Are You at The Risk of Plagiarism? – Tips to Deal with It

Over 20 years ago, the Internet has become mainstream, giving people all over the globe fast access to a huge pool of ideas making information sharing as well as research done in seconds. This development also brought about vagueness not only to territorial and linguistic boundaries, but also to idea ownership, and even the truthfulness and credibility of the facts available online.

If you are a budding Internet author, or a dedicated one who has been in the industry for years, how can you deal with the rampant copying of ideas and works online? How is it to remain reputable in an environment where there are blurry rules of plagiarism?

Rampant Plagiarism

Technology made information easy to access. Documents in pieces or in bulk, important in one way or another, even the most sensitive ones are easily copied from one source to the other. This is very rampant in the downloading of pictures, other images, music, movies and other files. These files can all be transferred in seconds. Making all these happen is never that expensive. In fact it cost no more than an ordinary pen.

The Internet opens and makes everyone free to make business and generate from just a single idea. Anybody who wants to do something about a certain idea and who wants to do good about it always is creative. He always put great effort and hard work for the idea to become a success. Patents have certain processes to award the original authors giving them special distinctions and privileges. Everyone else is competing for this patent.

Competing for Reputation

The race for good and evolving ideas becomes a competition. Often times, we cannot hide the fact that we also copy ideas, if not outsource them and make them as a reference. The reference authors seem to be the leader for they are the source of the idea, though we are always open for innovations. One idea from a certain writer may seem to be the source for a whole new title of another author. It is just a matter of who comes first.

Dealing with Idea Copying

You should know your goals. By now you should be able to identify the limits. Don’t be someone claiming to be the top where others also deserve the same. You should see what consumers wanted. You should be able to exceed the viewers’ expectation. As an author, you should realize how people copy you and your works. Others often innovate what seemed to be your original piece and this becomes very good. You should look for ways on how to compete with the market. In the end, with all these competition, someone will always evolve as smarter, and better.

Staying Highly Reputable

What is the best part then? How can you make sure you top from the others in a pool where plagiarism is rampant? It is your ability to provide the customers their wants. You should not forget this while working to get to the top. For ranking is just transitory, reputation is something that goes a long way.

Tools to check the unique of article:


All in all, the Internet has been a breakthrough in information sharing with its own pros and cons. The catch really is how to maximize the advantages and deal with the disadvantages. If you want to set up or continue a writing career on the Internet, it is definitely a must to be keen and equip yourself with the necessary tools and techniques to get the ample reviews to boost up your online reputation as an online writer.

13 thoughts on “Are You at The Risk of Plagiarism? – Tips to Deal with It”

  1. Benjamin Kerensa

    Well written article with a lot of valuable information on plagiarism… I sometimes think its impossible to win against plagiarism but maybe things will change in the future.

    1. I think that day is coming soon, as the official update from Google Panda, all plagiarism content will be punished.

  2. Plagiarism is the worst thing i am facing because there are lots of guest post i get on daily basis are spin article.. you cannot believe that few guest post are fully copied and i had to reject tat post.
    thanks for sharing such a nice article.

    1. Hi Atish, as you said, do you have any idea to detect these type of guest posts? I receive some guest posts request per week but not sure about theirs legit.

  3. Yes Jenni. try a simple way, when you get a guest post just copy 2-3 lines from starting and paste in and hit enter. if that content is copied from anywhere then it will. or the words and phrases which are similar in google search will highligh.. I mean just try to check 2-3 lines from the starting of content. at first take 3 lines from start then next 3 lines then next 3 lines…..and so on. this way you will find actual thing about the post whether its is copied or not or spined article. This method takes some time but its the best way to check the content for plagiarsim.

    1. You’ve a great website, but I recommend you to hire someone to design your unique theme template, it looks like at this time :)

  4. Plagiarism is the bane of any good writers existence. There are more than enough ideas floating around the universe for people to write their own quality content without have to steal someone else’s work.

  5. rent yacht barcelona

    I heard about plagiarism through my friend…He insists me to provide the source whenever the source is referred…But what makes the difference…I don understand..

  6. Thanks for the Plagiarism websites Kaushal. Your article is awesome and more than anything it’s unique and your own thoughts and opinions. This is what let you a have a good reputation in my opinion.

  7. Really to be able to churn out beautifully crafted original article is a nice gift to have. Until their work is being acknowledged and appreciated by such a wide audience, one should worry too much about the Plagiarism, infact this should be taken as a huge compliment.

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