How FeedBurner Works for Indexing Your Blog Posts

One of the most important tools in the hands of a blogger is an RSS feed tool. Tracking your feeds and getting statistics about them can be very useful, since it will give you a clear idea on what you need to do in order to make your blog more entertaining and more enticing for your readers.

One of the best tracking feed systems that is now in use is FeedBurner. The following guide will explain to you how FeedBurner works for indexing your blog posts:

What to expect from a tracking feed system?

FeedBurner is a very useful tool for a variety of reasons:

  • Tracks down your RSS readers
  • Establishes which feeds are more successful, based on what criteria and so on
  • Provides you with great statistics about RSS readers
  • Helps you optimize your content so that your feeds have more chances of getting more readers

How to use FeedBurner

The following steps will guide you through the process of setting up your FeedBurner account and taking advantage of its features:

  1. Go to the official FeedBurner website and sign in; if you have a Google account, this step is made easier.
  2. Introduce your feed into the ‘Burn a feed’ box. This will help you claim your feed by using a simple link to your blog post. Make sure that the URL link ends in ‘/feed’ or otherwise it will not work.
  3. Create a feed title. You want readers to know what they are reading about, right?
  4. Create a feed address. Do not overdo it and try to keep it as simple as possible. Keep in mind to stay away from caps as they do not always appear on all users’ machines.
  5. Get statistics. In order to get all the relevant statistics about your feeds, make sure that you select all the boxes on the page you are led to by FeedBurner. These include ‘Clickthroughs’, ‘Item enclosure downloads’ and other FeedBurner stats.

Making FeedBurner work for you

After you have gone through the setup process, you need to make FeedBurner work harder for you. This tool can help you optimize your posts in order to gain maximum exposure.

The ‘Optimize’ tab will guide you through a very easy and intuitive process that will make your blog posts more user friendly.

Probably the best thing about this optimization process is that it allows you to embed personal messages when someone accesses your feed. People appreciate being addressed to in a friendly manner, even if the process is automatic.

Another important step in optimizing your blog feeds is to make them visible for all feed readers out there. Unless a person can access your blog post and read it, they will not be able to tell if they like it or not.

Adding interactivity to your blog posts is also made possible by FeedBurner tools. You can have your feeds embed a Facebook, Stumble It! or Email This button, so that people can share it with others, and add more exposure to your blog posts.

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  1. First time I heard this ‘FeedBurner tools’ will I like the benefits of this tools. I wanna research more about this subject matter. Thanks for sharing. Keep as updated :)

  2. I am using Feedburner to serve RSS and Email Subscription but I decided to remove Feedburner completely as it is not benefiting me much, I thought I will use Aweber for Email subscription. But now after reading this article I have to think again.

  3. Anton Koekemoer

    Great post on using Feedburner. Having your websites or blogs RSS feed made public on different readers is an important aspect of increasing the amount of exposure that a website can generate from targeted user subscriptions as well as increasing the potential that a user will follow through on one of your RSS feed updates.

  4. Nicholle Olores

    I actually didn’t know much about feedburner’s advantage.
    I though at first that its just about rss feeds!
    Thanks you mention about its usefulness here.

  5. I use Feedburner as one method to get people updates and I also ensure I serve a newsletter as well.
    With Feedburner, you also need to make sure it isn’t stealing any of your link juice – especially so if you run CommentLuv.
    Go into your Feedburner admin section > Click on the Configure Stats at the left side bar > Uncheck the box “Item link clicks” > Save.

    This is a Must Do so you get all the juice you deserve – and I hope that tip helps your site too.

  6. This tool is completely new for me. But it really seems to be very useful and convenient! Thanks a lot for sharing this post, now I have strong desire to find out more about this tool

  7. Feed plays important role in indexing and in building backlinks too. Many people signup to 100 top websites related to their niche and stay updated via feed readers. If you have published something new and informative then I am sure that people will link you in their next updates of same topic.

  8. Feedburner has really awesome tools, if utilized properly can give excellent results. And the best part about feed burner is, it’s totally free of cost. Thanks for sharing this useful tool

  9. True, feedburners get your pages crawled very easily and also they are great source of traffic for your blogs.

  10. Faissal Alhaithami

    Very nice post on the effective use of Feedburner. It’s certainly a great tool. Your article shares good details on how to use this appropriately and obtain the most out of it.

