7 Common Mistakes Bloggers Make

No one likes to be told they are making a mistake, so from one blogger to another; I will give it to you gently. To keep your readers satisfied and wanting more make sure avoid these 7 mistakes:

Mistakes Bloggers Make

1. No Images

We are a visual world. We like to see pretty pictures, interesting graphs and silly emoticons. A post without pictures might as well not be a post and consider it unsuccessful. When you display an image it catches the reader’s eye and intrigues them to read your post.

2. Way too long

Anything over 800 words, guarantee no one will read past the 800th word. If a reader wanted to read a book they would have bought the book and not read your blog. Skip the fluff words and keep it short with a post that packs a lot of punch.

3. Zzzzzzzzzz

Snooze alert. Your blog is usually based around one or several subjects and readers come to you to read your view and learn something new. Covering a topic you don’t really fully appreciate or understand will read ‘boring’, keep it interesting and please keep it entertaining, stick with what you know.

4. Hardy HarHar

Not everyone is funny on paper. As much as you think you are funny, sometimes readers do not pick up on humor especially if it is meant to be sarcastic. Feel free to be funny but know that there is a fine line in humor.

5. Paragraph Form

Give your readers a break. Literally. Paragraph form is tough to get through. Staring at a computer screen and trying to read easily sentence to sentence needs to be effortless. Your readers eyes don’t want to have to work to find the words.

6. Your headline sucks

Your headline shouldn’t read like a boring title from a study out of a scientific journal. This is your chance to grab your reader. Keep it short, simple and to the point.

7. Assuming everyone reads and likes your blog

If you think everyone reads your blog and likes it. You are wrong. This may be news to you and your ego may have just taken a hit, but someone had to say it. Keeping a humble stance on your writing is the best way to write. Write knowing that not everyone is going to like your words.

Don’t scare off your readers and make sure you aren’t making this mistakes. Remember the purpose of a blog is to inform and entertain your readers. Entertain them. Now get out there and start blogging.

3 thoughts on “7 Common Mistakes Bloggers Make”

  1. I’m new to blogging so I definitely appreciate your post, thank you. I will definitely be using images in most (if not all) of my blog posts and I don’t like long articles in blogs myself so I will be keeping it shorter for sure.

  2. Yeh! Cool post. But I can’t agree with you in a point.
    You said the post need to be short but recently google is liking the long post for ranking. And we SEO are suggesting people to write post more then 800 words! If your post is charm-full and informative reader of course will read hole post.
    Thank you for your post.

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