To begin with, I must admit that blogging and making money out of it is not as easy as we may want it to be. It is not complicated either and you don’t need some “coding” skills before you can set up a blog and profit from it. But you need to have a fundamental understanding of how it works and the ability to be consistent before you see results.

Blogging for Success

To succeed as a blogger, you must genuinely be passionate about what you blog. If you are not passionate about a subject matter, you can’t write about it for long.

You must also know or learn basic blogging skills such as optimizing your blog for search engine ranking, monetizing it, tweaking it and the rest. The skill of setting up the blog itself is very important. The good news is that you can hire someone to build the blog for you if you don’t have time to learn. You can even follow a step-by-step guide and master it yourself.

There are free blogs and paid blogs. Free blogs are very easy to set up and run. They also don’t cost anything. However, if you want to take your blogging to the next level, you would need to go in for a paid blog where you buy a domain name and pay a monthly hosting fee.

Blogging for Profits

Blogging for ProfitsFor your blog to be profitable, you need to know what strategies to apply. When it comes to blogging, the basic strategy is this: quality content + marketing = traffic = money.

In simple terms, the content you provide on your blog needs to be of high quality so that people who read it will be interested to stay around for the long haul.

When you also market your blog with social media tools, article marketing, social bookmarking and the rest, you drive traffic to your blog. In internet marketing, the more traffic you drive, the more sales you make.

Of course, the traffic has to be quality. This means people who are attracted to your site must be people who are looking for something of value and who are ready to spend. Once you get these right, there is no way you won’t make money from your blogging venture.

4 thoughts on “How to get started with a Monetized Blog”

  1. No one has ever explained to me exactly why a paid host is better than a free one for setting up a blog. Why wouldn’t blogspot work just as well as say a hostgator account?

    1. Ok, maybe you need to try it yourself, By using a free host you will faced with many problems like the server down, web runs slowly, your website got hacked and so on…

  2. i wish to share my experience here. if you think about make money from blog means either you are a good SEO or SMM. if have good knowledge in seo mean can earn good money from google adsense, if have good knowledge in social media marketing mean can earn from affiliate marketing………… do you feel?

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