10 Tactics for Getting More Comments on Your Blog

Blog commenting is a very powerful tool for building strong relationships with blog readers. When used properly, comments can enhance loyalty, as well as attract more readers to your blog. Here are some great strategies you can use engage your audience through blog comments:

Ask questions

questionResearch has shown that a very small percentage of readers will take time to leave comments on a blog post. One of the best ways of getting more people to comment is by asking questions.

The best place to ask a question related to the subject of the post is in the last paragraph. Encourage readers to share their thoughts on the topic. Ask them to contribute additional tips or personal experiences which would be helpful to other readers.

Write with a personal touch

To build strong relationships with your readers, you need to write with a personal touch. One of the best ways of doing this is by having an author bio with your photo at the end of the post. Personalizing your posts will enable your readers to warm up more easily to your blog, and will increase their chances of leaving a comment or even sharing your post. Therefore, whether you are writing about pets, technology, home improvement or sports, remember to add a personal touch to your posts.

Be sociable

When interacting with readers in the comment section of your blog, you need to be very friendly and warm. A simple statement such as ‘Good to hear from you!’ or ‘Thanks for stopping by!’ can be very effective in building relationships with readers.

In addition, it would also be advisable to use readers’ names when addressing them. This will make them feel important and valued.

Don’t be conceited

It is important to know the difference between confidence and pride. In an attempt to prove their expertise in the industry, some bloggers write blog posts with a tone of arrogance and superiority. Such posts only end up putting off the readers. Therefore, regardless of your credentials, it is vital to maintain an attitude of humility in your writings. Never make the mistake of showing off as a know-it-all.

Show empathy

empathyFrom time immemorial, the desire to be understood has been a fundamental human need. People usually leave comments on your blog as a way of sharing their successes as well as struggles.

Therefore, when people share their problems in the comment section, make sure you respond with an attitude of empathy. Validate their comment and offer helpful answers. Such a caring attitude will enable you to build stronger relationships with your readers.

Ask further questions

If a reader raises an issue which requires further clarification, it would be advisable to ask more questions. This will shed more light on the issue and enable you to offer a more comprehensive answer. When readers see your genuineness in wanting to help, they are likely to leave more comments on your blog. In addition, they might even be willing to help address the problems of others.

Respond with personal emails

Most blogging platforms require readers to submit their email contacts before making a comment. This means that besides engaging your readers in the comments section, you could also reach them through direct email. Most people would appreciate receiving a personal email in response to their comments.

Appreciate thoughtful comments

Whenever a reader shares a particularly helpful comment on your blog, you need to take time to mention it. Remember to specify what exactly you liked about the comment. This will show the contributor that you actually read the comment. When readers feel appreciated for their efforts, they will be encouraged to continue sharing similar helpful comments in future.

Acknowledge returning commenters

When readers return to your blog after a long absence, you need to take time to acknowledge their presence. Simple statements such as ‘Good to see you here again!’ or ‘Nice to hear from you!’ will make the returning readers feel appreciated, and enhance their chances of remaining loyal to your blog.

Respond graciously to negative comments

It is inevitable that you will receive a negative feedback once in a while. Whenever someone leaves a negative comment on your blog, don’t rush to delete it. If the reader has a valid point, you need to take time to respond in a respectful manner. Handling such situations wisely will enhance the credibility of your blog. However, if a comment is offensive or out rightly untrue, it would be appropriate to delete it.

18 thoughts on “10 Tactics for Getting More Comments on Your Blog”

  1. Blog commenting is a process by which we can interact between the blog, blogger and the blog visitors. So, It’s very true that you can engage your audience with blog commenting.

  2. These tips are not only useful for commentators but also for webmasters/owners . There’s no doubt that commenting and responding to comments are the best ways to build a relationship and engage your audiences . Thanks fos sharing this info .


  3. It’s a very comprehensive article with lots of value. Thanks very much. I think I will use most of those tips.

  4. yes these tips are very much usefull….. and most importantly asking question immensely increases your comments …i have tried it and this invokes a layer of reply in the minds of internet sufferers… thanks a lot

  5. Falola Oluwaseyi

    Asking for their view and telling them to respond with their own method of the post helps to broaden the comment section and it also give the author new idea of posts.

  6. I like to take my time and comment for adding an extra value for that topic itself. The blog comments are a win-win situation both for the blog owner and for the commenter (because most of the time the commenter put a personal blog in the website field).
    The comments are also a great opportunity to receive new content from the readers.

  7. I often use questions for my readers or even a poll of some kind to encourage comments.

    Have comments on your blog post is a great way to increase the rankings for that post, it shows Google that people are engaged and like your content.

  8. Edgar Williamson

    Comments are a vital part in blogging. So as a writer you must see to it that you acknowledge every reader’s comments, if the comment is not so nice I agree that you just respond graciously to it. Commenting is the only way to interact in blogging so you must be meticulous to it.

  9. Thanks for the tips, its a reminder to make the effort as a blogger to take the time to connect with your audience to stand out from the rest.

  10. Blog commenting is very important not only to readers but also to the blogger. It is where interaction happens. As the reader, it is where you share your thought and assessment about the blog while as the blogger, it is where you can see the evaluation of your article whether it is good or not:)

  11. Pavan Deshpande

    comments in the comment box are like fuel to search engine it really helpful , somethings rich are present in comment will help in getting up google search result

  12. Our blog is hosted on our WordPress site; can you recommend any suitable WP plugins that help stop comment spam? As whenever comments are enabled we get flooded by junk.

  13. I love this post. Passing it on to my clients who think that blogging is essay writing. I think that will help them a lot.

  14. Great, unique tips!
    Most of all I liked ‘Respond graciously to negative comments’ – this is what many bloggers lack :)

  15. I agree with your article, when commenting on a blog, adding to the discussion with something new or attracting new comments is essential. I’m not sure that simply saying “Thanks Dave” is really serving much purpose. The internet is a vast well of knowledge, but unfortunately, it’s also full of drivel. I think as bloggers, we should make it our mission to raise the bar in terms of quality content. Extremely good blog – much appreciated!

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