How to Develop an Effective Blog Content Strategy

There are two challenges bloggers face on a continual basis: creating enough content to feed their readers and the search engines; and making sure that content is worth following and sharing with others.

It can get overwhelming trying to strike this balance, so it’s important to develop a content strategy and follow that plan for the long haul.

Starting Point to a Great Blog Post

Step one to creating a fantastic blog post is to not think of it as a blog post. Think of each post as a novel and treat it with as much thought and care as you would if you were writing 300 pages.

Many bloggers quickly bang out a post. Take time to think about what you really want to say and how you want to say it. Great posts are stories you tell your readers. They should have a beginning, middle and end, as well as a clear point and a unique voice.

Once you’ve written your post, don’t assume it’s perfect. Go back and read it again, making sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors.

And, finally, start a conversation in your post. Don’t talk “at” your readers, talk “to” them instead. Tell a great story that engages readers and encourages interaction.

Picking a Winning Title

Picking a Winning Title

No one will ever know if your content is worth following if they never click on it. That’s why careful consideration of your post title is crucial to your blog’s success. You have about three seconds to convince someone that, of all the search results that were returned, your blog is the one they have to click on.

Keep your titles short and to the point while using words that will grab your reader’s attention. Great titles answer burning questions. Let your potential audience know that they can find an answer by clicking on your post.

Make sure, too, that the keywords and phrases in your title will ensure your post shows up in the search engine results.

Developing Good Content

Before exploring how to write good content we first have to define good content. Some will say that’s a subjective undertaking. However, worthy content typically shares at least one trait – it helps people. How do you produce such content in the most interesting and compelling way?

One way is to think of your blog post as a high school teacher. Remember your teachers? Some of them droned on in the dullest way possible. Their message never made it past your ears because it didn’t come in a fun package.

Then you had those teachers who were so passionate and fun-loving they even made you look forward to algebra, which was no small feat.

Be that funny math teacher and find ways to make your posts entertaining for your audience.

Use your own voice and your own perspective to reach readers. There is no other you out there, so creating authentic content can make your blog stand out among the crowd.

Use Social Media to Find a Following

Of course, if no one’s reading your blog, then all that wonderful content you created might be in danger of becoming little more than a private diary. How do you get people to discover you and then follow you?

Say hello to social media!

Twitter is considered a micro-blogging platform. One of the greatest opportunities it presents is the ability to share your content with the masses. Start following others on Twitter and once you have content on your blog worth sharing, tweet about it. Your prospective audience now includes those people you are following, as well as the people following them.

Don’t stop at Twitter. Use multiple social media channels to introduce people to your blog.

Guest blogging also is among the best ways to draw traffic, by placing your content in front of a new audience, some of whom may click on the link to your blog that you provide at the end of the guest post.

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  1. To write effective blog post, think about what you want to say and how you say. You should also keep in mind what users want from your blog. Guest blogging is the best way to get more traffic from new audience. Contents must be good with no grammar mistakes and relevant to your blog. This post will helps a lot to develop effective blog.

  2. Yes, effective writing is critical to a blog. Sharing something new or insights will help attract and retain readers. Sparking emotion tends to create a viral opportunity.

  3. Nice article…..but audience’s interest with regard to content also plays very important role. Make a facility that let your readers to choose topic and you write about it could really be very effective. Knowing what type of content your readers would like to read should be the first priority.

  4. Nice article mate. It really sums up my every day strive for writing good content.

    I have moved away slightly from writing everyday as the quality I was pushing out just wasn’t good enough. Hopefully when I am a better writer I will be able to write more articles a week.

    Going to give guest blogging a try soon, can’t ignore it as most bloggers say it is a good way to get traffic.

    Keep up the good work.

  5. Planning is the utmost essential skill a new blogger must familiarize themselves with because if you fail to plan you plan to fail. To get grabbing titles that you don’t even need to crack your head thinking up is to use the famous and free online keyword regurgitation tools available online which include questions typed into the major search engines.
    It is these questions that you can use to write a descent 350 word article.

  6. Great Article, I have been looking for an article about developing a good blog content strategy for my blog. Great examples and explanation.

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