How to Get Product Reviews for Your Blog

As a budding blogger you’ve probably seen product reviews littered across the blogging world. Everywhere you turn someone is reviewing something cool.

And after a while, you might get a little envious of all of these bloggers who get to try out new things, most of the time for free, all in exchange for a review on their blog. Curious how they got those products to review?

That can all depend on the maturity and popularity of their blog, but it’s likely that most bloggers started in the same general ways.

Stick to a specific blog audience

Blog audience

Tailor your blog to a specific niche market instead of trying to span all avenues of blogging. It’s easier to attract a solid set of readers and to eventually branch into product reviews if your blog has a definitive focus, such as technology or cooking.

But trying to combine two unrelated topics, such as technology and cooking, can make it harder to retain a consistent readership, and most PR people looking for bloggers to review items want the blogger to have a steady readership in place.

Review products on your own accord

When you’re just starting out include regular reviews of products you use on your blog so that you can become a trusted source for truthful product reviews. Your readers will like that they can count on you to test things out first, and companies will be able to see how you review products to determine if you’ll be a good fit for reviewing their products.

Reach out to companies you’re interested in promoting

Get in touch

There’s nothing wrong with pitching yourself to companies if you can give them a good reason to utilize you. Contact companies to see if they’d be interested in partnering with you to review a product in exchange for an open and honest review on your part.

If there’s a mutual benefit then there’s no reason for the company to not be interested in doing so. The worst situation is that they say no and then you’re no worse off than before.

Be candid in your posts

Maintaining a very honest position with your readers is more appealing to readers and companies alike, and you shouldn’t be afraid to point out the pros and cons of whatever product you’re reviewing.

You will be a much more credible source if you’re willing to honestly review something then if everything you review is seemingly perfect.

Get involved

There are plenty of blog networks out there for just about every niche that will put bloggers in touch with potential product reviews that they can do. You can then pick and choose which products you’re interested in, respond, and they’ll send you the product for free… all you have to do is provide the review.

Make contact easy

Make contact easy

The only way that companies are going to contact you is if they can easily find your contact information. Have an “about me” page on your blog which details who you are and essentially pitches your blog’s brand to anyone reading. Make your contact information easy to find so that people don’t have to search for how to get in touch with you.

Product reviews aren’t exclusive to the bigger bloggers out there, you just have to know how to market yourself and your blog so that companies want to work with you. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start reviewing!

18 thoughts on “How to Get Product Reviews for Your Blog”

  1. I would really like to be the guy that gets the free stuff and gives reviews. I see other people and as you say I am very envious. I will just have to work my way up to that point. Thank you for the next step.

  2. great post,totally agree that pitching yourself to companies showing them a good reason to utilize you. Everyone likes a win/win situation, i think they respect you for having the guts and confidence to sell yourself to them too

  3. I am one of those who envy bloggers who get to utilize a product for free in exchange for a genuine product review. What else to we beginners have to learn to give this thing a go? Thank you for a very helpful post.


  4. I never uses a About Me page on my blog. After reading this I got insight to add a about me page on my blog. These days I am looking for guest posters on my blog. I saw that you are having guest posts on your blog. Do you know a way to attract more guest bloggers on my blog??

  5. Doing it yourself is the best way. And always be honest; do not always focus on the good, be sure to include the cons.

  6. Just be yourself when you’re posting content online. First impressions last, so when you start things out by faking who you are, you have to stay that way. Well, not really. It’s just that it’s hard to change personalities midway. Some of your readers might even be confused by the persona change.

  7. It depends on the person making promotions and advertisements. Business strategies are meant to make or break the company. It’s only a matter of making the right choice and taking the right actions.
    wonderful post.

  8. Jeff the Entrepreneur

    Sometimes it is just like that in the business pyramid.
    The more successful you become, the more people wants to treat you with freebies….
    You get free exposure, free interviews, free contents and free items for reviews…
    It is some of the fine things that should motivate you to go for the moon.
    Nice article!

  9. Yup it is a bit of a chicken and an egg. You have got to get known before companies are banging your door down asking you to review their products.

  10. Being rejected is a painful experience. We may have placed a lot of effort to make our sites attractive to product reviews, yet we must accept that there are times that some companies just don’t need us. I love the advice on focusing on a niche especially that it allows us to attract a more specific market.

  11. I agree that you need to be niche specific with a large readership… in most cases if a company is willing to give you a free product, they will also probably advertise on your site if you have a section where they can advertise… get creative and offer different types of reviews… so video reviews… text reviews… lots of photos…. etc… and always relate it back to your readership :)

  12. Great guide to raise some more reviews for your own blog. Thanks my dear friend to remind us once more time “stick to your niche”.
    ~rakesh kumar

  13. I had done some reviews for the Italian PC Mag 10 years ago (for the printed version). The really nice thing (that I suppose is still true ) is that if you write a fair review (if it is good it is good if not it is not) not only do the magazines/blogs start to like and respect you but the companies also. This way you build your authority and you become important. Thank you!

  14. Really effective tips on getting product reviews. I do not have thought about getting product reviews for blog so far because i seem still i am in the initial stage of blogging and the matter of getting product reviews is really advanced for me but i will try for this. Thanks for the sharing your great knowledge and suggestions.

  15. I was always fascinating how bloggers get product reviews for their blog and make a lot of money too out of that review and here my question got solved so thank you so much Kate.

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