The Basics of Creating Your Classroom Blog

Are you an innovative teacher who is just bursting to share your creativity with everyone?

Do you want to explain your teaching methods to other teachers and educators who may be able to help you develop them?

Are you trying to be a more creative teacher and you’re ready to open yourself up to great minds across the nation and even the world?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, now may be the time for you to get that blog going.

Anyone can start a blog. You just need a blog platform. Many of them, such as Google’s Blogger, are free. They have plenty of features to get you started. If you find that your blog takes off and you eventually need more complex services, you can always transfer your blog to a paid hosting service and connect it to a personal website (create a free website).

As you get going, you’ll probably run into a few challenges or have some questions. These tips can guide you, but remember that it’s your blog, so you get the final say.

Creating Your Classroom Blog

Involve your students

You’re making a classroom blog. Including your students makes sense because they’re the focus of the blog and the ultimate motivation behind your blog. They can contribute blog posts and proofread and edit your own posts.

Kids love to find your mistakes, and they’ll do a great job. Use the opportunity to teach them better writing skills, such as grammar, structure and spelling.

Keep your blog updated

Everyone will be more excited to read about the latest developments in your classroom rather than what you may have done three years ago. Update your blog frequently to keep readers coming back. Write about current projects in your classroom and your plans for upcoming lessons.

Prevent writer’s block

Nobody can prevent writer’s block entirely, but you can definitely fake it.

Current and former students, parents and other teachers are excellent sources of ideas for when your mind is blank, and many of these people will be willing to contribute a post when you’re too busy to write one.

Use modern technology

Digital LearningA digital camera and video recorder are tools that can make your blog exciting to read. Let your students use them to create blog posts.

Students will develop skills that are almost certain to be useful more than one future college course, since digital learning is integral to colleges.

Make your blog compelling

You want readers to keep checking in. Customize your blog with an enticing layout.

Your students can help you do that if you’re not the artistic type. Include useful information, such as lesson plans and step-by-step explanations of your class projects.

Make your blog interactive

Include space after each post for guest comments, and be sure to respond to each one personally. Link the blog to your Facebook and Twitter accounts to increase your visibility through social networking.

So are you ready to join the blogosphere? The best advice is to just get started any way you can. Be consistent, follow some of the above tips and soon you’ll have an active, informative blog. Get going, and I look forward to reading your blog when it comes up in first in a blog search engine, such as BlogScope or Technorati.

4 thoughts on “The Basics of Creating Your Classroom Blog”

  1. This is a very interesting article. I think besides all the great tips Lindsey went over the most important is keep it interesting and compelling. You can have the most up to date, visually stunning site but it is not interesting then no one will read.



  2. I highly recommend using WordPress to create your school blog. You can find so many online resources to help you learn about the ins and outs of WordPress. It’s a powerful tool to building any sites and blogs!

  3. Kate Brown Wilson

    I think that it is so much fun to add our student in what blog we are creating, for them to know how important they are to other people I mean Blogger. for them to experience what real life means, I am sure that once it is already done, many people specially the student will enjoy the articles outcome.

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