How To Get Your Guest Posts Accepted Into Any Blog

So maybe you are not so sure to guest-post a big blog, because you’re afraid of getting rejection. But the problem is, guest-posting a popular blog is always the key to gain audience!

Fear no more – with these tips, you should be able get your guest posts accepted into any blog!

A Guest Post Is More Than Just A Link-Back To Your Blog!

Some bloggers guest-post just to get a link-back to their own blogs. Their posts are 100% rubbish and readers don’t even know what they’re talking about. To become a successful guest blogger, you must think guest-posting as:

  • a huge opportunity to reach a huge audience of readers
  • a chance to learn from a powerful blogger
  • a learning experience – especially if you haven’t guest-posted before
  • a chance to get your name known.

To summarize, your guest posts must be your best work. Try hard and try your best – this way you should be able to get any posts accepted.

Choose A Blog Carefully

The tip is to choose only blogs that only run guest posts. Look for pages that say “Write For Us” or something similar. Also look for posts that are by “Anonymous,” “Guest Author” or something like that. Try and contact the owner of the blog if you’re interested.

Believe it or not, smaller blogs won’t accept guest posts. Those bloggers might only be interested in building their own audience with their own skills. So they decline to accept your posts – don’t get afraid because it’s not your fault.

Choose a blog that you’re interested in writing for. This way you can write what you’re skilled in which usually would lead to getting better results for the posts you write.

If you’re having trouble finding blogs that offer guest-posting, try searching “____ Write For Us” or “____ Guest Posting”. (Eg “Technology Write For Us”.)

Study The Blog Before You Start Posting

Have a look at the most recent posts and find out characteristics their posts. For some example:

  • On average, How long are the posts? This will give you an overall idea of how long you should write.
  • Which topics have been covered recently? You’ll have to avoid writing anything similar!
  • How did they attract comments? For example, did author ask interesting questions in their post which attract readers to respond?
  • Where are link-backs allowed?
  • Are some bad language allowed in posts?

These are just examples to guide you through. Checking out features of posts will guide you through what the blog expects you to write. It only takes minutes to check out and will help you to not waste time.

Check Out The Guest Posting Guidelines

Most blogs have guest posting guidelines. Most guidelines are part of pages like “Submission Guidelines,” “Write For Us” or something like that.

Guidelines usually tell you:

  • How long your post should be. Many blogs would want posts with at least 500 words.
  • What you’re allowed to do. Are link-backs ok? Are you allowed to post some bad language?
  • How to submit your post. If you’ll get your account for publishing your posts or if you are sending the post via email, etc.
  • If you’re being paid for high-quality content. Smaller blogs usually won’t be offering this feature.

Make sure you follow all of the guidelines while posting.

Post Interesting Topics

Come up with important and interesting topics. Jot down ideas that the blog hasn’t posted before. If you’re unsure of which topics hasn’t been posted yet, try asking the owner of the blog – he’s always the one who know the best.

Proof-Read Before You Publish

When you are sending in a guest post, you will need to send in your best work to create the best impression, especially if you’re guest-posting for the first time. Make sure it’s typo-free and the grammar is correct. If you’re not so good at it, get a friend to take a look and even edit it for you!

Also, don’t feel bad if your post is edited by blog owner. They know what’s good for their blog to gain a better audience.

Include A Bio

Remember to include a bio with your post. You can write about yourself and what you do with your blog (if you have one). You should be able to put a link or two to your own blog. (If you’re not sure if you’re allowed, check out the guest posting guidelines (as mentioned before) or find out in other posts.)

That’s it!

All you have to do now is send in the guest post. Send a short email, attach your post, take a big, deep breath then hit the send button.

Oh, and by the way, IntenseBlog (that’s us!) is offering guest-posting! We allow link-backs to your blog. For more info, click here.

I’d love to hear all about your own successes (or “failures” if you don’t mind sharing!) in the comments below!

42 thoughts on “How To Get Your Guest Posts Accepted Into Any Blog”

  1. I wanted to do guest post on some blogs to promote my new Tech Blog and eBook and I think your ideas will going to help me in getting my post approved.

