Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a business strategy used by most top companies with the aim of creating a deeper and more meaningful relationship between the company and its clients by consolidating all important sales, client and supplier information to benefit the company’s sales and marketing activities, technical services and marketing support which usually leads to a reduction in the company’s overall marketing cost while at the same time increasing customer and other business partners’ satisfaction in doing business with the company.

It has long been a buzzword in the corporate world and has led to a revolution in the way business is being done especially in the service industries where competition is tight and companies need to utilize all the advantages that they can get in order to entice new customers, retain their current customers and even bring back those which have already gone to the competition.

Customer Relationship ManagementCRM can now also be used for internet marketing by integrating various online marketing tools to show you a seamless start-to-finish marketing process which also tracks the effectiveness of each of your various online marketing strategies and activities in relation to the whole and not just as an isolated marketing activity which can sometimes be misleading.

Meaning, these CRM tools will not only allow you to manage customer relationships but will also enable you to simultaneously measure the effectiveness of all your implemented marketing channels, from PPC to direct mail to SEO, etc.

For example, while you can measure the number of leads being generated by your Adwords campaign but this will only be a snapshot of a certain data along the entire spectrum of your company’s overall marketing program.

CRM takes this process further by showing you how many of these sales leads were actually converted into actual sales. In this manner you now have the capability to marry your actual sales and budget information with your Adwords and analytics data in such a way that you can determine ROI even down to the per keyword level and be guided by these information with regards to allocating where to invest your PPC and SEO budgets in order to be more effective.

Additionally, CRM software will also allow you to pinpoint all relevant steps which made the actual sale possible making it more realistic to attribute the proper significance to each step in relation to your overall goal.

For instance, while the phone sales team may be the final step that led to the actual sale by closing the deal but the entire process was actually initiated by your PPC ad hence you may attribute corresponding weights of relevance as to the effectiveness of each step in relation to the overall sales process.

Other online tools which you may utilize for CRM and Search Engine Optimization are the use of blogging, direct email, and popular social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook,

These are just some of the tools available in order to improve your SEO and online marketing campaigns through the innovative use of technology and CRM.

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