5 Sure-Fire Ways to get more Comments on your Blog

Blogs are easy to make, a breeze to maintain, and require no start-up fees if you’re seeking free services. These characteristics are what make blog extremely popular these days.

Businesses hop into the blog business to give updates about their products, services and events, while artists use blogs display their writing skills, photography skills, and the like. Freelancers use blogs instead of websites because its easier to create and easier on the pocket. The various positive qualities of a blog make it so popular in the Internet nowadays, and businesses are jumping in the bandwagon, creating their blogs to gain exposure.

Developing and launching the blog is the easy part, but when it comes to comments and viewer interaction, things start to become more difficult.
get more blog comments
Businesses that get comment in their blog enjoy better traffic and better reputation. Why is this so? Why is it so important to get more blog comment?

  • First off, blog comments encourage interaction between visitors, making your blog site more lively and vibrant.
  • Second, blog comments allow you to take note of what your viewers think about a particular post you make, allowing you to use any constructive criticisms they have to improve the business or the site itself.

More than just making your site a bustling place where opinions may be heard and people can talk to one another, blog commenting also does one more thing that’s essential for any blog that’s launched on the online world: better search engine rankings.

Being able to get comment from you a reader will not only encourage other users to reply but will help search engine crawlers rank your site higher in the search engine results. Let’s continue reading along to find out more about how blog comments can impact your reputation…

Benefit of Blog Comments: Ranking Higher in Search Engines

Blog comments do more than just allow people to share their opinion to one another. For this example, lets see how blog commenting can help you get higher rankings in Google. If you think blog crawlers only scan your website content, think again.

Google Bots crawl on everything, even your blog comments. Blog comments can give your site that extra push higher up the ranks.

How does blog comments do this?

  • First off, Google Bots only crawl through newly updated sites. When a person comments on your blog, Google Bots treat that page as an updated page, so they crawl through it again. If you cant always upload fresh content on your blog, having people comment on it could do the same thing!
  • Secondly, Google Bots love scanning pages for phrases and keywords. The extra keywords on your comments section will also be noticed by Google, allowing your site to rank higher on the search engine.

Liza made another post about the SEO benefit of blog comments and you can read her article here: Does blog commenting work for SEO?.

How to Get Comment on Your Blog: Quick and Easy Steps

Its easy to get comment on your blog if you know how to encourage your readers to take part in the discussion. Here are some of the steps you can take to do that:

1. Encourage Comments on Your Post

A lot of people believe that just by leaving a comments section at the bottom of the page, people should get the drift and comment as much as they want. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

When writing your website content, don’t forget to ask people to leave a comment. Encourage your readers to tell you and other readers about what they think. A simple please leave a comment message at the bottom of the page should encourage your readers to tell you what’s on their minds.

Another solution to archive this is that you can use a more attractive commenting system like Facebook comment, Disqus, Intense Debate or a real-time comments system of Livefyre.

2. Ask Questions

If you’ve read popular blogs, you can see popular writers do this again and again. Asking questions will definitely heighten the number of comments in your page, especially if your question is a particularly striking. Try to introduce a question in your headings, before you even start the content. This will give your readers time to think about that question as they read through your blog content.

3. Leave Something Out to Get Comment

One particularly ingenious way to get comment on your blog is to be open ended. If you’re talking about a particular topic for example, avoid covering everything on the topic because this will prevent people from commenting and filling in the blanks. However, don’t leave too much out of your content for people still want to read an informative article that’s in some way, complete.

Allow experts to give out their opinions by leaving out some details. This will encourage people to comment on your site!

4. Interact with Your Readers

Why should people comment on your blog if even you, the author, refuses to partake in the discussion? Interacting with your audience broadens out the topic and encourages them to reply.

This can get more difficult as your blog grows more and more, which is why this strategy becomes important only at the first stages of your blog. As your readers begin to grow more and more, your responsibility to comment will be less and less, because experts will flock in and answer most of the questions of your readers. This, in turn, creates a community and provides you a regular flow of readers and traffic.

5. Reward Commentators

A fantastic way to keep people commenting on your website is to reward those who actually leave comments.

