5 Great Reasons to Blog with Blogger

You may have experimented with many blogging platforms. However as a blogger which is the best platform that offers all the features without charging anything. I think there are two such great platforms one is Blogger and other one is WordPress.

Both are free of cost to get started but if you have to choose one of them then I would recommend going for Blogger. It is much convenient to use and maintain.

Moreover with wordpress platform it is difficult to make money using ads or affiliate marketing. In Blogger you do not have to bother about these things as it is such a great platform that you can make money without spending a dollar.

Easy Set Up

Let’s start with the set up of your blog. In blogger you can start a blog in just two steps. After creating an account for blogger, in the first step choose the title and blog address (URL) of the blog.

While creating a new blog you should choose the blog address related to the topic of the blog.

For example if the blog is about Music then URL should be like MyMusicWorld or MusicPlanet etc.

In second step you will choose a template and that’s it. Your blog is ready and you can start blogging. No hassle absolutely smooth.

Simple Blogger Templates & Layouts

Blogger Templates - LayoutsBlogger offers great templates and layouts. You can design your blog according to your wish. There are more than 30 templates available. These templates come under 8 different categories. You can choose anyone of the templates and implement it.

As far as layouts are concerned there are 8 body layouts and 3 footer layouts. Layouts can help your blog to look great and very presentable. Moreover you can adjust width of these layouts. Implementing different templates and layouts into your blogs are very easy as no coding is required.

Hundreds of Gadgets

To make your blog dynamic like any other full fledged website, Blogger offers you hundreds of gadgets. You can add gadgets like news, weather reports, currency converter, videos, slideshow etc.

If you arrange and design these gadgets correctly in your blog then you do not need a full fledged website with heavy price to pay. All these gadgets are free of cost and integration is just by clicking one button. If you have a code for a particular gadget then you can add that also.

Easy Adsense Integration with Blogger

Well blogging does not mean anything if you are not able to make money. The best part of Blogger is that you can integrate Google Adsense program right from your blog. After integration you can show ads and make money instantly.

Blogger gives you complete control to arrange your ads inside and outside the blog post. Moreover you can also promote affiliate products from third party vendors. Blogger itself allows generating affiliate revenue through Amazon affiliate program. This thing is missing in other blogging platforms.

Personalized Domain

After blogging for sometime if you want to get a new domain name of your choice then you can do that very easily. You do not have to worry about loss of any data. You can get a domain name without having to bother about hosting cost.

Blogger takes care of all your hosting problems as it is free. The important reason for getting personalized domain is that you can target a wider audience around the world. However to get a domain you have to pay $10 only on yearly basis. I do not think after making money with adsense this price would bother you.


In the end I would only say that Blogger is the best platform for blogging. It is absolutely free of cost. It is very easy to set up with only two steps required. You can choose templates & layouts and apply to your blogs in seconds.

There are enough templates that can give your blog a cool look and feel without paying any money. Further if you want to see your blog like a full fledged website then there are hundreds of gadgets available. They are just one click away from integration to your blog. Then you can make money with Google Adsense program as it automatically comes with the Blogger.

Finally if you like to switch to personalized domain then you can do it easily.

9 thoughts on “5 Great Reasons to Blog with Blogger”

  1. Blogger also can use themes inspired by WordPress Themes. I think every WordPress theme has it’s counterpart in Blogger. The only issue we got for Blogger is its limitations in plugins. Also the control is not like a self hosted WP blog. Google can delete your post in Blogger anytime.

    1. Ya, Blogger has some limitations especially in plugins features. Also, Google will delete your posts only if there’s the copyright issue with them.

  2. WordPress and Blogger are both great choices for persons who are blogging. You list great reasons to use blogger, thanks for the information.

  3. Blogger is a great platform, especially when you want to enhance your skills as a blogger. You can create your free blog and when you feel comfortable and confident you can integrate with your domain or you can start your fresh blog on your domain.

  4. I’ve used Blogger a lot (WP too) and although it’s not the most versatile platform, it’s very quick to use and with a little bit of effort most things can be done. I like it. Yet, I wouldn’t compare it to WP. Blogger is more of a mere blogging platform, a good one though, whereas WP is simply more than just that.

  5. correct and I agree with what you wrote above .. I also prefer blogger from the wp .. with bloggers can change the template and choose freely

  6. Blogger is 100% free. Most Internet marketers suggests that we should start blogging with blogspot to familiarize ourself to various aspects like posting, widgets, applications, elements, feeds and many others. Once we learned a lot, we can switch to WordPress anytime through WordPress Import feature.

  7. Blogger is much better than WordPress platform.

    However only if you do not have any money to pay for purchasing a new domain and templates.

    You can start blogging with Blogger platform without paying a dime.

    Hence use this platform and start your career as a blogger Now!!!.

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