Common Mistakes Novice Bloggers Make While Trying to Build Readership

Do you know why blogging is imperative? Every blogger have a dream to attract thousands of viewers to their site on a daily basis. As such, most people tend to focus on drawing the right traffic while forgetting other important aspects of alluring and maintain readership.

Concentrating too much on traffic generation can cause you to do wrong things that can be harmful for your blog, for example, engaging in Black Hat SEO Tricks. The quest for infinite targeted traffic may turn to be a thriving ground for errors that may be too costly. Surprisingly, even some of the most experienced bloggers keep repeating these errors. Listed below, are some of the common errors made by individuals trying to attract endless traffic to their blogs.

Attracting the Wrong Market Niche

This is the greatest mistake that majorities of novice bloggers make. You can spend countless hours creating content for your site and submitting articles to article directories, but if you are attracting the wrong market niche then your efforts are in vain.

What is the purpose for creating your blog? This is the first question you need to understand. If you do not know what your face book marketing goals needs, then you will not be able to appeal to them. Spend time researching in keywords. There are a myriad of online services that you can use to look for keywords used by your market niche when looking for products and services.

Failing to Do Anything

Just because your blog is live does not mean it will attract the right traffic. If you fail to pay attention to your blog, you cannot expect to get visitors. Moreover, online users are constantly looking for fresh contents. Updating your blog on a regular basis will endear it to several SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

In addition to publishing articles, it is important that you promote your blog on several social media platforms. Obtaining online presence nowadays without the help of social media is practically impossible. If you do not know how to market your blog on social media, you can hire a social media marketing experts to do it for you.

Note that, there are more than 10 million blogs and it requires more than just good content to attract targeted traffic.

Sticking to the Safe Method

While it is true that there are blogging strategies that work better than others, the greatest mistake you can ever make is to stick to one particular strategy. Just because one strategy has been enabling you to get targeted traffic to your blog, it does not mean that other methods are lesser. Being complacent is a mistake that is synonymous with a majority of fresh bloggers and even experienced ones.

The problem with sticking to one strategy is that at some point it stops to work. When this happens, you may be prompted to engage in blogging habits that may be costly to you. In order to become a great blogger, you need to learn from the mistakes that others have made.

50 thoughts on “Common Mistakes Novice Bloggers Make While Trying to Build Readership”

  1. I found me in this article. I always stick to a safe method :'( Like saying things I believe people will read. To be honest, there are plenty of articles like that on the Internet. But I still wrote because I saw people wrote them. What a shame :(

  2. It’s true you need plenty of effort and diverse strategies promoting blog posts to maximise exposure. Sure an occasional post will create a lot of noise but you need to leverage that movement or it fades away.

  3. I agree with you. I made some of this mistakes myself, but I managed to get over and now I’m writing tips and tricks about it.

  4. Hi Susan – Excellent article. I agree with most of the things you have mentioned in here. It’s true that many beginners just think about the way they want to earn and forget that any project (blogging included) takes a lot of time and you do have to spend some money too.

  5. Hello Friend

    i am appreciate with your post and your first points is Attracting the Wrong Market Niche this is very biggest mistake and choose correct and targeted market this is most important point, so thanks for sharing me

  6. I had no idea how much work is involved in building a readership. I think that is the mistake I made – underestimating how much I would need to learn and do! It is hard not to give into mistake number 2 on your list because it feels like not doing something is so much easier than doing something and doing it wrong. I have to keep reminding myself to just do it!

  7. This article reminds me of my early days as blogger and the mistakes I committed. Nice article Susan and it is gonna help new bloggers for sure.

  8. Great post. A lot of new bloggers are easily discouraged on this path but when persistence is applied, success will surely come. Like I always say a blog is like a real estate business, you build it, nurture it, make money on rentals/services or you sell big when it has added great value; this takes time though but it is worth it.

  9. the real problem get starts when we decide niche for our blog. most of us don’t realize the importance of deciding niche topic, and quickly jump into any topic because of high advertising rates associated with that niche topic. Though for first few week it works out, but when we got out of new ideas then the real problem start.

  10. Besides that they start teaching everybody how to blog and how to earn money online from the very first day of blogging. That’s really irritate. I think instead of teaching how to blog or how to make money they should concentrate on the skills they know and on research.

  11. Inspiring Citizen Rafi

    Hi Susan,

    You are absolutely rite in saying you need to use different strategies.

    I am a novice blogger and over the past 4 months I have been able build a traffic of 100 visitors per day on an average..

    Is that a good number..I have tried different strategies like blog commenting, article submission, social media marketing and social bookmarking..The biggest challenge I have found is identifying your correct target market which is something I am focusing on rite now..!

  12. Ambika Choudhary Mahajan

    I really like the #3 put forward by Susan.
    That is, sticking to the safe method.
    We have to be willing to take risks. Calculated risks, though!
    When I was about to start my present blog, everyone advised me against starting a multi-niche blog.
    Infact, most experts would suggest creating several micro-niche blogs than having ONE multi-niche blog.
    But I knew what I wanted and, more importantly, WHY I wanted to do that!
    I did what I wanted and I am heartened by the response I’ve got so far! :)
    You have to be willing to think differently if you want DIFFERENT things to happen to you! :P
    Hope Susan agrees to this.

  13. Thanks for sharing! I am agree %100 with this post. Well, in order to get successful and update next level bloggers we have to put more eyes on our blog. especially, concern about your readers want..

  14. I think the most common mistake novice blogger make is that he/she does not treat audience properly. They tend to treat them as granted and continue publishing low quality content caring a fig for the users experience and eventually lose their valuable readers.

