5 Free Backlinks Checker Tools for Your Blog

In this Internet era, blogs have become a popular tool in order to reach out to millions of people around the world. Hence, different techniques are being implemented in order to increase the blog or site’s ranking. One way of generating traffic into your blog is through the use of backlinks.

Backlinks are hyperlinks that lead you to a particular webpage. It has become an easy, inexpensive and important SEO tool since Google determines the site’s page rank depending on the quality and quantity of backlinks. Unfortunately, backlinks are often abused that a lot of sites were already penalized by the largest search engine.

To avoid penalty, there are several white hat techniques which you can employ that can still legitimately increase your ranking. One way of doing this is by posting quality content that people can link through their social media accounts. Since social media platforms are automatically tagged by Google as ‘no follow’, Google won’t follow the link and you won’t be removed from its database.

As a blog owner, you want to make sure that your posts are being shared by your readers. To check the number of backlinks made on your posts, here are 5 checker tools you can use for your blog:

Bing Webmaster Tools

The Bing Webmaster Tool is a free site that allows you to check the backlinks of your blog. Aside from the report, you can also see which areas you need to improve on and what should be your focus in order to increase traffic. Simply validate your account either by copy-pasting the meta tag in your blog’s main index folder or placing BingSiteAuth.XML on your account then you can start your backlinks check.

Backlink Watch

Backlink Watch is another free checker you can use. It is a simple tool that allows you to look up to 1,000 backlinks. Just type your blog’s URL and the tool will display the number of external backlinks, search SEO issues, referring domains, outbound links, anchor text and NoFollow or DoFollow inducation.

Open Site Explorer

opensiteexplorerA property of SEOmoz, Open Site Explorer or OSE was developed in 2010 upon the demise of Yahoo Site Explorer. When you use OSE, you can see the Domain Authority, Page Authority, Linking Root Domains, Total Links, Facebook shares and likes, Tweets and Google +1s. You can also see whether you are targeting the right keywords or whether the existing keywords you are using need a slight boost to increase your blog’s ranking.


Alexa is a leading provider of free web metrics that allows you to check the number of baclinks made from your blog. Apart from this, Alexa also provides information about a particular site such as statistics, related links, online reviews and even the website’s contact information. It can also be a great tool to determine how popular your website is through its Traffic Rank which includes the number of reach and page views. Simply type the blog’s URL and all the information about it will be displayed.

Link Diagnosis

linkdiagnosisAnother free and easy to use backlinks checker, Link Diagnosis allows you to see the total number of backlinks, unique anchor texts and pages indexed. Just type in the blog’s URL and the following information about your blog will be displayed.

Although backlinks is not Google’s primary consideration in ranking a particular website, it won’t hurt to know whether your site generates the right amount of traffic or not. Still, posting a quality and well-written content is more important since the number of shares it will generate will depend on whether the post is worth sharing or not.

13 thoughts on “5 Free Backlinks Checker Tools for Your Blog”

  1. Do you recommend using majestic seo to check backlinks. Since I dont see it in your list . I have been using it but I dont know how accurate it is.

  2. One site explorer is an excellent tool to check backlinks . I didn’t know that bing webmaster tool shows backlinks too . I would signup for the bing webmaster tools and explore this functionality of theirs . Thanks for sharing the information .


  3. Hi Alice
    Very nice written…
    Happy to get the other tools than Alexa…
    I use Alexa toolbar extension to see the rank, backlink and other details of my site :).
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. very informative and well explained,i would like to add some other tools that can help to check backlinks, including
    ahrefs, bluebacklinks ,seomoz,backlinkswatch.

  5. I have three blogs and I feel very difficult in monitoring them. Well thanks to you buddy, I can now do it in easy way.

  6. Google webmaster tools and opensiteexplorer are the best tools in my opinion. It’s also a good tool to checkout the backlinks of the competition and see if you can get those backlinks too.

  7. Hello,
    There are many tool for check back-link all are important but I think webmaster tool is most popular and very easy to use it. This tool also help us to find good keyword and show competition rate of this keyword.
    Thank You.

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