Reasons to Make Guest Posting a Part of Your Blog Promotion

If you want your blog to be a success and gain real followers you need to think like a marketer and begin to promote your blog to your potential readers.

Attracting new readers can be difficult, especially if you have a small niche that you are writing to, or if you are writing on a topic with a lot of competition for it. Guest posting is one way that you can help your blog to grow and to gain other readers.

Reasons to Write a Guest Post

There are quite a few reasons to write guest posts:

  • First you can reach an already established reader base and wow them with your profound insight and your humor. Basically you are able to have readers who would not normally read you, find out about your writing style and topic. It is one of the easiest ways to find new readers.
  • Secondly most blogs will allow you a link back to your website. This helps you when it comes to Google ranking, which can help you improve your standings in the search engines.

Writing Guest Posts for Other Blogs

Writing Guest Posts for Other Blogs

When you write a guest post for another blog, you need to make sure you are submitting your best work. It is your chance to attract more readers to your blog, so you want your points to be well thought out and backed up with examples.

Additionally you should make sure that post is free from grammatical errors and typos. Find a topic that will interest other readers, but that is related to what you focus on with your blog. This will give the readers a good idea of what to expect when they click through to read some of your blog posts and make it more likely for them to keep following you.

Guest Posting Etiquette

Guest Posting Etiquette

There are some basic rules you need to follow when you are guest posting on another blog.

First you need to follow the posting rules set up by the blogger you are guest posting with. Generally this means only having one or two links in your blog instead of several sprinkled through out. Mention your guest post on your blog and drive traffic there by linking to it.

Additionally, you should take the time to go back and reply to any comments that are left on the blog. This will help you attract readers and leave the opportunity to guest post again open.

Having Guest Posts On Your Blog

You may also want to consider hosting guest posts on your blog. It can attract new readers, since your guests will post a link to their guest post on their blogs as well.

Additionally it can help you build a stronger reader community. If you have guest posts you should set up rules about what you want to have posted (topics they can cover), the number of links in the post and the bio of the blogger. This will make handling the guest posts much easier.

You may want to aim for one or two guest posts a week or a month. Guest posts can also fill in the time when you are vacation or too busy to post.

14 thoughts on “Reasons to Make Guest Posting a Part of Your Blog Promotion”

  1. Do you just send articles to various webmasters and ask if they’d like to publish them? Or how do you find sites that allow guest posting? I can’t find any in my niche…

    1. I usually use Google search for this purpose, for example: “Your niche keyword” “write for us”… lets try this and let me know your result.

      Another method is using site like, this’ where you can submit your guest posts and receive offers by various webmasters.

    2. Thanks, I’ll check it out.

      However, my site is in German, so I first have to check if a similar website exists for German webmasters…

  2. I am dying to get some guest blogging done. I’m just as excited to offer guest blogging on my pizza blog. I can rarely even get people with pizza blogs to even answer my emails when I ask about guest posting opportunities or if they’d like to post on mine. I think the only bloggers who understand how valuable guest blogging is, are internet marketers and fellow bloggers who write about blogging. I’ll keep trying.

    1. christina thomas

      Definitely keep trying; Brian! I have a general rule that I expect one reply for every 25 emails sent out. It keeps me sane lol.

  3. We were just talking about guest blogging a while ago, and they were thinking of it as one of the ways you can build liks and stay on top of the rankings. Blogs can take advantage of the freshness factor. When I say fresh, it’s not just the type of fresh that the search engines are looking for nowadays; it’s also what the people want to see — a site’s that is always updated with the latest news on the niche.

  4. blogging allows people to read more about your comment as well as learn more about your site. its truly a great idea

  5. You’ve done a great job explaining how to build links. It’s a little bit hard to figure out what methods work better than others. It’s a very time consuming process, so the techniques you recommend helps streamline the process. Thanks!

  6. Guest Blogging not only is a great source of traffic, it can also bring up your expertise in the niche your in granted if you can find blog’s that allow guest posts. Some outside of marketers understand the benefit of having guest blogs posts on there own site. Besides the free content, now more than ever this model should be used a lot more and I am going to start doing this on my personal blog as well.

  7. Nice idea, yes it’s one which can assist your blog in many ways. As what you have mentioned it will help out to have a ranking on internet because guest means people that will definitely contribute to your blog just by having back links there. On the other hand, it’s another technique bloggers can use because somehow it’s interesting. Interesting in a way that you can get an opinion to other people which is part of blogging to receive criticism to other experienced blogger.

  8. Absolutely right. I am completely agree with you. Blog promotion without guest post is like half promotion. guest posting is best in every aspects. Its better to guest post on other blogs and also better to accept guest posts on own blog. Great article.

  9. Hi,
    Its a comprehensive post on guest blogging and you well focused on its advantages. I think your post encourages lots of writers to start guest posts.
    Keep on keepin on,

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