    1. Mike from

      Right on! Guest posting as a form of promotion is very effective. I like in this article how it says guest blogging is more than just a link. If only the spammers would get that through their heads ;)

  2. I agree.
    Guest posting should be a win-win situation.
    You give the blog owner a quality content while you get a back link and some targetted traffic.
    Nice article.

  3. This article is just so helpful for those who are wishing to guest post in popular blogs and for newbies as well. We all know how important guest posting is, since it can really help generate traffic to your blog. But other than these pointers, are there still any thing that we need to consider when guest posting? Thanks for this fantastic article of yours, it’s indeed very helpful.

  4. Nicole Anderson

    These tips are exactly what I need. Well, I already got some articles that are not published yet and I think I have to proofread all of it.. Hope all of it are interesting and got to look for blog sites first. Thanks!

  5. We all know how important guest posting is, since it can really help generate traffic to your blog. I think your ideas will going to help me in getting my post approved.

  6. You just have to remember that you’re writing for people. If you have that in mind, that’s going to help you think of a better way to entertain them. Put yourself in their shoes and think of a good topic that might get them curious.

    It could be within your comfort zone so that you won’t have to do that much research. But if you’re going to step out of your comfort zone, you have to do a good research on the stuff you’re going to include in your post.

    One last thing: if you’re going to use guest posting as a way of creating backlinks, then you have to rethink your strategy and use it as more of a way to get your name out there as an author rather than something that will help you in search result rankings. The latter can be considered as just a bonus for all that.

  7. This is a very informative post you have here! I really want to boost my traffic and this would help me a lot. I know guest posting is one way of gaining new visitors. When did you start doing guest posts?

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. To your question, I started my own blog back in 2011. For half a year, my blog was very unsuccessful so I thought the idea of guest posting was great. And here I am :)

  8. I wanted to inform you of a situation I had concerning guest blogging. I had a contact with a blogger two years ago. I was mainly reading and commenting on his blog. We had some conversations, and I finally decided to ask him if he would like me to write some articles that he would host. All I asked was a link to my blog per article. I wrote 3 articles and sent them to him. He liked them and published them.. The problem was that he made the link nofollow.. He refused to talk with me from then on and rejected any comments I made. He had my name as the author but no dofollow link. I thought about creating a blog post concerning this on my own blog. When I did that he started writing articles saying the story the other way around… That it was me that did so.
    At last we talked again and removed all the articles involved. We have not mentioned each other from that time on.
    So be very careful!

    1. Thank you for letting us know about this issue and yes indeed, guest posters must be careful before submitting their posts. Try and see if the blog owner is nice (eg through chatting)! Is his blog still there? Would you mind confirming which blog it is for us to have a look? Thanks!

    2. Your story make me scared! That’s why we need to choose a blog carefully.

      Thank you for letting me know about this!!

    3. Yes the blog is still there. Sorry I wouldn’t like to give his address. It is a thing from the past for me. I wouldn’t like to bring the situation back to life.
      I hope he is the only one out there but I feel I am too optimistic.
      Thank you!

  9. Guest posting is something I had been considering for a while but never really had the nerve to have a go. Having read your post I think I could quite possibly become approved at the right blog sites around the net.
    Thank you for the great informative post, I will let you know how I get on.

  10. Great article to make your guest post efforts to pay you properly. Selection of blog is as important as your article as you explained it very carefully
    ~rakesh kumar

  11. Hello all,
    great post! thanks.
    i think that guest bogging is a good idea especially if you connect to a complementing site. this way you can post on their site and thy can post on your site = both sites get quality content that is relevant to the reader.

    does anyone know of a good blog on those topics: psychology, mental health, Cognitive behavioral therapy or coaching? to guest wright in and exchange articles – Hebrew or English??

  12. All great points! You have to remember that you are writing for someone’s baby and they take it very seriously! You want to work it out so it benefits both parties!

  13. I bookmark your post, i am currently in the process of fine tunning my grammar and guest post is one of my goal.
    thank for the excellent tips.

