From Tweeting to Meeting

Twitter is easy to do, but is it so easy to master? If you are using Twitter to promote your business, as with most Social Networking platforms, it’s good to have specific goals in mind.

Goals can include:

  • Encouraging tweets and re-tweets for ink building (Social Sharing and SEO)
  • Interacting with influential people in order to get comments and social shares from the most powerful sources (Networking and SEO)
  • Announcing news to your customers
  • Alerting your customers of new products or offers
  • Answering client’s questions.
  • Good for promoting your articles from several blogs and for sharing your guest blogs on other websites.

The above all good ways to use twitter efficiently and effectively. Once you have restored law and order to your aimless twittering, you can step back and really focus at the ways you can use twitter to enhance and build on other business marketing practices, particularly when trying to establish real relationships in the flesh and blood arena. Do remember when you are out networking, or find yourself in any situation where you meet someone with who you wish to remain in contact with, that twitter is a simple tool that you can use to establish a relationship quickly and easily.

Think of your twitter profile as your business card

Look at all the information you have included on your business card, your domain, your email, your Facebook page your LinkedIn profile, and include as much of that information as you can on your twitter profile. Use your Bio on twitter for a well-written professional description.

Think about your background, create something clean and personal that will make you stand out from the rest.

Remember to include a link to your Twitter account on every single social networking site you have an account with, and don’t forget your e-mail signature. Make sure that anything that goes out to your customers in print or on the web mentions your twitter handle.

Use your twitter feed as your portfolio

Nothing beats the immediacy of a tweeted link! Tweet links to your latest posts about your projects, news, products, press releases etc.  I often tweet my latest photographs or the blog posts I have written that I deem to be the best ones. You can find third party applications that automatically feed your post titles and links straight to Twitter, think carefully about this, you do not want to appear like a robot, you want people to recognise and like your style of tweeting and writing.

Tweet your own trumpet

Tweet about what really interests you. Tweet not only the blog post you are publishing but all the blog posts you come across when you are researching. Tweet the stuff that people you admire and read publish. People will soon get to know where your strengths lay so you’ll be the first person they think of when they need an expert in your field.

Develop your real life twitter network

N nothing beats a face-to-face meeting, whatever meeting you attend ask people (or research before and after) for their twitter name. After the meeting send a tweet saying it was nice to meet them, they will probably start following you. Once someone has a real face to put to your twitter account it will become much easier to develop a relationship.

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