5 Alternative Types of Content to Fire up Your Business Blog

As much as I love to write, and be read, I have come to the conclusion that there are other ways of making yourself heard. The catchphrase “Content is King” has been perpetuated time and time again by bloggers and webmasters, but most of them didn’t quite understand what it refers to.

When people think of content, more often than not, they picture a block of text in their head. While it is true that written content is the most popular type of content at the moment, there are many other interesting and unique types to consider. “Sure, but how does this affect my business?” you might ask. You are probably already aware of the ever-growing power of the internet, and the pressing need for your business to make itself heard online.

If your company does not have a website it may as well be dead. This is because more and more people have begun to use the internet for shopping, socializing, and pretty much anything you could think of. It is more comfortable to search for products online, than to go all the way downtown. But the only way you can ever hope to become visible on the Internet, is if you grow your page, and this requires good SEO strategies, social media presence and lots and lots of content.

Your main goals should be to grow your online presence, and in the meanwhile become perceives as an expert in your field. In other words, your company should also have a blog on which it posts relevant information. But what can you do when written content is no longer enough to outclass your competition? Here are five excellent types of content that will fire up your business blog.

Content Visualizations

The staggering amount of information that is being posted online each and every day means that people no longer have time to read interminable verbosities. They want information, and they want it fast. What better way of explaining a difficult concept to a potential client, than by putting it into images. Content visualizations have proven to be extremely useful tools that every expert should have in his toolbar. They are not difficult to create, and they will help shed some lights on pressing matters.

1 Content Visualizations


Many people use mind-maps because they have so many benefits. Besides the fact that they will help you increase productivity and better manage your team, they will also help you solve your client’s problems. In most cases, businesses like to showcase their work. Furthermore, case studies are powerful incentives for indecisive customers. You can use mind-maps on your blog in order to present research and recommendations, present situations, identify problems, showcase milestones, and clarify intangible aspects of complex processes and so on. You can even use to surface both positive and negative aspects of your business (it is always good to also show your human side from time to time). There are plenty of free mind-mapping tools online that can help you get started.

2 Mind Maps

Images, Gifs and MEMEs

Have you ever heard of such things called visual search engines? In case you haven’t, I will tell you that they can bring significant amounts of traffic to your business blog. Aside the fact that images enhance the overall aspect of a blog post; they can also be optimized for search engines (which means you can attract even more readers). You can find many media files online. Gifs, on the other hand, are excellent tools for showcasing products. It is Thumblr that managed to make them go viral, and they have now been embraced by the entire social community. They are excellent for promoting yourself on social networks, for showing off products and for explaining different terms. Last but not least, we have MEMEs. MEMEs are funny images with text that first appeared on the infamous 9gag site a while back. These visualization tools are catchy, hilarious and extremely effective.

3. Memes Gifs


Videos are without a doubt the most popular type of alternative content, and they come in many forms. First of all we have regular videos (like the ones on youtube or Vimeo), which can be educational or simply used to show a behind-the-scenes look on your company. Secondly we have short videos (promoted by social media platforms such as Vine or Instagram), which have the potential of going viral. Thirdly, we have webinars, white-boards, and other videos that will help you explain certain terms to your clients.

4. Videos

Slides and Presentations

Another interesting alternative to written content are presentations. More often than not they are shared over SlideShare. As a matter of fact, I have recently read a presentation about a SlideShare presentations going viral (funny). This proves that there are other ways, and other mediums where you can find decent volumes of readers, and not only this. You are actually showing your client that you can provide to him, what others cannot.

5. Slideshare Presentations

In conclusion, if you want to step up your game, you should definitely consider alternatives to written content.

6 thoughts on “5 Alternative Types of Content to Fire up Your Business Blog”

  1. Adding slideshares,GIF’s and videos to business blog is a great idea . I’ve seen many blogs practicing this and it looks very attractive and more informative than the content posted along it.I’ve never thought about the first 2 points as they are new for me . Thanks for sharing the information.


  2. I have heard that you need to add images to make your posts appealing but this is taking it to another level. Nice. I like the mind-map idea. Saw a post recently about a tool that makes pictures interactive, not sure what it is called. Nice post, thanks for the tips.

  3. yap.. in internet media, content is always king.
    the point that i got from your words is giving customer experience in content.
    nice post anyway.!

  4. I haven’t had much success with Slideshare, especially since this company now only allows two links on the very last page. However, Youtube has been an incredible tool to get my content out there to the masses and gain new readers every day.

  5. Using a variety of good quality content sources such as Slideshare and videos is always a good idea to help increase your websites SEO.

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