The Smart Business Owner’s Guide to Finding Quality Writers on the Internet

If you’re an online business owner who wants to make it big on the Internet, you need to realize that publishing quality, value-driven content on your site or company blog is tantamount to enjoying greater success.

Before you can rest on your laurels, you need to locate a pool of reliable freelancers to do the job. Here is a well-researched guide on finding talented writers to fuel your site with desirable content.

Internet Marketing forums

Every online business owner worth his reputation will know there are many Internet marketing forums from which you can hire good writers. Good examples are Traffic Planet, Digital Point, Warrior Forum and Blackhat World. Watch the BST (Buy, Sell, Trade) area and look out for trusted writers who have accrued a good number of glowing reviews and testimonials.



It may only cost you $5 to hire a writer to write an article or guest post, but you’d be surprised by the value AND quality offered here. Do a few test buys and if you see a writer you like, you may invite him or her to work for you permanently. And not for $5 too.



Every serious writer looking to earn a living online will most likely have a LinkedIn profile. You can do a search and get to know your potential candidates better via their resumes and working experience. Don’t hesitate to message anyone that catches your eye.


Comments section

This may be an unorthodox way of hiring writers. If you have an established blog, look at the comments section to see if anyone has written an intelligent comment that has essence (not just “hello, thank you for the information!”). Get in touch with them if you like what you see.


Problogger job board

Posting a job listing here will only cost you $50, renewable every 30 days. This site has gotten very famous over the years and many writers and bloggers visit the site daily for writing inspiration. Perhaps you’d be lucky to net a good writer this way.



Elance is one of the more established freelancing sites out there. I like the Escrow payment feature – this keeps both employers and workers happy once the trust has been established.


People Per Hour

PPH is one of the niftiest freelancing sites I’ve seen these days. The intuitive layout and messaging / interview system makes it easy to search for candidates and hire quality writers based on their pitches.



With the recent site rebrand, oDesk has emerged one of the best freelance staffing websites around. The fees are rather low and you get to tap into a large pool of talents.


Facebook groups

Search for “freelance writers” or “freelance bloggers” under Facebook Groups or Pages and you may discover plenty of freelance writers for hire, with some pretty talented stay-at-home moms or retirees offering their services.



In case you’re wondering, Craigslist is not just a place to get rid of your unwanted junk or hook up with social escorts. You can also leverage on the power of this classifieds site wisely. This is especially relevant to business owners who are looking to hire writers based on their location so that they may either work remotely or drop by the office a couple of times a week for major team meetings.


The hiring process

Step 1: Place your ad

Put some thought into placing your ad if you want truly quality writers. Just like how you would think carefully when pitching to a potential client, so should you be when you want to hire talented writers for your company.

 In your ad, you should outline:

  • what skills you’re looking for (do note that copywriters and article writers differ from each other)
  • your current budget and remuneration for successful candidates
  • whether or not the writers will work remotely or if you want hires from specific locations only
  • the type of projects your future hires would be involved with
  • time commitment needed, whether your new writers need to work round-the-clock or only during certain hours (state the ideal time zones: for instance, an SEO Belfast firm may only want to hire staff around the UK to facilitate easy work collaboration)
  • other perks or rewards they may possibly earn

Step 2: Review your candidates

Pitch four or five writers against each other and see which writers are able to complete the assignment on time. Judge them by their speed and quality of work, and pick three.

Step 3: Hand out PAID test assignment

Out of the three candidates selected, you may contact them to hand out a paid test assignment. Upon completion, you may shortlist them again, and it’s up to you to hire one or all of the three selected candidates.

Step 4: Publish and review again

Have your selected writers publish the content they created on your site. It may be a WordPress blog or any other CMS platforms; either way, you’ll want to judge their comfort level working with your CMS and their formatting. At this point, there should be zero typos or grammatical errors.

Step 5: Welcome them to your team!

Award the position to your desired writers and hold a short discussion to outline the future projects they will be working on. Reconfirm payment terms before you start handing out the contract and Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

Best practices for adding good writers to your team


  • Don’t overly discriminate: Some clients place ads seeking “native writers only” not really realizing that some supposedly native writers are not even equipped with the right grammatical skills. Give writers from other countries a chance to prove themselves – you’d be surprised by how hard they work (the results will speak for themselves)

  • Be on Skype: Good writers are a pretty self-sufficient lot, but they like to be able to reach their employers online to be able to connect with them and clarify project details when and if necessary.

  • Guide and teach: Some writers are more than willing to learn something new on the job. If you are able to impart additional knowledge, such as basic SEO lessons for example, your writer will be very grateful to enhance his or her skill set. At the end of the day, your company will benefit from this enthusiasm.

  • Evaluate, praise and reward: After a month or so, you may evaluate your new writer’s work and review his or her working terms. Praise and reward him or her suitably, but should your writers fail to meet the mark, don’t be afraid to let them go… tactfully.

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  1. Thanks for the list! This will come in very handy for me in the near future as I am working on making a few blogs and for now I have to write all the content by myself, which takes a lot of time.

    I like your tip to not only ask for native writers. I was once looking for jobs writing articles and proofreading and most ads I could find requested native speakers only, which I am not. It was a rather frustrating experience.

  2. David @ That Gay Backpacker

    As somebody who works primarily as a freelance writer, this post also works very effectively in reverse and has given me some ideas about where to find jobs. Cheers!

  3. I agree with you. In order to succeed in your business through the internet, you will need your own blog site where you can put all your valuable content. And of course you will need a good writer which you can trust on different types of topic or niche.

  4. There are some very good tips, here, Sarah – many thanks.

    If you don’t have a resident blog poster in your company, there are many looking for work online. These simple guidelines will definitely give you the chance to find the right one for you.

  5. Very good post.It is really very necessary to have quality writers for maintaining our blog for it is mainly the content which attracts more people.I find this post informative for finding the places where I can gather or hire quality writers

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