How to get the Sponsors for Your Blog

Before you start the search for most coveted sponsorships for your blog, you will need to refresh the basics of blogging in your memory. Finely tune and advance your writing skills. Ensure your blog is desirable and pleasing to the readers, then ensure you have a loyal audience dedicated to you who trust your endorsements. Visit your blog regularly and be passionate about what you’re interested in blogging about.

Finding sponsors to advertise on your page can be a potential source of income for you and will enhance professional delivery of services to your clients. This begins with you having an advertisement ready page and using correct language to ensure the quality of your blog content. Focusing on illustrating professionalism will enhance the sponsor-friendly space that will provide a long-term engagement for you.

The following are the major ways for increasing chances of you scoring sponsorship deals for your blog:


Create a unique, clean, and professional presentation of your website that’s attractive and appealing to look at. A poor presentation and a disorganized website will repel readers and sponsors as well. Your web page should be well designed with all the elements properly placed. Perfect proportions should stand out and the fonts should be easy to read. You may also add white spaces to make the impression of not cluttered website.

Provide clear ad spaces on your page even if no ad is currently running there. Design simple and well visible graphics with “advertise here” or a related statement on them. Place them on the most visible section of your page, for example, on the right-hand corner or the bottom of the posts. Make them linkable to your advertisement information page where you present your contact information for rates and further info.

Professional Image

If you don’t have an “about us” page, you should create one. This is where you will publish your professional qualifications and enhance your professional image. Give information that is relevant to your blog and that will make you seem credible for sponsors to advertise on your page.

Relevant Ads

The ads that appear on your page should be relevant to your blog. Keep only relevant ads on your page and keep their subject matter as close as possible to your topic.


When you have a new blog, it can be very difficult to land a serious sponsorship. Firms looking for advertising avenues usually go for those that have a considerable amount of traffic. This means that for new pages with little or no traffic, it will be impossible to be considered. To attract sponsors, start with trade outs or very low rates, for example, a small fraction of the market rate. You can always adjust to the market rate or higher depending on the amount of traffic your page will get.

Service Delivery

Always make sure that the firms advertising on your page know what they are getting. Give them a clear picture, with numbers even, of the possible amount of traffic your page will be getting. Ensure you deliver on the numbers you provided or give more. This will boost your professional reputation as companies always share advertising experience on a constant basis. If you deliver well, you will gain a lot of ground and you will earn more. If you fail, you will lose the deal and no new ones will come your way.

Cash In On Previous Relations

When you start an ad page, first contact the people you already have a business relationship with. It is easy to strike a deal with someone from this group of people as you already share a common ground, have developed some level of trust and friendship, and it’s easy to access them as well. The affiliate companies that have benefited from your activities are very likely to sponsor your page, so approach them hastily and convince them to take this opportunity.

Give Free and Bonus Ads

A free ad on your page can bring you a lot more benefits than if you charge for it. Despite the fact that your ad will be drawing competitor ads to the product, the company that you offer the ad to might decide to advertise with you on a subsequent campaign. All you need to know at this level is how the ad performed in terms of clicks and purchases. Because it is a free ad, remember to give it a direct URL without affiliate or tracking tags: these are very unprofessional.

Website Statistics

Before any serious sponsors will consider advertising on your page, they will inquire about the performance or web stats. These are usually the number and frequency of unique visitors per month and the total number of impressions. They show the potential reach of your website and also directly determine the amount of return you can expect.

Understand the Demography of the Audience

This data will help you structure the ad and make it suit a specific section of your audience. Describing parameters like average age and gender at basic levels impact the effectiveness of ads. You can obtain this information from simple online surveys and polls. More detailed information can be obtained from specialized web services.

Avoid Google Adsense on Your Site

This service makes your site unprofessional and devalues your work. Although you can make a few hundred dollars from these services, it finally comes down to what you really want. If you want to earn the quick small table scrubs from Google, you can use it, but if you want real revenue from serious ads, you should avoid it.

Blog Topics

Keep to the topic of the blogs you publish. Talking about too many topics will confuse sponsors who will end up not being comfortable with advertising on your page. Sponsors usually tend to prefer and associate with websites that have content related to their products. They feel more comfortable with somebody who can handle their information with competence.

Package Your Services

Create service packages for the ads you sponsor on your page. This creates standardized services and enhances the quality of services and service delivery. This attracts more serious sponsors. Include details like:

  • A brief description of you and your page
  • Why your blog is the best ad avenue
  • Your blog stats; charges they shall incur
  • Precise information on promotions
  • Links to previous successful posts.


Finally, when you land your first sponsor, be it free, bonus, or premium charged one, work for it like it is your product being advertised. Give it all your energy and dedication and see it succeed. When they succeed in their campaign, you share this success with them. When they grow, you grow as well. This is the most satisfactory stage of your endeavor and it determines your next gig. This stage requires genuine care for it to succeed, so care about your sponsors’ products. Your viewers will see the honesty of your posts and will trust your judgment. This will secure a loyal readership and you will be successful in your business.


Getting sponsors for your blog is not a simple task. It requires careful planning and precise executions to be a success. It also involves commercial engagements and formal agreements. Whether you choose to promote affiliate links or advertise services, ensure that you are well familiarized with all the details, especially the legal issues concerning your engagements.

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  2. What an informative article though. I really like all the points especially “Avoid Adsense” because if you are going to get someone to sponsor your blog, you must be loyal. I also like to add one more point if you allow – Provide accurate space on accurate place. You must provide ad space o the best visible area of your blog. Thanks anyway Christina. It’s a pleasure to read the article.

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