Not Just a Face in The Crowd: How to Make Your Blog Stand Out!

I wish that I could tell you that you could register with a site like WordPress, Posterous, or Blogger, start pouring out all your thoughts and rants on any subject, at great length, with no consideration for tone, grammar, page design, or general aesthetics, and make enough money to replace your day job.  But I can’t.

The truth is that, if you are new to the blogging game, you are coming in at a time when competition is fierce and probably far more wide-spread than you think.  And not only that, you are coming in at a time when blogging technology has made leaps and bounds from its humble LiveJournal origins, and stepped into a new form of media.

How to Make Your Blog Stand Out!
Scary as all this may seem to a fresh young blogger, you shouldn’t let it discourage you.  On the contrary, you should use all this to your advantage.

Constraints and challenges often make the creative process much more … well, creative.  You can’t content yourself to follow the same rules as everyone else if you want to be remembered, but it’s ok – break the rules, and everyone will remember you.  Just try to break them within reason.  Here are some ways to break the rules:

Give it a name they’ll never forget

Picking the right nameWhat’s in a name? Even 400 years before blogging, Shakespeare knew that the way you name something says more about you (and the thing you are naming) than you’ll know.  Remember that blogging also has a lot to do with image – so picking the right name is therefore crucial to representing yourself the way you want to.  Which is more memorable: Jerome’s Blog, or Jerome’s Super Amazing Epic Blog of Epicness?  Sure, it’s a little ridiculous, but think about it.

This rule also applies to headlines, by the way.  If your blog title is clever, but it ends there, you probably won’t get a lot of dedicated readers.  Blame it on our shortening attention spans, but it’s just the truth.  Come up with great titles, and people will want to read your blog.

Give them eye candy

It’s not enough that your title be catchy, you want your viewers’ first response when seeing your page to be “Wow.”  And not because it looks like it’s from the late 90’s.  Spend some time designing your page so that it matches your personality, taste, content, title.  Make it look like you know what you are doing, even if you don’t.  (If you really don’t know what you’re doing, you can look at other blogs for inspiration, buying a premium theme or hire a designer.)

Give them the real You (just not too much)

Maybe more important than any other of these rule-breaking rules, it is important that what you write on your blog authentically and genuinely represents your thoughts, ideas, opinions, experiences and so forth.

There really is no sense in writing a blog you don’t believe in (talk about an exercise in futility!) and readers probably won’t want anything to do with a daily soulless account of accounting.  Though that does bring me to another point: whatever you do, do it consistently. And don’t set up reader expectations you can’t fulfill.  Don’t post a hundred times in one week and never again for six months.

Also, anything worth doing, is worth doing well.  Don’t be a blog slob; treat your readers with enough respect to express yourself clearly, with passion, and humor enough to keep them entertained.  Your blog needn’t be a pristine example of your language, but it should attempt to be respectable.

There are many other rules to break (namely: do everything you can to host your blog on its own domain) but following these should get you started.  Don’t lose hope, keep writing, and give them what they want: an unforgettable blog.

21 thoughts on “Not Just a Face in The Crowd: How to Make Your Blog Stand Out!”

  1. nice article. all the above said points are very important if you want to make your blog stand out. Great mariana. Loved to read the such a nice, neat and easily explained content.

    1. Thanks, Atish! Always nice to get some positive feedback! I’ve definitely been in a beginner’s shoes, and thougt it would be helpful to impart some knowledge now that I’ve gone “pro.” Hope this helped!

  2. Thanks for these tips. There is certainly a mindbogglingly huge amount of competition out there. I am wondering why there are so many blogs and websites, but I guess everyone wants a piece of the action.

    Any idea how many people manage to make that step from hobby blogger to professional? Is it something that you can do if you dedicate enough time and effort?

    1. Thanks, Jon! You are certainly correct about the huge number of bloggers out there. The reasons for it are as numerous as there are bloggers, but your hypothesis certainly explains most of them—everybody wants a piece of the pie!

      As far as steps “hobby bloggers” can take to transition to a more professional kind of blog…. The first thing that comes to mind is using their blog to advertise, whether with a program like AdSense, or by signing up with an affiliate to market some of their products on your blog. Of course, if you have something to sell yourself, that could always help, too.

      The thing to remember is that you are a professional as soon as you start considering yourself a professional. Treat your blog like a job, and it will be your job!

  3. You are right about this being a more challenging time to get into blogging, or selling anything online. But with the increased competition comes more innovation and creativity to stand out. Look at some of the companies compared to what they were just 10 years ago. If you don’t get discouraged, stay focused and work hard, you will most likely succeed. These are some great points to encourage the beginner, and start him off in the right direction.

    1. Hey Lionel, thanks for the comment! I definitely agree with you: businesses have undergone some very compelling transformations since the days of blogging began. What we have now are myriad companies all vying for consumers’ attention—the only way they can be heard is by being, as Seth Godin would call it, “remarkable.”

  4. Hi Mariana,
    Great and very informative post! I totally agree with all that you said above.
    Thank you for sharing these tips and this very insightful post!

  5. Hi Mariana,
    I totally agree with all your rule breaking ways especially the third one. They say content is king and I believe it’s still true. After getting caught by a catchy sounding blog and title and after appreciating the eye candy, if what’s inside does not deliver, readers will not really stay for long.
    Great stuff, thanks for sharing. Have a nice day!

  6. Sound advice here and the one advantage to coming into the blogging game now is that there is a wealth of experience to draw from.

  7. Nailed it! Though there is lot more to it, right? Allow me to add one more point, will you!
    The first thing is sophistication. Now look at this present blog itself. Do you think it would have been so successful without the genesis theme? I think not. The genesis theme doesn’t just add eyecandy, but sophistication. Sophistication makes people believe that whatever they are reading has a superior purpose than it being there for their pleasure. It adds a sense of authenticity.

    Hope that makes sense. Good post by the way, Mariana.


  8. Just wanna say your domain rocks! It totally gets my attention, I can feel humor in your blog posts and already relate to you. Good job! Keep it up;)

  9. It is a very competitive market. A an individual now you really have to be very creative and original. Search has become more targeted and user defined. Most internet users are becoming more numb to all the flashy gimmicks. But your post does touch base on some very important subjects that apply to now and in the future.

  10. A custom well designed theme will go miles to help your blog stand out. I think the value of this is really ignored sometimes. You might think that premium theme looks nice (which it probably does) but it’s not made to fit you and your audience specifically.

  11. Very good advice – it’s important to find the value in what you have to say. If you don’t find value in it, how can you expect an audience to? Conversely, it’s important to be critical of your own work – striking that balance is the key to building a loyal following, which is where the dollars may come from.

  12. You know what, those are the key ingredients for any businesses success. Unique and quality. Thanks for the nice write up Mariana

  13. It is very important to have “Eye catching” post titles. Getting ranked in the first page of google is one thing, and getting more people to actually click on the post link is another task.

  14. Hey! Great tips for new bloggers it is real helpful and for existing once also.. And as we all know “Content is the King” so you blog content should be best to make everything works.. And you blog design should attract them.. Anyways Thanks Mariana for this tips.. :)

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  16. Hello Mariana, last from some days I have tried to blogging but there’s raised some problems . Today after read your article that problem has solved and I am very happy. Thanks for that.

  17. With so much competition around, your blog really needs to stand out. To stand out, you have to be unique and if your blog shows your own unique personality by the way you design it and the way you write your content , then your bog will stand out.

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