[Infographic] Improve Your Content Performance Through the Art of Stealing

At one point or another, all content writers have dreamed of creating this perfect piece of content that everyone would fall in love with, and share multiple times. But often, we find ourselves stuck with the same problem: research has been done, the writing seems great, so why doesn’t the post get shared like crazy?

Here comes the moment, when you should try changing the way you work, and, for example, incorporate some stealing. No-no, not the actual stealing! Start with picking the post that you’ve recently loved and that got a decent amount of shares. And try to copy the structure and some style elements. Obviously, you will need to adjust those elements to your own topic.

The next thing you can do, is copy some fiction writing techniques from some of your favorite writers. To get the feel, see the infographic the team of Essay Tigers has created below:

The last but not least, try copying from yourself!

Sure, you’ve had some successful posts in the past. Take those, and think of a target audience segment you haven’t covered yet. You could turn a blog post series into an e-book or a podcast, a listicle into an infographic, etc. And then you can do the outreach like mad! You will certainly get your amount of shares.

Good luck and happy content producing!

28 thoughts on “[Infographic] Improve Your Content Performance Through the Art of Stealing”

  1. Hi Jenni
    Thanks for sharing. I am working on the digital marketing platform, really I was struggling a lot for content performance for website. Your article helps me a lot to improve myself so once again thank you.

  2. excuse me jenni,
    i was a newbie in the world of webdesign or my blogging activity, and i have some worries for uploaded content in my blog before. because i feel so difficult to make my content to be interesting,
    but now, because your amazing article, i feel so helpful from my trouble in this. and i know how to make some contents to be with quality and artfull creatively
    Thanks, and i’ll wait your next articles

  3. Krzysztof Zalewski

    Well I have been using buzzsumo for social media competitor analysis and I think its quite helpful. The points you have shared above are worth implementing in my next campaign.


  4. Yep, great article, good tips on how to do this. I’ve done this a couple of times now, finding content that has done well on StumbleUpon. I have my rules–it has to be the kind of post I would have written anyhow, and I have to be able to create my own take on it, but then yes, I analyze the stylistic elements and headline and this has performed well for me. It’s nice to know that the effort involved in writing a post isn’t totally just throwing a dart in the dark!

  5. Thank you for your advice. I’m trying to create amazing content for my site. May you suggest me some tools on making infographics?

  6. Thanks for this lovely info-graphic, I am also working on the digital marketing platform. I just need about content performance so that this info-graphic is much helpful for me.

  7. Hello Jenni,

    Amazing blog!!! I am a newbie digital marketer and i found new things for learning over the Internet and when I searching I found your blog and I decided to give some time here.

    After giving two three days I read many of your blogs and they are really helpful to me.

    Keep Sharing.

  8. Giovanni Zappavigna

    Great info-graphic!

    Great info, by the way, I have the same mindset. I tried explaining to one of my friends that if you have a hard time creating content on an individual subject then you should visit a blog and inspire yourself from his work. This is not stealing like you said.

    For me creating content is the most difficult part, but by using this technique I “save” time and creating good pieces of content.

  9. Hie Jenni,

    Completely Agree on this. Love the Info-graphics you have used to explain us.

    I have tried this and still trying… It is easy to find popular post but One thing I want to mention, it is kind of big deal when we are trying to make same kind of content in a unique way.

    In short, Find a Good Relevant Content + Make it Unique + Spread that on other Networks.

    Thanks for Sharing with us. :)

  10. Thanks for your valuable suggestions, this technique of stealing is good as it saves a lot of time but writing your own unique content can improve your knowledge, writing skills as well as SEO search results.

  11. Hi Jenni
    Firstly, Thank you so much for this great help. I am new in digital marketing, I was struggling to build my knowledge. Now, I just bookmarked your post and then I follow your every word. Thank You again, jenny.
    Have a great day


  12. excuse me jenni,
    i was a newbie in the world of webdesign or my blogging activity, and i have some worries for uploaded content in my blog before. because i feel so difficult to make my content to be interesting,
    but now, because your amazing article, i feel so helpful from my trouble in this. and i know how to make some contents to be with quality and artfull creatively
    Thanks, and i’ll wait your next articles

  13. Jocelyn @ Hip Mama's Place

    This is why bloggers have eBooks and classes to help those in need improve their writing style. It’s definitely a good idea and it’s not like you’re stealing content, you’re just figuring out a technique that works for you. I think this is an awesome guide to do just that.

  14. Shaswat Mukherjee

    Hello Jenni,
    Nice Infographics explained in a very good way.
    Thank you for sharing valuable suggestions as it can help in improving content performance.

  15. This is the perfect info for someone that is struggling with coming up with new and different ways to present content as well as create new content. Can you say burn out???? Yes, but now with this infographic I’ve got close to a dozen ideas to implement that will make life SO much easier.
    Thank you! This is just what I needed going into the weekend. ;)

  16. saikat at contenteams

    Hi Jenni,

    I write blogs for my websites sometimes and always think of writing great articles. I think your this article will help me to structure my thoughts and direct me to achieve my writing goals. It’s great to know there are so many things can be stolen without getting identified!


  17. I kind of liked the idea of stealing versus copying content. It is definitely time consuming to decide on a web design or digital marketing topic and then actually write original content.

  18. Hey Jenni,
    I must thank you for sharing this useful topic. People like me(new on Infographic) can learn many things if they read your post top to bottom. I was stuck on my way to create a digital marketing infographic. But, now i have a clear view when i finished reading your post. Great work, just keep it up.

  19. I really like your style of writting including the fact that it’s concise.
    By the way, I am a more infografic person so I appreciate the one showing all the great ways a blog post can be recycled !

  20. Hi Jenni,

    Excellent blogging tips. Mind relaxation is very important to get constant flow of blogging ideas. As you said to get relaxed yoga, meditation and short walk helps. Writing for others is a good tip. Your tips are really great boosters for other bloggers like us. Relax and dedicate more time on blogging for success.

    Thanks once again for the great share.

    Reji Stephenson

  21. Hi Jenni,
    Thanks for sharing useful infographic the info you provided with us very helpful to my business it gave me some new ideas to design my content strategy.

  22. Why to steal content just get an idea an express your views on it. The basic digital marketing concept all depends on content uniqueness.

  23. Hi Jenni,

    Now a days, content for the promotions is on the peak and Demand could not fulfilled due to some reason. Thanks for let us know a way steal and write content. I think its perfect for us!

    Thanks & Regards,

  24. Jitendra Chaturvedi

    That is fine, nice article but tell something about keywords which Google takes from the blog rather than the keywords we define in our blog? How important the later right now?

  25. Amrendra Chaurasiya

    Great info about infographics. You have made also very nice infographic. by seeing this it is easy to learn for me. This is very popular nowadays. Infographic gives life to your blog and going to crazy for a reader.I will try it. thanks

  26. Nice article to understand, Improve Content Performance. Content is king and a Content should be relevant and unique to topic.

  27. Insightful articles for a newbie here.

    I am working as a blog writer for an industrial company so I normally never think of putting in dialogue into the blog, or never think much of the importance of character and settings.

    Your infographic just gave me a lot of new directions to make the upcoming blogs more interesting and eye-capturing. Thank you a lot for this


  28. This is excellent! The infographic is worth to read. You have given some of the bestest tips to a beginner blogger like me. I really love the way you have curated about the content writing and its marketing. I really appreciate your effort. It was worth to read.

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