Secrets on How to Create a Killer Content for Your Blog

There was a time when the internet was a haven for bloggers who wanted to get their posts loved by the world. That was when the blogsphere was new and uncrowded – people could easily discover and read posts from the handful of bloggers then. But now that the internet is bursting with writers, each blogger has thousands of competitors. Standing out from the crowd is essential; thus, it is crucial to know how to write killer post content for your blog.

This is where many bloggers stop cold. One has to master how to create killer content for a blog that readers will love. But no worries – there are easy yet powerful ways to do that.

1. Decide on a specific niche and dominate it.

A blog niche is a blogger’s very own territory in terms of themes and topics. For example, a teenage girl’s blog niche could be fashion, while a chef’s blog niche could easily be cooking.

It is even better to have a niche that is very specific. For instance, will it be about preppy fashion or rocker fashion? Being specific greatly narrows down the number of competitors, and it ensures a solid reader following. Thus, it greatly increases a blogger’s chances of reaching top rank (and also, increase your blog income potential).

Now, all a blogger has to do is to dominate the niche! It sounds tough, but there is an easy trick: a niche is easy to dominate when it is one’s field of passion or mastery. Having a niche that is also one’s real-life forte makes blogging very meaningful and effortless. In this point, you can continue running your site for a long term, 5 years and more over, for example, while your competitors almost gave up! And because the you are a master of that topic, it answers how you can create killer content for a blog.

2. Emphasize unique twists.

Many bloggers might complain that being in a specific niche is limiting because they run out of topics in a short time. That’s not necessarily so. In fact, it is an opportunity to highlight unique twists on seemingly usual topics. That’s another powerful way on how to create killer content for a blog.

Magazine articles provide great examples on making write-ups unique. For example, instead of writing “Style Tips“, they write something like “Top Celebrity Style Secrets for a Perfect-Looking Body“. Plus, they emphasize the twist in the title and first paragraphs of the article.

Notice the effect? Emphasizing unique twists is a great way to grab the attention and interests of readers. It’s a “wow” factor. And because readers’ attention is a prime need for blogs, attention-grabbing twists should be present right in the beginning of a blog post. This is a widely known tip on how to create killer content for a blog. Thankfully, every blogger has the freedom to be really exciting in the titles and body of a post.

3. Show love to readers!

Yes, blogging isn’t all about self-expression anymore. It’s also about sharing your blog post ideas with readers and helping them enrich themselves. People love reading something they can relate to and make use of and it’s the best way to increase time on site of your readers!

So, to produce awesome substance for blog posts, one must always think about writing for readers. This starts by reflecting on questions about the readers. How are they involved in the topic? How should the post affect or help them?

With those questions as guides, you can then write in a personal, friendly way. It’s okay to write with some playfulness! Blog readers are actually inclined to read posts that are full of feeling and totally relatable. Bob Clarke had made a nice guest article on this topic that you might interested in reading: Romance Your Blog Readers Like a Girlfriend!

The best way to achieve that? To write like it’s just talking to a friend! It sets the blogger in a friendly mood that readers will love.

4. Write simply.

It is a basic principle that good writing is simple writing. Have you ever asked that who will likely read your entire blog post? Honestly, it’s you in 99% cases :)

Most of blogs nowadays are international targeted reader, not everyone can read and understand English easily. Like me, I still use the dictionary while reading other bloggers’ articles, therefore, the simple writing post will help me a lot.

Well, this rule definitely applies in how to create a killer content for your blog. In additional, using relative Video clip and Image can help your readers easily understand what you’re talking about.

A good thing to remember is that people on the Internet easily get tired with blog posts that are difficult to read and understand, or it’s too long to read (a blog post with 800-1500 words could be fine).

So for a blog to feel great for readers, it is best to use simple words and construct simple sentences. Also, paragraphs have to be short and sweet so that they allow little breaks in reading. And the one thing not to forget: proper grammar and spelling.

There is a simple way to ensure that a blog post is simple enough to be read: the blogger must be a reader. This means that after writing, you should re-read the whole post and be honest on how it feels to read it. Often, re-reading makes me identify complicated or flawed areas in the post, so I’m able to smooth them out right away. That’s a big step to create a friendly content article.

