Choose a SEO Copywriter to Help Improve Website Performance

After struggling to bring in new and returning visitors to my website I decided to look at ways of making improvements. I researched online and discovered the importance of optimising websites in order to rank well in the search engines. I had no idea about how to go about this and as I was not in the position to take on new employees I decided to look into outsourcing.

Research Led Me to Search Engine Optimisation

I spoke to a website developer about making some changes and one of the ways to improve the performance of the site which was suggested was the use of a SEO copywriter. I managed to find a company who offered copywriting as part of their services and discovered that the blog of my site or lack of one was a real downfall.

After a series of consultations and further research I decided that having a writer to manage my brand new blog and also create brand new web copy for my site would be a sensible investment.

The writer I used was experienced and so all I needed to do was give them details of my keywords and my company and allow them to research the blog posts themselves. Not only did they create the content in a speedy manner, they also were happy to upload it straight onto my website for me.

Outsourcing Was the Perfect Solution

Outsourcing meant I did not need to worry about paying taxes or sorting out the PAYE for the skills being delivered. I only pay for the services they provide and I am able to ask them to help me with further written content as and when I need it. (

Being a small business I am not really in a position to take on any full time or part time employees and the cost of the services can still be put into business expenses on my tax return.

Since improving the site by making it faster and adding the blog and working on the quality of the content and the regular blog posts I have certainly noticed a distinct improvement in traffic and sales.

I have used the SEO copywriters to produce a monthly newsletter which is sent out to my email list and they have also proved to be extremely useful in creating content to be used in my printed marketing material.

Keeping Up to Date

Paying attention to the current trends in SEO is extremely valuable to small businesses. If you are looking to make full use of the Internet and try to expand the company optimisation is a must.

By having an excellent website which is updated frequently with original content which is related to my business I am able to attract a lot more attention, especially compared to a few months back. I use the blog to keep my social media profiles updated too and these are steadily growing and offering new ways of reaching out to my customers and drumming up new business.

The job of the copywriter is to keep an eye on the trends in SEO and create the content to satisfy these latest trends. I believe that now this is all about thinking about the way the piece reads and making sure links are added using the most valuable keywords.

Hiring a copywriting services has been a real blessing for my company as a whole. Contact the experts and discuss the benefits of using their skills for your benefit.

12 thoughts on “Choose a SEO Copywriter to Help Improve Website Performance”

  1. Ok, So it means “SEO Copywriter” work is to create a blog related to my niche, create up to date content and promote them to attract targeted visitors to generate more leads.

    It means they generally don’t do anything on your main website… Is that correct?

    1. Hi Shalyn, actually, it’s not. SEO Copywriter is a person who will help you on creating content for your blogs, your sales letter, your Facebook post…

      Best regards

    2. Ok Jenni, Got your point… means SEO copywriter is the person who basically deals with creating good quality content for your blog, newsletter and other social networking sites.

  2. Sounds like some great advice. I think it is really interesting to think of it that way. I was always on the fence about getting an outside firm to manage everything but in some situations i think it would be good.

  3. I have tried both elance and odesk. I have had far better results with elance. For some reason the people on odesk seem a bit flakier than on the former.

    That said, I have also found the best results when I create a shorter job description and then leave the fine details of my open position for the interview stages.

    Great blog post. Keep up the good work.

  4. It’s actually a cool and useful piece of information. I’m happy that you shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.

  5. I personally used to stick to only oDesk, but that place has really gone down of late. Still searching for a place to some decent writers I can stick with.

    Great site you have here mate!

  6. I don’t know about you, but with the latest Panda update, my earnings are down by over 50%. Tough times!

    I used to use oDesk, but honestly, have to write articles myself now. Hopefully not for too long though.

  7. For me I always go for Odesk with regards to outsourcing where I can find many writers. You absolutely got a nice post :)

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    Ofcourse Odesk is the best but you have to find the best guy and if you are new to Odesk then spent some time before choosing anyone.

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