How to Improve Your Blog: 10 Steps You Need to Take

When it comes to your blog you should be always looking for ways to improve it. As bloggers we know that technology continues to change and adapt to consumers’ needs. Our blogs should change and grow too. The only way to keep your blog going strong is to continue to improve on it throughout its lifetime.

Here are ten simple things that you can look at to possibly improve your blog:

Make sure your blog has a main topic

Many bloggers like to diversify and that is fine. However your blog should have a main topic in mind at all times. If you let your blog wander from your main topic too far you will lose readers and the traffic that they bring.

Take another look at your blog and ask yourself what you would think the main topic is if you were a new reader. If that is hard to answer or if the answer is not what you would like then change your blog by refocusing your blog posts towards your main topic and bring your blog back into line.

Make sure you know who your readers are

Knowing your audience is half the battle. If you do not know who your blog’s target market is then you are missing out on several opportunities. You cannot successfully promote your blog or write specific blog posts with the reader in mind if you do not know who that reader is.

Look at your blog ad ask who you are targeting. If you do not know then do some research and find out who your target market should be.

Your target market could be parents or children, businesspeople or teens, retirees and Baby Boomers or Generation X up and comers. Without knowing who your blog appeals to you cannot effectively market it.

Use keywords judiciously


Speaking of marketing your blog, once you find out who your blog is focused on and what your blog is about then you can do some research to find out what your keywords should be. Keywords are words and phrases that are commonly searched in your blog’s topic by your blog’s readers.

For example a blog about food for kids could have parents of young children in mind as readers. Through research the blog owner could find out that that demographic is searching for the keywords “organic”, “healthy” and “easy to make”. Therefore the blog owner has a variety of blog topics that he can write that are not only great for search engine results and traffic but actually meet the needs of the blog’s target market.

By avoiding marketing schemes like keyword packing, where your blog posts have keywords but offer no real value, but using keywords as an integral part of your blog posts you can drive more traffic to your site and keep your readers happy at the same time.

Write great content

Once you have the basics set up then it is time to focus on your content. Is your content truly great? Take a look at your site and ask yourself if you would read your blog posts. What value do they have? Are they interesting? Funny? Compelling? Informative? If you would not read your blog’s content then why would anyone else want to?

Remember that you are not writing just to get rankings on a search page. While traffic is built by proper search engine optimization you also need to keep the readers you get. This can only be done with great content that offers something of value to the readers. Make sure that your content has something to offer. It is more important to have good quality content in small amounts than poor quality content in large amounts.

Keep your blog posts short

Speaking of quality over quantity, keep in mind that your readers are busy people too. Like you they do not have a lot of time to waste on trivial things. That is why short blog posts are better. A short blog post can be easily scanned for content that matters to the reader. It takes almost no time to get the general idea of a short post.

If you think about it the business world works in much the same way. Many higher ups get their underlings to write summaries of reports so they do not have to invest their valuable time in reading through pages and pages of text. Do your blog readers and yourself a favor and summarize. If you can keep your blog posts between five hundred and two thousand words you will be in the prime zone of influence.

Posts shorter than five hundred words tend to be dismissed by search engines as too short to be of value but ones over two thousand words are overwhelming to readers and will get passed over in favor of more succinct passages.

Short posts are also easier for you to write. It takes much less time to write a blog post that is short and sweet and you can still get your point across. Much of our education is spent making short things long, but this is a chance to exercise your brain and make your writing tight and to the point.

Break your posts up into manageable sizes

If keeping your blog posts short is not in the cards for you then there are other options available. For many bloggers short blog posts are out of the question because they deal with issues that are in depth or require many steps to explain properly.

While I understand that, there are still ways to keep the length and ease of reading manageable for yourself and your blog’s readers. One way to keep it short is to break up your blog posts into blog post series. Parts one, two, three and so on can make a very long and complex post into a series of steps. This also makes it look like your blog has more content than it really does.