    Thanks for the share, Susan.

  11. Hi Susan,

    I’m not very familiar with Feedburner. I see it being used on a lot of sites, but I guess I haven’t ever had a real need to pursue it more. Getting blog posts indexed has never been a problem.

  12. I’ve never really thought that using RSS feeds can help benefit my post. Other than the subscriber list that tells your subscriber you’ve just updated your blog, I was clueless on how beneficial RSS really is. Thanks!

  13. I do use feedburner and its a good tool that anyone can use for free. At least we have some tools that we can use for free. Ever since I started using it, it seems to index posts very fast. It does work.

  14. I recently removed my feed burner for testing and guess what, my articles are getting indexed in Google after 2 -3 days and those also when I manually submitting them via webmaster tools, So believe me FB is very important for blog owners.

  15. Feedburner is an awesome programme. I always use it for my blogs. Feedburner gives me lot of traffice. And it is free that is why I am really thankful to Feedburner.

  16. I havn’t heard of this tool and I need to do research work on it. Thanks for the information and this tool looks worth to know in detail.

  17. Feedburner is a great tool when it comes to pulling and distributing your rss feeds. We use it and a number of other feed pullers, but it’s the most customizable/user friendly.

  18. Hello,

    I always strive to keep my blog interesting and popular. I have followed my own ways to track RSS feeds.This article has given a great review of Feed Burner. When we come across such new innovative tips, we feel like adopting them. Feed Burner is definitely a shot in the arm for all the bloggers who want to track their feeds meticulously.


  19. Nice and helpful post about Feedburner. Actually this is one of the neglected tool by many bloggers. If used properly it can prove to be very beneficial for blog advertising and traffic. Nice share, cheers

  20. Absolutely correct Feedburner is an Awesome tool i am amazed that my blogposts are indexed within 10 minutes i think this tool works at his best. Thanks for the useful post.

  21. Hello,

    Indexing blog posts is a great feature to learn and implement. Feed Burner comes in handy to
    for the bloggers who would like to track their feeds regularly. Thanks a lot for sharing this
    important information.


  22. I thought most people knows about feedburner!? It is so much used by bloggers. If anyone are to lazy to read the whole article let me input a summary:
    . FeedBurner provides custom RSS feeds and management tools to bloggers, podcasters, and other web-based content publishers.

  23. RSS Feeds is one of the most undervalued SEO and traffic generating techniques, especially by newbies. I used to ignore RSS feeds in my SEO efforts before but when I attended a webinar discussing its role in SEO, I was hooked!

  24. If I look at back links, Feedburner always shows up. Is feedburner giving extra links? If so are they valuable?

  25. Hello Dear

    that’s a very interesting post because feed burner its a very useful tool and feed burner gives me lot of traffic and i always use it. thanks for the sharing me

    Thanks & Regards

  26. I have never quite understood how feedburner actually works until now so thank you for explaining it! I will now be using it for my blog as it is a great tool that can increase traffic! Thank you for sharing- this has been very useful!

  27. cheers mate, you’ve given me some homework this weekend, to do some more research on ‘FeedBurner tools’ , hopefully it’ll bring in more traffic.

  28. Its really true that feedburner helps us to increase our blog indexing. But now a days i receive a news which says “Feedburner is closing down soon”. I can’t understand why.

  29. Hi,

    Great information you share, from your topic i learn how feed burner work and index the blog.


  30. Feedburner is really importance especially when we talk about SEO.. SEO Guru never deny feedburner.. If they deny it, they will deserved to get kick at their butt. =P

  31. Hello,

    Feedburner is good way to know about your audience. what audience like and what not? You can know the reach and subscribers of your website/blog.

    I hope that above information is helpful for the bloggers.

  32. Nice Post ! This is the first time i am hearing about connection between feed burner and indexing . will definitely apply this :-)

  33. No doubt Feedburner helps a lot to indexing blog into search engine. Thanks for sharing the all about the Feedburner and how it index blog post.

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