10 Ways to Improve Your WordPress Blogging Website

When it comes to maintaining a blog covering any subject, few systems can match the power and usefulness of WordPress. This free content management system can be one of your greatest investments of time providing you are putting the effort into your site to make it all that it can be. Although that may sound like an advertisement for the U.S. Army, no truer words have ever been spoken about maintaining your own blog to be efficient and productive.

With the right amount of motivation and immersing yourself fully into your blog, you could very well quit your day job as the money could surpass anything your local businesses could pay you. However, it will require constant vigilance and determination to be the best there is at what you’re blogging about.

How can you improve the quality and efficiency of your WordPress blogging website?


In the days of past, flooding content with keywords could help you rank higher in search engines. However, many search engines are putting an end to that nonsense as many spamming websites could rank higher than those with quality content.

However, this doesn’t mean that keywords (and keyword research) are no longer important for the material of your website. These words will still play an intricate role in how well your blog is ranked within search engines such as Google.

When creating content for your blog, you’ll need to monitor the density of your keyword count. While algorithms may deem your website to be “stuffed” if you have too many, you could also rank lower if there isn’t enough.

Using tools such as Keyword Statistics for WordPress can help you keep an eye on your keyword count. With this tool, a density of about two or three should be perfect.


Blog posts that are 1,000 words long will get far more attention than those that are around 300. Not only is the length important, but the quality of the content will determine if visitors are going to find it useful. Unless your goal is pure entertainment, blog posts that share real information are heavily trafficked and could greatly increase the value of your website.

The majority of visitors like to feel informed when reading through content of any particular page. If you could develop informative material for others to learn from, your pages could be linked by those who enjoyed your post.

For everyone that creates an external link back to your website, that is one new method of advertising your content that could increase your visitor base. Frequency of the post is equally important in order to help rank higher in the search results. Many have found that three to five posts per day can make quite an impact in popularity.

Google Analytics

Never underestimate the power of Google Analytics to help you deliver the best content you can write. Analytics will provide you with information regarding what keyword phrases are used to find your site, what posts are the most popular, and demographics to help you narrow down specific content to target that particular audience.

There is a wealth of knowledge that is free to use and signing up with a Google Webmaster account for Analytics can be your greatest tool yet. Most analytic plugins you can install for WordPress will easily embed the tracking code for you.



All too often, people will load up a website with tons of graphics, affiliate banners, advertisements, and more. Some have been so inundated with these diversions that finding the content is quite difficult. If your content is developed well, it won’t take much to make money from these methods.

The information you’re sharing needs to be easily found in order to impress visitors to return. Every returning visitor increases the chances of your WordPress blog to make money. Too much distraction from images and such can take away from the importance of your material. At which point, the visitor could recognize your site in the future as one that is difficult to manage through.


Google offers website owners a chance to make money from nothing more than providing quality content. By installing a plugin such as Adsense Made Easy for your WordPress blog, you can show Google advertised websites. If any of your visitors click on one of these links, you are paid a small commission. This commission can be as small as $0.01 all the way up to several dollars per click. There is no way to tell how much a link will pay you as this is up to the Adwords advertising bids that those respective websites set up with Google.

A single instance of Adsense on your blog will suffice for your purposes. Some users believe that placing Adsense bars in various locations will increase the chance of making money. All it truly does is make a mess of the site to the point that a visitor can’t find your content.

Affiliate Marketing

There are a lot of people who will place a banner or click-able link within their content in order to advertise goods for other companies. These are called affiliated links. If someone clicks on these links and banners, they are taken to the advertiser’s website. If the person then makes a purchase, you are paid a predefined percentage of the sale.

These have worked exceptionally well in the past for many people. However, you don’t want to weigh down your website with tons of banners. One instance per post regarding the content should be more than enough. If your blog post is about water skiing, then putting a banner for ink cartridges may not make any sense. Relate the affiliate banner or link to the content of your post.

Social Media

If you are determined to remain active using WordPress to power your blog, installing social media plugins can save you a great amount of time.

Social media can help you reach a wide range of people outside the search engines. Each time you create content, it could be linked to your Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter accounts automatically. Others who find your content useful could reciprocate by sharing the blog post with friends and family greatly increasing your exposure.