  14. Dr. Christa Herzog

    Great article to make your guest post efforts to pay you properly. Selection of blog is as important as your article as you explained it very well.Thank you for sharing.

  15. I have come across with many guest posts and as you said it should be more than just getting link back to the blog is definitely worthwhile to be because any blog owner will want to have (accept) unique and innovative information that helps his/her readers to be informative by reading something new in his/her blog. As i think guest post is good method to get more traffic than backlink. Thanks for sharing an effective tips to make guest post acceptable.

  16. Hi Jeffery,
    You have shared key points that help in accepting guest posts. I think, if we follow these points then nobody could stop guest post publishing into the blog. No doubt, understanding the website requirement is very essential to help the guest post get published.

  17. This is really good post here. Thanks the time to post such valuable information. Quality content is what always gets the visitors coming. And I am waiting for this. I’m waiting your next post.

  18. Guest posting is the good way to get more audience to your blog. Your blog post will accepted only if you understand the website requirement and guest blog posting guidelines. You share nice points here, anyone can publish the guest post into the blog by following these useful tips.

  19. If you wanna publish something and wants more traffic, it is very important to research first what is in demand for that moment. Generally, the trend is always changing from time to time so you should be updated too.:)

  20. Great post to market my brand. Great deal of info is given here I have started adding the tools to my website according to your guidelines.Love to see you with more helpful info.

  21. Guest posting is one way of building relationship to other bloggers and one way also of getting more traffic. So, when it comes to guest posting, bloggers must be conscious to whatever the words he/she is using and must consider many things before posting it.

  22. If you’re having bother discovery blogs that provide guest-posting, try intelligent “____ Write For Us” or “____ Visitor Posting”. (Eg “Field Pen For Us”.)

    Clever model,i equivalent it:)

  23. I found all the information I needed in this great article. From my point of view, guest blogging is a wonderful technique to create one way links to our sites, therefore we have to work with great care, as to maximize the results.

  24. Nice post, but there’s just one point I don’t agree with. Why would someone would at least 500 words? True, it wouldn’t be very enjoyable if there were only, say, 3 sentences, but i think if the content is amazing (which isn’t with some enormous posts), you don’t need a lot of words. The rest of these tips were pretty useful.

  25. Excellent points!

    I’m not currently accepting guest posts, but I had a couple people propose them. If they had proposed something related to my blog, I would have been very tempted to take them anyway, but they were proposing articles that weren’t at all related to my topic areas. Research is key, and quality writing never hurts either!


  26. Guidelines is the first thing to see before posting your article. Owners of blogs have high standards in guest posting,you’re right…it’s not all about links but how you intend to share useful information to the public that the owner would benefit. Wrong grammar, missing edits and typos are major no-no. Beware of the content quality. I guess, it’s not hard to guest post successfully if your aiming just to share interesting post all over.

  27. Submission guidelines are very important to read before submitting a blog post or article. Quality content is also most important to get more audience. Read carefully your blog before posting and check grammar mistakes if any then correct. Your blog must be interesting so that more audience visit to your blog.

  28. This is one of the best guest blogging posts I’ve ever seen! Thanks so much for sharing this knowledge. I’m going to be making writing and content creation the biggest facets of my business in the coming months, so this post was very timely!

    Thanks again.

  29. web content provider

    Guest posting is one of the best way to learn backlink, gain friends and get targeted traffic. Thanks for sharing these tips.

  30. I am yet to write a guest post in any blog. These are excellent tips. I was planning to start with guest blogging not not with the intention of getting backlinks, but getting myself established as a good blogger.

  31. I find it quite entertaining to receive requests from those who obviously have no clue what my blog is about (per step 3) and those who never return to comment on their guest publications. It’s great when you find those who are responsible and follow through all the way – great post!

  32. Now a days Guest postings is gaining huge popularity through this you will get quality backlinks as well as huge traffic to your website. Recently I had started writing guest posts this information will surely helps me a lot thanks for sharing such useful information with us.

  33. thank you. All of the other sites have only told me to contact the owners and ask if they would sllow me to guest post. this was really helpful.

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