Google Penguin 2.0 Update – What’s New?

Well, it’s time to get prepared for the much-awaited and most dreaded Google Penguin 2.0 update, the fourth version of the Google’s spam fighting algorithm. SEO experts and Webmasters have been scouting for this update to hit the Google search results. And lo! Within few hours, several big changes were reported. What’s more interesting is that Google claims this update to be the next generation of technology that can completely remove web spam.

To make it simple, Penguin 2.0 is just an algorithm update. If you are familiar with the SEO terminologies like data refresh, algorithm update and index update, you can find noticeable changes in your website’s rankings. According to the Google’s Web Spam Team Head, Matt Cutts, more than 2.3 percent of English queries will certainly have an impact. Are you interested in knowing what’s new in Google Penguin Algorithm? Yes, then let’s start with:

The Value of Links

The first issue dealt in this update is the link value. In short, whooping number of links will no longer have any value, if the quality is low. In fact, abundancy of low quality website links create negative impression.

It becomes worse when it comes to irrelevant links, for sure, there will be a drastic downfall in your page ranks. With the updated Penguin 2.0, link value has gained major importance.

Link Velocity

Another issue that has been addressed by Google is the websites’ pace of acquiring links. Google believes that high-quality sites accumulate links gradually. But in cases, where hundreds of links are acquired over night, Google marks the site with a red flag. In short, the link velocity should be very consistent and should have a steady increase over time.

Target Lower Level Pages

This new update of Google’s Penguin, is designed specifically to target not only the website’s top level pages or home pages but also the lower level pages.

Some webmasters have reported an increase in keyword ranking, while some have observed a downfall. So ensure your inner pages have keywords incorporated well according to the keyword density to acquire high ranks.

Importance to Social Media

It’s actually the importance given to the aspect of website authority that can help in increasing the search visibility. Google believes that if you kind of own the authorship of your website, there are chances for your website to rank high. As according to the Google’s algorithm, your website will step out of spam and becomes more appropriate for users.

It’s not just this, with Penguin 2.0 update, authority can no longer be purchased. In short, with the enforcements being on tight leash in this update, any ad or coverage that helps with a flow of Page Rank surely ends up with negative impact.

These are just a few significant positive changes in Google’s Penguin 2.0 update. And now for the negative part, if you are adversely affected by Google’s Penguin 2.0 update, then just follow these simple steps to improve your rankings:

  • Run a proper backlink check on all the websites linking to your website.
  • In case of any negative links, disavow or better remove those links.
  • Ensure you build high-quality inbound links.

However, this new iteration of Penguin also executes with the same principles of providing users with accurate results. So, just plan a proper SEO strategy and work it out effectively to get the best page rankings.

18 thoughts on “Google Penguin 2.0 Update – What’s New?”

  1. Daniel Adetunji

    Wow! You really touched some high quality penguin tips here.

    I learnt some new tactics from this post. Thanks bro

    I really appreciate

    PS. Nice blog inbetween

    Daniel adetunji

  2. Positive? Not only it was already hard to earn for living while reving up a startup a couple of months ago and now it’s even harder ? What’s positive about that ? Being seen on social media is quite hard these days. People find it problematic to even make others stumble their own content. Guest blogging requires a lot of connections and patience. Advertising – expensive. So what it left if google is taking out nearly every possible opportunity to be seen ?

  3. Hey,

    Google is doing a good work to stop the spammers.Google is upgrading its version day by day and is improving.

    Jannie Taylor

  4. hey , Thanks for the update .. Google is just trying to keep the internet clean through its Penguin Updates , As Google holds more that 70% of the the market and pays high money through advertisement programs like adsense … It has the right to provide high quality content to its users . This is what i think .

    Thanks and Regards ,

  5. Maybe its good for me that I have a brand new blog, still in the design process, so that it will not be affected- otherwise I would be afraid of the update.

  6. hi, ya i really like these points because my 2 sites are hit by this update because of low quality links and now i used google’s disavow tool for delete those links from my sites.

  7. Mohammad Fazle Rabbi

    Google is always awesome..I hate spammer…do you know when exactly Google Penguin algorithm will update???

  8. Hi Ruby, it is not really easy to understand Google algorithm update and yes just like many other bloggers I was also waiting to know about this update. I think understanding the principle of search engines is essential and staying away from anything like spam is essential. This post was really useful for understanding the latest penguin update.

  9. From what I’ve seen, the SERPs are worse now. I see more spam sites in the top 10 than ever. Maybe the dust still hasn’t settled but one thing is for sure: youtube now ranks higher… go figure.

  10. Google is doing an honest work to prevent the spammers.Google is upgrading its version day by day and is rising

  11. Hello Dear

    this is latest penguin update and i was read and this Google is amazing, really its amazing points so thanks for sharing me

  12. Appreciate a great resource on penguin thanks for making some of the best points which is to be implemented by everyone for getting minimum effect from these algorithms updates

  13. Its a great empire builder for SEO your site contains. Thanks for sharing your Blog with others. You really share valuable information.

  14. Debopam Banerjee

    So with this update, building links steadily in a natural fashion will be more beneficial…… Thanks for this extremely important and relevant post with useful tips….

  15. Hi Dear!
    The new Google Penguin will prevent all spam backlink :( It’s not good for me (and many others, of course)
    Link building is more difficult with high quality:(
    Thanks you!

  16. Hello Dear,
    How this Google Google Penguin 2.0 Update ? For this condition and terms of the Google this ideas very helpful about them like.
    1 Run a proper backlink check on all the websites linking to your website.
    2 In case of any negative links, disavow or better remove those links.
    3 Ensure you build high-quality inbound links.

    Thanks about it !

  17. I am glad Google is stumping its foot down. For too long, companies have been exploiting the gaps in SEO and it made it harder for genuine website owners to build up the SEO on their site. Since the update, I have noticed the dramatic drop in emails from companies asking if I would like them to do a guest post on the site, whilst sneaking in a quick backlink to their site.

    Good article!

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