Guest Posting Backfires?

Guest posting has long been hailed as one of the most effective tools for marketing your blog and expanding your readership. Just about every serious blogger has had people guest post for them or has guest posted on other blogs in an attempt to attract new readers and form new blogging relationships.

However this tactic isn’t always useful or helpful – in fact it can end up being a huge waste of time if done incorrectly. And why do anything if it’s going to be a waste of time? There are a few different things you should definitely avoid doing when submitting guest posts to other sites:

Guest Posting Backfires

Low Quality Content

If you provide a blog host with poor content, it’s going to do one of two things for you: Either they won’t accept your content, which means that you just wasted time putting together an article for nothing or the site’s readers will be unimpressed and not bother clicking over to your blog. Either way you’ll end up wasting your time writing something.

The same as high-quality articles, there’s not any very clear and succinct definition of”Low excellent articles”. It greatly depends upon the wisdom and expertise level of the reader who’s studying the content of a webpage. The identical content may be high quality and low quality in precisely the identical time, based on who’s reading it.

In general, It’s been discovered that low quality sites, blogs or webpages have these 3 things in common:

  • A page normally appears nasty and gives you a sense of “Low confidence” at the start.
  • Websites are filled with ads throughout the area. Including Adsense advertisements, banner ads, affiliate links, text link advertisements and each other ad put in the over the fold department to promote clicks and make money.
  • The content isn’t succinct and complete. By simply reading a few sentences, you can make certain the content has been written by a script, a system and hasn’t yet been proofread by an eye. The material appears to have been auto-generated rather than handmade.
  • The content is filled with grammatical and punctuations mistakes. The content doesn’t”Flow” obviously and contains an “artificial texture” inside.
    The info is obsolete and the website hasn’t yet been updated for quite a while. It seems that nobody deals with the website, the layout appears broken and the final update was years back.

You get this feeling you’ve seen similar websites somewhere but can not remember how and when. It feels like a typical”spin-off” site that has been constructed overnight and countless pages of articles was spun in virtually no time. It seems quite like a spam site instead of exclusively by the appearance and texture, the efficacy of the web site also indicates that it’s spam.

When a site has all the pages that meet the above criteria, then it’s a great likelihood that the site you’re studying is a very low excellent website with low excellent articles within it. It critically hurts the search rankings of your site and you ought to take action to clean up low excellent content on your site to maintain your site SEO friendly.

Unoriginal Content

Providing an article that you’ve already used elsewhere is a big no when it comes to guest blogging, unless the site owner specifies that it’s ok. While it may seem counter-productive to write a high quality and original post for someone else’s website, it’s the best way to gain new readers because they’re much more likely to head over to your blog to see what else you have to say.

Writing Solely for Links

No one wants to read an advertising pitch. Your guest post needs to have something that is valuable to the reader, not just promotions for your own websites, products or services. Having a purely promotional piece is an easy way to turn off readers, and fast.

Even though your purpose for writing the post may be to obtain a link, the best way to get the link is through good content.

Not Keeping Your Blog Content Fresh

Most people write guest posts to drive traffic back to their own blog, so it doesn’t make much sense to guest post for someone and not keep your own blog current and updated. Without current content your site will appear dead, and people are less likely to keep coming back if there’s nothing up to date to read.

In the blogging world, managing and keeping your previous content is the digital equivalent of cleaning out your rain gutters. You know you have to do it, but something else is always more urgent. Alas, the longer you wait, the more risks you collect. And like the afternoon you notice costly water damage, failure to maintain your blog can come back to haunt you.

You Don’t Respond to Comments

If someone leaves a comment on your guest post and you don’t respond or acknowledge their comment then you lose the chance to create a potential relationship with the commenter. So much of successful blogging requires networking with other bloggers, and guest posting exposes you to new bloggers/blog readers so you should take time to cultivate new relationships whenever and wherever possible.

As effective of a tactic as guest posting is, if you’re executing it in the wrong manner it won’t be worth the work. You want to maximize the benefits of guest posting, and by submitting poor content or letting your own site fall to the wayside you’ll be doing yourself and your potential readers a disservice.

4 thoughts on “Guest Posting Backfires?”

  1. Yes If you don’t respond to the comments then Then it pains the site admin and From the next time He/she will not be wanting to get any post from you.

  2. Hi Jenni, I just started accepting guest posts and those are some real concerns I’m watching for. I already turned down several for duplicate content (I checked copyscape).

  3. Hi Jenni. Nice highlight. I read and visit many blogs and somehow I notice that many guest blogger post the same content and reuse their killer article in different blogs. They just change the title do some modification and post it..

    not good when reader know it

  4. I’ve yet to guest blog, and I vow to do so in 2012, but I really understand about keeping our own blogs up to date. I will guest blog and try to drive traffic to my blogging/social media blog but have to do a better job of keeping it updated before guest blogging anywhere.

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