Think Outside the Blog: How to Expand Beyond the Ordinary Post

So you have been writing a blog about your passion, and it has been going great so far. You have written several posts about what you love, whether it is food, travel, fashion design, or fitness. Your blog has even gotten some comments, several fans on Facebook and a strong Twitter following. Well done!

However, you might be getting bored of writing the exact same type of blog post every time. If your blog posts all seem to follow the same format, perhaps it’s time to shake it up a bit and include a bit of variety.

There are many different ways that you could deviate from your usual type of post and mix it up for your readers. Here are a few ideas for exploring beyond the ordinary post:

Video Posts

Have you ever thought about making a short video about your topic?

It doesn’t have to be Academy Award material, but making a video can be a great way to show your readers something or talk to them face to face.

For example, if you have a baking themed blog you can make a video demonstrating how to decorate cupcakes with little icing flowers. If you have a travel blog, why not make a video showing your readers what you like to pack in your backpack, or give them a video tour of a destination?

Short videos can really make the experience more rich and interactive for your blog readers, and all you need is a digital camera or phone that takes a half decent video.


If you have been blogging about a particular niche topic, your readers will now consider you an expert. You can then start writing your own reviews of products, services, and other websites which are relevant to your topic.

If you have a photography blog, you could write a review about the new camera or lens that you just bought. Let your readers know why you loved it, or hated it, and where they can get their own.

Don’t forget to be honest, because it’s ok to give a product a bad review. In fact, your readers will give you more credit for your opinion if you are more discerning and don’t praise everything.

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Guest Posts

Here’s a great way to get some fresh and different content for your blog: swap blog posts with another blogger who writes about the same topic.

It’s a win-win situation, because you will both get a link from the other blog which will drive more traffic to your website. It will also make your blog look more serious if you have guest contributors.

Photo Galleries

The old cliché says that a photo is worth a thousand words, but a few great photos can be worth an excellent blog post!

If you have a series of photos that you have taken of a subject or an event related to your blog topic, you can feature them in a beautiful high resolution photo gallery and let your readers enjoy the view. There are many ways to make a professional looking photo gallery within a blog post in WordPress, so go ahead and search on Google for tutorials.

These are just a few ways that you can think outside of the ordinary blog post and spice up your blog with a bit of variety!

2 thoughts on “Think Outside the Blog: How to Expand Beyond the Ordinary Post”

  1. This was very interesting……Am trying to implement video blogs….so tat i can get more popular…..Thank you for the information…..

  2. Thanks for sharing the post. I would like to add one thing about what you described above.

    I have found a pattern in GOOGLE search results that videos comes up the order in results very quickly as compared to textual content.

    I had an experiment and posted two content about almost same domain but the video was indexed and shown at good numbers in google instead of textual content. Hope that helps others as well!

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