In this same way of thinking you can break a long post up within itself. Headers, bullet points and lists are all great ways to break up a post and make it more manageable to readers. That way they can skip over the parts that do not interest them or scan for your main points with ease. Another advantage to breaking your blog posts up into list format is that you can treat each point as a separate post. That means that if you are pressed for time you can leave and come back between points and never lose your place. This is very helpful for busy bloggers or those who are frequently interrupted with other tasks.

Update your blog on a regular basis

When you keep your blog posts short you have the added advantage of being able to update your blog frequently. While opinions vary on how often you should update your blog all bloggers agree that updating regularly is vital.

The more you update your blog the more traffic you get because your blog is in the readers’ minds at all times. Search engines also like the brightest and newest information so updated blogs tend to rise to the tops of their ranking lists. By updating your blog on a regular basis you keep your reader’s interested and your blog stays alive.

Make sure your site is easy to use

Beyond just content however is another important factor. Your blog has to be useable. That means that you should visit your blog as an outsider and try to get around in it. Do your links work when you click them? Do all your pages work? Can you easily get from one blog post to another? Is there a way to search for content on your site? Do you have internal links to keep readers interested?

If you have problems getting around in our site that means your readers do too.

Fix any bugs or broken links and try to make your blog as user friendly as possible. That may also mean reducing the number of add-ons and ads on your site. Ad placement can affect your blog’s usability especially when they distract from your content or block your links.

Make sure your site is easy on the eyes


Speaking of ads, making sure your blog looks nice is just as important as making sure it works well. You can improve your blog’s looks by taking a step back and really assessing what you want from your blog.

Is it newspaper style? Then keep it clean. Is it vibrant and busy? Then keep it bright. Is it simple and easy? Then keep it simple to use.

The best thing to do is keep your blog site looking the way your target market is used to. For older people that could mean something like a newspaper style. For younger people something more in line with Facebook or Twitter might be in order. Speaking of Facebook and Twitter you should also integrate social media in your blog. That means like buttons, follow buttons and Twitter feeds. All these add-ons can be distracting if overdone so be careful with them but they are also a great way to bring in more traffic and show your readers how diverse your knowledge is. Watch out for unsightly ads that clutter up your page and avoid bright ads, loud ads, and pop up ads as they are a sure way to scare readers away.

Add multimedia to your site


Last but not least you should add multimedia to your blog. This is a part of keeping your blog current and looking nice. Things like images on your blog posts give readers an incentive to stop and read. Things like funny pictures, bright pictures or strange pictures can bring in new readers through catching their eye.

Not only that but they can also come in through image searches and social media based on images like Pinterest and Tumblr. Pictures are not the only thing you can add to your posts. Videos and infographics are also very popular. Videos can be imported from sites like YouTube or you can make your own. Web cameras and screen caps can be used to make an informative and entertaining video. If you are design minded you can create your own infographic or you can just link to ones you find interesting. These additions will make your blog posts really stand out with readers.

These ten tips are very easy to do and require little to no investment. However they are also great ways to improve your blog. If you have not taken a look at your blog in a while you should take the time to go check it out. You may find many ways that you can simply improve your blog and make it better for your readers. This will make your readers happy and increase your traffic which will make you happy too.

2 thoughts on “How to Improve Your Blog: 10 Steps You Need to Take”

  1. Great post with some very good ideas! Question on tip #7- how often is often enough? I feel that every day can be pretty overwhelming, and readers can feel that they’ll fall behind too quickly if they aren’t totally committed to reading daily. But is every 2-3 days better, shoot for 2-3 times a week, etc?

  2. Hi Ken,

    Wonderful post you shared with us. I think you covered all points to improve our blogs. Short post idea is good but very short post like “300 words” post will not be liked by Google.

    I’d like to add one more thing “Your blog design” and “Unique heloful” content matter alot to grab your readers attention and forced them to stay long on your blog.

    Thanks for sharing!

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