Installing plugins such as AddThis Social Bookmarking widget for WordPress can greatly help your visitors share the information.



Offer a subscription-based newsletter system that you can honestly maintain on a regular basis. Some of the plugins you can install for WordPress will create an automatic newsletter based on your most recent content at a determined day of the week or time of day.

Some of these free plugins can be quite elaborate allowing you a range of control for the actual newsletter look and style such as K-news. Although the automatic feature can help you stay regular, it would still be in your best interest to provide content in the newsletter that may not be available on your website. Give the visitors a reason to subscribe to it in order to promote your content even further.

Blog Carnivals

Blog carnivals are hosted by other individuals who own websites. These carnivals are open to writers to create content for that particular website in order to generate links back to their own.

While back linking is decreasing in popularity for optimization purposes, they can still provide additional traffic from those who visit the carnival and like your writing style. For the most part, these carnivals surround a specific niche and your content and website will need to match. Finding carnivals that follow you specific niche is fairly easy to do and requires a simple search in the engines.



Finally, your theme can play a large role in how well your blog is accepted by the average visitor. If your color schemes, fonts, or even spacing of the content is not accepted well by the general populace, your blog will suffer.

Find or develop a WordPress theme that best fits your preferred niche. This can help people attribute imagery and color to your content and look more professional. The more trusted your blog is by visitors, the more often they will visit and share the content with others. You need to impress the majority of your readers in order to succeed.

Although you can make a great deal of money from regularly blogging about your subject, you may not want to quit your day job just yet. Not every niche is as profitable as others and your income will be determined by the popularity of the content.

You could have the most profound information on the Internet about the niche you are writing about, but it won’t make a dime if no one is looking for that kind of information. This isn’t saying that you should give up, though. Just bear in mind that the less popular your niche is, the more creative you’ll need to be when developing your content.

Use the tools above to help you develop a rich location. You may be surprised with how well your WordPress blogging website can do.

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  1. Thanks for the tips! #5- Adsense can be an important tool, but thank you for the reminder not to overdo it! So many blogs out there are cluttered with ad bars and they drive me crazy. So take it in moderation and remember that the layout of your blog (a clean presentation) is very important too!

    1. Exactly! Ads drive me crazy. I am glad I am not the only one who is bothered by them. Thanks for your comment.

  2. You might also consider setting up a related posts plugin such as nrelate or linkwithin. These are free options from the WP directory and will keep your audience more engaged.

    1. That is a good idea however I have heard that sometimes those plug ins redirect to their sites first and therefore you do not get the full benefits of the links.

  3. After all those penguin updates, there’s one thing I have learned about blogging. I should blog for my readers and not for Google. If my topics are interesting, there’ a better chance that I will have repeat traffic. This post is really very interesting.

    1. That is so true. If you write what people like then you have a better chance of not getting hurt when Google messes around again.

  4. success from blogging revolves around all the geniune points you’ve mentioned .Killer suggestions for all the bloggers . Thanks for sharing.


  5. A great resource, thanks for an excellent guide.I have all your guides and I’m excited to read this.
    i enjoyed your blog. Inspired me to keep at it with my blog. I started writing consistently in January and I can see improvement. My dream is to create a e-book and to blog full-time.
    Great post and thank you!

  6. I always give importance to content. I think that content is the king and the rest comes after it. In this post, you too support my thoughts by giving importance to content.

  7. I’m glad that we’re following all of these tips, except the social media point. We are trying to be active in the social media space but we can’t get active on Google+ it’s still lacking too many API features.

  8. These all tips are great and useful too. If you design a WordPress blog you have to take care of writing content because content is king and if your content is attractive and informative then it is beneficial to your business to become a popular and successful.

  9. Gurwinder Singh Bhinder

    Awesome article, I guess you have covered all of the major points. That was an excellent guide.
    BTW your blog looks great, neat and clean with no clutter around :)

  10. I think wordpress is a Platform that every one can easily use. This CMS turn the website making in an easy way. I have learned a lot from this article Thanks for Sharing.

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    for ages i have been looking for this information, every time i make a word press blog i cross my fingers.now i am free to use these tips. Thanks for sharing.

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    It will help to improve the SEO.

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  20. Yep its true, keyword research stills plays a vital role in determining your traffic and still I do keyword research for all the posts i write.

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