposes as commenting on blogs
  • Interacting in friendly fashion with commenters on your blog, which ensures that they will return (and may also lead them to market your blog to others!)
  • Asking visitors to bookmark your blogs, which makes them remember
  • Placing links of your blogs where you can, which increases blog traffic by letting them know that you are a blogging mainstay (and boosts search engine rankings as well!).
  • Do “Guest Blogging”: you can also write for another blog as well and then receive back a reward like quality backlinks, gaining exposure and building relationships with other people. You can learn more about Guest Blogging with: The Ultimate Guide to Guest Blogging article which was written by Onibalusi.

4. Market your blog

Aside from networking, other ways to promote your blog include:

  • Posting your articles or links in social networking sites and niche-specific social media websites
  • Submitting your blog to online directories
  • Updating your blogroll
  • Using search-engine friendly techniques that increase your rank in search engines, like SEO (search engine optimization) and backlinks.

One Final Note

Blogging is not always easy. There are plenty of tribulations one must pass through before writing blog posts, maintaining the blog afloat, and finally amassing a loyal readership. These techniques to increase blog traffic are presented to you so that you do not have to go through trial and error stages in setting up your blog.

Again, the blogosphere is highly competitive, so you must learn methods to increase blog traffic as soon as you could, so that you can begin applying them to your blog immediately and so maintain your footing among the thousands of blogs around cyberspace.

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  1. Great article! Definitely not some of those copy-pasted “how to increase your blog’s traffic” that we have been hearing over and over. Guess you’ve got everything covered

    1. Thank you Michael! Everything changes in second, these strategy is good for a long term business but there’re a lot of tips and tricks that can help us increase the traffic over there, keep learning all of them!

  2. Very nice topic it helps a lot also check how to increase blog traffic at

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  4. You got it right dear. Making yourself to stand out is a sure way
    to success online. Also, Another stealth way to increase your traffic
    is to check your Google analytics to determine the keyphrases that bring
    you your most visitors.

    Once that is done, concentrate on that keyword and it’s related ones and dominate
    the search engine, especially the G.

    1. Thank you for your support, Michael! I’ve read your strategy somewhere, maybe on Richard Legg blog: and it works!

  5. You are so right, Jenni – quality posts plus blog promotion go hand in hand; neither one of them stand alone will do the trick.


  6. very helpful article…..i was looking for my blog promotion methods …. i think this article will help a lot

  7. Some good tips here. The single biggest thing that increased my blog traffic was starting a Facebook page to go with my blog. My blog was barely getting 50 hits per day, 3 months on i get 150-200 and occasionally >300. My FB page has >750 “friends”.


    1. Congratulation to you, Lain. Also, I think you should move to Google plus asap, it might be a great traffic source of this year.

  8. That was really gold mine article. Strategics in driving traffic to blogs have been an indispensable one for social media marketing. Got a handful of tips and learning here. Now its time for applied learning.

  9. Hello,

    Just started my own blog and wanted to increase traffic. Did a search on Google and found this article. Your suggestions seems worth trying out. Thanks.


  10. This was really nice piece of article. I totally agree that indeed blogging is not as easy as we think initially.
    Nice one !!!

  11. Learned much from this post, thank you for sharing. Is it just me, or do poetry/literary-based blogs generally attract less traffic?

  12. Take time in participating in online communities as well. You can have a chance to promote your blog in those communities if their rules allow link promotion. Making comments on other blogs can also help you with that.

  13. Nice post there!

    i would like to advise that adding popular/funny videos in posts also help to increase traffic. however not too often to prevent it transforming into a youtube blog ^^

  14. Thanks for the great, insightful post. This is a wonderful list to keep handy when setting up new corporate blogs, and also provides a nice frame of reference for your own company’s site to make sure you’re fully taking advantage of ways to drive traffic. You’ve inspired me to talk about your list over on my company blog where I mention my favorite points you make and encourage anyone who visits to check out your post. Thanks!

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  17. I think blogging is not for just money. So no need to think about stats. Just Blog about your fav Subject!! Avoid thoughts about traffic and pageviews. Concentrate on blogging every day.

  18. Great post. Being a beginner into blogging world, this informations are so useful and helps me keep my thinking straight.
    Very interesting post you have here. I have added this blog to my favorite list ;)

  19. Really helpful. I am a writer of literary fiction, and have been blogging since 2007. Now that I am approaching 2,000 pageviews / month, I am looking for ways to expand readership. Thanks so much, Jenni! I have bookmarked your site.

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