The Importance of Blog Design Awards

Blogging, for a very long time, was considered something of a hobby. You would write a blog about your interests and, in most cases, these interests were separate from what your regular job.

However, the popularity of the Internet and the ability to create something special with your knowledge has made blogs, all over the world, an incredibly important part of online content.

One of the biggest indicators of their popularity and importance are awards! The fact that the international community actually takes the time out to search and recognize some of the best blogs on the planet is food for thought.

The Webbies

Webby AwardsThere are organizations like the Webby Awards who started off with modest intentions but, today, have gone on to become one of the world’s most prestigious awards under many categories. Established in 1996 to encourage website designers to expand their creativity in design & technical arenas, the Webby Awards are massive today!

Their selection of blogs is extremely detailed and even though the entries for these awards are paid, if you have a blog that’s worthy of a title, then you could elevate yourself to the pinnacle of the world by winning a Webby.

Other awards

Other awardsNow if you are looking for something not as flamboyant as the Webby Awards you could find something simpler like the Cre8d Design awards. This may not propel you into eternal blogging glory or have those groupies lining up outside your door, but it does well to get your word out there.

The fact is, there are few blog awards like the Webby and plenty of the Cre8d Design variety. To be recognized and conferred by these websites, you need lesser or no money, which isn’t to take away anything from their creativity. Now you might think why submitting something to a website that doesn’t have the recognition as a Cannes or a Webby be worth the effort!

The power of recognition

The answer is simple – getting the word out! While almost all award organizations offer listings on their websites, some even offer prize money. There are award organizations that also focus on specific technologies such as WordPress blog awards, meant only for WordPress designers and developers, or awards on specific genres like music, sports or politics, and the like.

For a designer to win a blog design award means creating a name in the fastest growing trend on the Internet.

The first advantage of such a scenario is that you, automatically, create a name for yourself amongst those who are probably looking for the best of the best out there. Today, a number of companies and corporations are investing and maintaining blogs. Their realization that blogs are the best way to not just disperse information to customers and consumers, but also to create a steady flow of communication with them, is a boon to those who have a special skill in creating these electronic addresses.

If you are trying to make a name for yourself in the web design world, then you could look at this relatively less-popular form of design that is picking up pace like wild fire.

5 thoughts on “The Importance of Blog Design Awards”

  1. I absolutely agree! If I knew nothing about design whatsoever, and I was to hire a designer to do something for me, i would definitely pick out somebody who has an award to show for even though I’m not familiar with those awards.

  2. I don’t think its necessary to look for a designer, who have award, I usually go to his / her portfolio and check previous / recent work. and then we will chose it.

  3. @Joe: Exactly… there are hundreds of awards out there, I think people invent awards and give them to themselves. A portfolio is a much better method of displaying your acheivements IMO.

  4. Thank you for your website…….

    You raise valid points…..and because of that I will be returning to this site..


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