5. And have fun!

Even if today’s blogosphere is noisy and competitive, blogs can still be healthy and fun. It’s true that even just the process of writing a post gives a sense of freedom, self-esteem, and pleasure.

This is why you can embrace these positive feelings! Truth is, feeling positive is one of the most effective tips for how to create killer content. How you feels will definitely reflect in every blog post. So if one is having fun while writing, readers will feel that, too. There is an upbeat atmosphere in the blog, and that is very valuable in leaving a great impact on people.

So, in writing, you could swipe aside doubts, fears, insecurities, and other negative feelings. Focusing on the positive is the way to go towards empowering oneself and one’s blog.

All these five ideas are great pointers on how to create killer content for a blog. They’re very effective, and very easy, too. Any blogger can try them and see the good results.

But there is one bonus pointer that tops of this list, and that is to write persistently. No matter what, practice is still the best way to develop one’s blogging skills. And in the end, the best benefit of constant writing is the personal joy it brings :)

So, what do you think about this? Please lets me know below, thank you for reading!

19 thoughts on “Secrets on How to Create a Killer Content for Your Blog”

  1. Content is the King and you need to post in good content to get a lot of visitors to your website. People just keep promoting website but the forget the role of content and its importance in it. Your post will make people realize the content’s importance and how well you should handle it. Great knowledge providing post.

  2. I always look to add new new post and content which is unique on my blog so that it helps my site to gain good ranking. I never run behind traffic unlike any other webmasters. If you impress the search engines in terms of content your rankings will surely improve which will result in driving traffic to your website.

    1. Yes, as a new update of Google big Panda, unique and high quality content will be a great ranking key for website today.

  3. I’ve been trying to stay as focused as much as I can but with today’s economy it really is difficult.

  4. @Jenni yaa…right..after panda update it seems like most of the content farms hav been slapped except few like ehow…not to say bcoz of the quality of content they maintain!

    1. Agreed with you @Martin. In additional, I’m not sure about the Google Panda affects on other sites such as Ezine…

      Maybe there will be a change in Article marketing strategy for all of us.

  5. I am so happy after the Panda update, only unique articles and content will be given priority and the others will not be given that much. Content always plays a crucial role and it has to be the best in the industry. Lets see what all changes Google will bring in. Great post.

  6. @jenni..i remember owner of ezinearticles twitting about decrease in traffic after panda update…but it was then recovered..anyways, article marketing strategy must be explored in new directions now…kindly shed some light on what you think would be better.

  7. Before I choose a title for a post, I determine which are my target viewers. I don’t prefer using technical terms as well, a post doesn’t sound that fun if there are too many non familiar terms involve. I prefer writing articles that are relaxing, entertaining and informative at the same time.

  8. It is a great stimulation to engage people in conversations. Sometimes people you are conversing with can give you some really great ideas. Creating killer content is also out being in the “writing mode” all the time and being used to perpetually talking about your subject.

  9. Readers love to read articles that are easy to understand but are well-written at the same time; they like topics that interest them like the “in-things” right now, etc.; and they want their voices to be heard.

  10. think that best way to get interest of the readers is by solving people problems in your content as you mentioned in the article.
    At the end of the article ask your readers to comment if they have any confusion or other problem related to topic and reply to them.
    This is the best way you can get the rank of “authority” in your niche. Irresistable benefits of meditation

  11. Hey, I’m kinda new to this line of work…I just recently designed a blog..Kindly have a look and comment for me to seek help out of them…

  12. Awesome post Jenni you covered the whole blogging in just one article.
    “Decide on a specific niche and dominate it.”
    Good for SEO
    “Emphasize unique twists.”
    Help to have returning visitors
    “Show love to readers!”
    Good for communication and friendly environment between visitor and Blogger
    “Write simply”
    Good for high quality content
    And have fun!
    For you to always be motivated for your blog

  13. Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wished to mention that I’ve really loved surfing around your blog posts. In any case I will be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write once more soon!

  14. Great content comes form experience and knowing your niche. Killer content makes more conversion. Web content developers have to find a way out of their normal routine to develop killer content by following a well proven content development strategy without which there is no actual conversion.

  15. Hi I have a question , can be used modified content on website , like previously i have 50 pc unique page contains 1000 words i modified them upto 2000 words can i used this or it will harm my webpage ranking

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