How Web Copy Helps Your Website To Escape from Angry Google Penguin Update?

Google realized that the old system used to determine the ranking of websites wasn’t working as well as it should. Too many webmasters had figured out various ways to use black hat methods of SEO to get around the web crawlers and make it appear as if their websites were full of relevant content.

To keep Google users happy, the search engine giant created Google Panda and Penguin programs. Most people agree that the methods Panda and Penguin use to determine a websites content appear to be fairer than the old approach, and even make it possible for newer websites to use content to boost their overall ranking, but the systems are far from perfect. More than one webmaster was stunned when they’ve did something that made the latest Google Penguin update angry. The good news is that content writing services have found wonderful ways to use web copy to boost your website’s SEO without upsetting Penguin.


Don’t Over Use Keywords

In the Pre-Google Penguin world it was very common to see entire pages of web copy that were packed full of all kinds of keywords. While the surplus of keywords appealed to the WebCrawler’s and helped the website earn a coveted spot on the top of all searches, it made the web copy very difficult to read. Even worse, the keywords often had nothing whatsoever to do with the actual content.

Today, cramming a 500 word page of web copy with 11 keywords will result in the website getting penalized. Copywriters have learned that in order to get the best results from the copy they compose, they need to keep the number of times they use the keyword to about 1%. The decrease in the number of keywords used for web content means the articles will be easier to read and doesn’t anger the Penguin program.

Take Old Content and Make it New Again

The days of article spinning have passed. Instead of using software that created content that was unreadable but boosted search engine position, professional copywriter’s advice their customers to take their old content and to rewrite it in a new and interesting way. By combining a few different ideas you can create something new that both your visitors and Google Penguin will love.

Learn to Use Keywords Properly

Stuffing your web copy full of keywords will no longer net an excellent search engine ranking, but learning how to properly incorporate your keywords into the web copy will. The amount of times the keyword should appear in the actual content needs to remain at about 1%. In addition to minimizing the number of times keywords get utilized in content, the SEO copywriter should use them in meta-tags, in the subheadings, and in links, especially in the links. The great thing about the way Google set up the Penguin program is that it’s finally possible for you to use the keywords in an organic matter, rather than trying to write your web copy around awkward phrases.

Create a Blog

In the past, it was possible for a webmaster to create good content for their website and than forget about everything. Long periods of time could pass before anyone needed to worry about updating their content. Google Penguin and Panda changed everything. Now, Google rewards websites with recently updated content by giving them a higher ranking than stagnate sites.

This change made it possible for freshly created websites to quickly rise up the ranks and quickly start to attract traffic. Redoing your entire website every few weeks just to maintain your place at the top of the searches isn’t practical. Instead, you should create a blog and make sure it gets updated two or three times a week. The fresh posts help you maintain your elevated ranking, and the blogs will give people a reason to visit your website over and over again. Don’t forget to include a few carefully placed keywords on each page.

When you create a blog post, make sure you include some of the keywords you use in the tag section. Doing this makes it easier for visitors to find posts on the same subject matter, and help increase your SEO.

Don’t Neglect Your Landing Pages

Landing pages provide a kind of stepping stone between someone who’s in the middle of a casual web search and your online business. Creating a landing page for each of the keywords you use in your web copy can significantly increase your search engine ranking. The information posted on the landing page should be concise, relevant to the keyword, and very professional. There needs to be links that will direct visitors to the portions of your website that contain additional information that they will be interested in.

Make Your Links Organic

It’s okay to continue to include links in your web copy, Google likes when you do. However it’s very important you do so in a way that feels very organic. The inclusion of the link shouldn’t interrupt a reader’s rhythm. Including links in summaries and author bios will be one of the things you should consider. Another option will be turning your links into hyperlinks.

Be Careful about Advertising

People who routinely used Google for surfing the web started to complain that they were struggling to locate relevant content amongst all the advertisements webmasters had posted to their website. Google listened and set up the Penguin program to penalize websites with an abundance of promotional material. The rule of thumb is to limit yourself to two advertisements for third parties and try to keep them discrete. It’s best if the advertisements you post aren’t set up as links that take people to another website.

It’s perfectly understandable for you to get irritated by Google Penguin and Panda programs. They’re forcing you to change the way you do things, and no one ever likes that. Just remember that, despite whatever frustration you might be feeling at the moment, the changes Google created have improved the over all quality of websites, and have made it easier for members of your target market to find your website.

6 thoughts on “How Web Copy Helps Your Website To Escape from Angry Google Penguin Update?”

  1. Rightfully most people find the methods Panda and Penguin use to determine a website’s content appearing to be much better than the old approach. The decrease in the number of keywords used for web content means the articles will be easier to read and doesn’t anger the Penguin program. This is the latest information that amount of times the keyword should appear in the actual content needs to remain at about 1%. When you create a blog make sure it gets updated two or three times a week, links should be included in your web copy,also advertisements should be limited.

  2. Peeyush Vashisth

    It was really awesome post.. its very beneficial for all blogger users and website seo.
    But I want to include one more think in this.. all tha content of the post must be unique and new. if we are taking copy and past form other sits then they will not work for us. second think is we have to use unique keywords along with best keywords according to the website and they will describe your page and reflect your idea to google and many more search engines. i totally agree with u and i always try to search these kinds for articles that increase my seo knowledge.

  3. Mostly, the quality less content, Outbound links and keyword stuffing irritates the Google panda. So, As we know that Content is king, we should try to maintain quality content in the site with less usage of keyword. Further, linking to other sites with irrelevant and rich keywords as anchor text makes the Panda angry and it hits our site rankings.

  4. Efoghor Joseph Ezie

    Penguin update has actually forced a lot of webmasters to change the way things are done. This update has tried to minimize the level of cheating in the blogosphere. It doesn’t really make sense for you to preach that content is king and then you eventually see sites with poor quality content ranking higher than great sites in SERP.

    I think it is good for us to play by the rules and make sure things are done decently and that results are achieved by hard work, not by cheating. If you you are over optimizing your keywords, it is obvious your objective is to outrank others.

    Creating quality content and updating your site go hand in hand. People visit the internet to get quality and current information. Sites that are able to meet this demand get rewarded for their efforts.

    I think making your site clean by reducing the links and advertising would also help keep things better for the end users. Sites with several links and ads could be annoying to users.

  5. Which websites have irrelevant content and intentionally use keywords, penguin take them down that I have understood very well. Penguin also helping by normalize those websites. It was awesome post. We search engine optimizer always try to be updated with latest search engine algorithm. Thank you for this awesome post.

  6. It happened with me that I had copied few contents from another site and published it on mine. For few days it showed results on SE but it vanished completely later on. I don’t have much idea on how it works but this kind of rules will bring about better contents and bloggers for the future.

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