There are a variety of ways to do this. Maybe you can give them a do-follow backlink ( I’ve built a WordPress plugin that can help you on this purpose), a backlink on their last blog post (CommentLuv) or reward your commentators by separating their name from their keywords in the link to their website, giving them improved anchor text with KeywordLuv…

In additional, using Top Commentators Widget show the top 5 or 10 commentators on your blog sidebar would be a nice idea to encourage many people too.

As an author, you can remark that a particular comment is a good comment, or you can thank these people for sharing their insights. Another exceptional way to reward them is to use their comments on your future posts. Drawing attention to the comments of your readers will make them feel special, encouraging other readers to comment so that they may be featured as well.

Remember, a good comment interface and a set of rules on your comments section will make it easier for people to leave out comments. If your comment section requires people to undergo a grueling sign up process, they’ll be less likely to leave a message!

25 thoughts on “5 Sure-Fire Ways to get more Comments on your Blog”

  1. You have been mentioned a very nice points here. Most probably people disable the commenting option on their blog to prevent spammers. And those blogger allow commenting on their blog usually never take any imitative to interact with their readers. However, several bloggers like you and the one I know since a couple of days (Ana Hoffman) are doing a great job with blogging. So keep it up :)

    1. You’re right, Ana Hoffman (http://www.trafficgenerationcafe.com/) has a great blog, I’m a fan of her. Also, if you follow me on Google+, maybe you will know more great people in this blogosphere too.

  2. I agree that encouraging the readers would be great idea and asking questions will help you start the conversation. Also I like you have customized the comment box text to “Speak Your Mind”, it is also appreciating the readers to comment :)

    Ahmad Wali

    1. Thank you for your support, Ahmad :)
      By following many other blogs out there, I find out that asking questions will give readers a sense of community, I remember Darren Rowse has a video on this tip, it’s here: http://www.problogger.net/archives/2009/12/02/7-questions-to-ask-on-your-blog-to-get-more-reader-engagement/

  3. William Tha Great

    Jenni: This is my first time to your blog and this was an awesome article! ( :

    These are sure fire ways to get more comments on your blog. When I first started blogging I would always end my post without asking for conversation. When I finally added a community discussion section it really started to make a big difference in the number of comments I would get per article.

    1 point I would add is leaving enticing blog comments on other blogs. Blogs that provide comment luv are really great from bringing traffic to that single post. Many bloggers will tell you to write as many comments as possible in the shortest amount of time but that doesn’t always work out good. When you start thinking like then you usually rite shorter less meaningful comments.

    You shouldn’t spend an hour on one comment, but I’m just saying that a little effort goes a long way.

    God bless,
    William Veasley

    1. Very nice tip, William! I think many people will find it useful for their site and I’ve included your comment into the article.

      Thank you so much

  4. These tips i am going to try out for my new blog. All your posts have been a superb contribution for my knowledge. Thanks for such amazing tips.

  5. You need to have a attractive hot topic as an article if you have that then half the work will be done. You need to also interact with the audience when they comment. Nice post.

  6. Excellent advice. I’ll try to implement some of your suggestions to my Spanish blog. Thanks.
    Kofla @ God of War Diaries

  7. Great article. One thing that i have learned is that you need to post the on the hottest new that is going on the net. For example if there is lot of talking going on about Google+ then post and good article, involve people to comment and you can also take polls. Many things and if you follow the post i am sure it will work wonders for you.

  8. Awarding your commentators with top commentators or giving a chance for a Guest post is always a great idea and i agree @ Chris. k involving the audience make it more entertaining.

  9. If we have to get more comments or visitors on our blog then we can use two plugins and that are keyword Luv and CommentLuv.Both tools are very helpful to generate huge traffic on our website but only we have need to keep aware from spammers.
    Thanks a lot for sharing very helpful information with us.

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  11. Hi,

    Nice work Jenni, the way you share the most important factor that how to get maximum commenting on your blog is really good well experience post you share a professional work.


  12. Comments are a great way to share community ideas and also to increase traffic by adding new content. Have you experimented with Disqus yet?

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