  15. One should blog on a subject that is one’s passion. Lack of traffic will not be a concern then. I did introduce a number of blidgets in my blog. But then I realized my blot was about writing good content. I got rid of them

  16. Rajkumar Jonnala

    every one makes mistakes while blogging and even me…. but it is major factor that troubles us so be sure while writing an article

  17. Very nice share, Susan. In fact, a great advice for newbies and even experimented marketers. A must read for anyone trying to enter the IM arena. Regards,

  18. The biggest mistake newbie bloggers did is they enters in a wrong niche in which they didn’t passionate about. Earlier I did the same and one I have to shut all my blogs.

  19. Great post! This really helps others.

    attempting wrong niche and failing to try new things are the biggest mistake. Well said.

  20. Really SUSAN, most of the bloggers always opt a safe method. But thanks god, I have choosen a bit different way. Uniqueness can weight more to blog in long run. Thanks for sharing. :)

  21. i have aslo so these mistake i am a newbie but now after reading this article, i am going to repair them.

  22. I find it difficult to constantly come up with original content. My blog on health with a senior slant requires medical research, which is time consuming. Every so often I take a bit of time off, to help with writers block.

  23. First of i want to say thanks for explaining nice tips for new blogger. And i think these tips surely help my blog. As i am a newbie blogger so i really need for these tips.
    Chetan Gupta

  24. I confess that i spent time talking to people in and outside of my niche and this helps but I do agree that if you spend to much time focusing on people who are not related to what your talking about a blog can sink fast

  25. Probably not only novice, but even experience bloggers might commit those mistakes or just get on a wrong course at some time. Yeah, I think consistency, planning and hard work are definitely a must, but as well everybody should try to avoid these blogging traps.

  26. I don’t know how much is it true in 2013 after latest google updates but to be honest I don’t see a huge change after publishing a fresh content to my website’s blog section. The content is long and high quality but somehow google ignores everything and I’m ranked just for 2 not well researched keywords. I wish this to change but by far I cannot agree with the theory that ‘content is the king’. Anyways, thanks for the article !


  27. Nice article. We have just recently started our own blog and I must say we haven’t even thought of who our target audience may be. As much as we’re concerned, we built our blog as our online journal and for no other reason or purpose. It’s our own personal blog, that’s what matters to us. but still, this is a great read! I will definitely consider these thoughts when I plan to setup a new website. Thanks for sharing!

  28. Blogging is like something special to me , the more you do the more you know what to do .. Thanks for sharing the article it will help many novice bloggers..

  29. Multinivel Con Futuro

    You´re right Susan I have been making several mistakes (even if I am not a novice) I will try stop making all these.

    Thanks for your helpful post

  30. shashank singh

    Thanks now i knew that what common mistake that i have made every time thansk for your suggestion keep posting on this topic

  31. Thanks for highlighting this mistake.. yeah it true sometime we hope once our site is online we can get easy traffic but actually it need more effort to be successful on online world..

  32. “Failing to do anything” haha that’s my favorite one. So many people talk a big game, but often don’t follow it up with action.

  33. shubhangi srivastava

    Yes i totally agree with you. For promoting our site just add some fresh content to your site and then promote genuinely

  34. Sushan,

    This was way too awesome. I haven’t seen many authors covering up topics related to novices. That was a good one.. kudos!

  35. Recently started blogging myself! Nice tips, Thanks & Keep yp the good work. Right time to get working lol. :-)

  36. I am agreed with you. Many bloggers do some serious mistakes which can spoil their whole career, and most of them only do to bring more and more targeted traffic to their blog. Attract a different niche is also one of the most common mistakes.

  37. I can really relate with number 3. Sticking to safe method is something that marketers usually do. But I realize that business is all about taking risk.

  38. Great article.
    I like to add something here. I think that concentrating just on social media traffic can also be a bad thing because having few thousand likes can’t get you any quality , targeted traffic to generate good revenue. So you should think about other traffic methods too.

  39. These all above discussed points really apply to all peoples those who have just joined the blogosphere.
    And to attract the mass they really commit such mistakes, as a result of which their reputation finally degrades up resulting in the mass as well their interest. Nice info.
    keep sharing!!!

  40. I let my site stagnant for nearly two months and found I had a lot of extra work to do to build back up the traffic numbers.

  41. #2 is so very important! You have to blog on a consistent basis. Especially to encourage your readers to come back. Nobody likes a stale blog.

  42. Vincent Armstead

    Its true that social media helps to gain more traffic to your blog. Blogs written with good quality are always appreciated by the readers and targeting the right audience is a must.

  43. while to be a successful blogger, you always have to be dynamic. When you are ready there for the changes in the market strategies, success will be nearer to you!

  44. Hey Susan !
    You are absolutely right that some people are there who attracts the wrong audience. They have to understand about their targeted audience. My best friend do the same, now I can not advice him more about attracting the targeted audience , he must read this post because he need improvements. I totally agree with you that sticking to the same method may not be fruitful for every time, because world needs change.

  45. Thanks for the post. Great points. But in #3 sticking with the safe plan. Maybe you can give examples of other strategies/

    Thanks again!

  46. I think if we don’t know about e-book promoting goals needs, then we won’t manage to fascinate all of them and should not waste time looking into inside key phrases.

    Buy Cider Online UK

  47. Excellent advice for new bloggers trying to build readership and authority. I guess this takes quite a bit of time and effort and is not very easy. Guest blogging might help a bit to grow authority.

  48. I think if someone is writing blog only to earn money then it shouldn’t even start because surely one will fail and second it will only irritate blogosphere

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