13 Step Checklist for Your Website Relaunch

Relaunching your website is a tricky business. No matter how carefully you have planned and prepared, there will be some things that go awry. There are some common mistakes that you can easily avoid with a little forethought, however.

Here’s a checklist for some last minute details that you should go over before launch time:

  • Click through links – Go through each link on your website one at a time to make sure they’re working. Relative links can be especially tricky, so be careful with these.
  • Revise your content – No matter how many times you think you’ve read your website copy, read it again to see if there is anything that you can make clearer.
  • Optimize images – Make sure that all your images and other multimedia are in a format that most browsers and mobile devices can understand, and make them small enough to load quickly. Be sure that all your images have alt tags and width and height definitions.
  • Make sure the layout is user friendly – Run a few formal or informal usability tests to make sure that the design is usable and intuitive. There’s a good chance that you’ll lose sales if customers cannot figure your site out.
  • Add HTML and XML sitemaps – Search engines use sitemaps to figure out what sort of information is presented on each page and where pages are located.
  • Check for code validity – There are legitimate reasons for choosing not to have valid code, but in general, it is a good practice to fix validity bugs where you can. Put your site through the W3C’s validation checker to find out if there are fixes you need to make.
  • Mark up properly – Along with that, you should make sure that your HTML markup is formatted properly. Using the right markup for lists, headers, and text formatting will help you make sure that all users see the same thing regardless of the platform they are accessing your site on. In addition, some of these changes can help your rank within the search engines for specific terms.
  • Ensure your website works without JavaScript – Ideally, your website should lose none of its functionality when JavaScript is turned off. Make sure that your navigation and forms work with no JavaScript.
  • Create social media accounts for the site – A website relaunch is the perfect time to start social media marketing if you haven’t already. Make sure that all of your web pages include social media share tools.
  • Include prominent calls to action – Having clear calls to action can affect your ROI. Let your visitors know as unambiguously as possible what you want them to do.
  • Use analytics – Make sure that analytics are loaded onto your site so that you can keep track of metrics like unique visitors and conversion statistics.
  • Implement 301 redirects on your old site – Be sure to 301 redirect all your old URLs to your new site. This is important because not only for visitors, but also to search engines.
  • Plan for marketing – Before you launch your website, make sure that you have a plan to get the word out about your new design as well as any new services you may be offering.

A website relaunch is the perfect time to correct any design or SEO mistakes that you may have made with your old site. What other items would you include on a website relaunch checklist?

17 thoughts on “13 Step Checklist for Your Website Relaunch”

  1. Relaunching a website is not a easy task. A lot of things have to keep in mind. There will many common mistakes can done. But these tips are really helpful to relaunch a website. Redirecting to old website is very important because not only for users but also to search engines.

  2. Truly praiseworthy tips. This checklist also reveals many on site optimization factors. Many avoid re-launching of website because they have doubt of losing traffic or other beneficial things but i think if they take this checklist in to consideration, this will help them to successfully re-launch website by maintaining all their profitable things especially traffic. I really liked to read this great article. Thanks for such amazing share.

  3. Very important tips that i will consider at the relaunch of my website !
    i appreciate your posts in this blog :)

  4. Before launching a website, we have to make a checklist because we could do common mistakes and the best way to give a best launch is to make sure that we check all the points in our list. Your post is really helpful in making a checklist :) Thankyou for sharing your information with us.

  5. In relation with what Syeda has mentioned, you should have a concrete plan before you actually do the relaunching of your website. Make sure that every task that you have in your checklist has been addressed before you can actually say that you’re ready to relaunch everything. Remember that the website represents you either as a person or as a business. If people see mistakes in whatever you’ve done, you’re going to have to address them all quickly. That’s why it’s best to take care of them before saying that everything’s good to go.

  6. Revision is very important. As a good blogger, our real intention is to communication properly to our readers. So everything should easy to understand and direct otherwise, it looks boring.

  7. That is an awesome post. You have really layed out your points in great detail. Very easy to follow with good content. We should take get hold of this post, read and impliment the points outlined.

  8. Optimized images are one most important factor in relaunching a website or a blog. We all should optimize the images for search engines to bring up the search rank of our blogs.

  9. I had to do this last year with a forum I bought, and while it wasn’t as hard as I’d expected I have to say the 301’s caused me a few sleepless nights! LOL

    I was sure I had a million (ok hundreds) broken links somewhere amidst all the threads and comments and that in a week or so Webmaster tools was going to tell me they had indexed a ton of links incorrectly.

    Turns out I should have had more faith in the system. Links were fine, forum ran and all was good in the eyes of Google! :)

    Thanks for all the great tips here!

  10. Hi
    Make sure that every task that you have in your checklist has been addressed before you can actually say that you’re ready to relaunch everything. Remember that the website represents you either as a person or as a business.I was sure I had a million (ok hundreds) broken links somewhere amidst all the threads and comments and that in a week or so Webmaster tools was going to tell me they had indexed a ton of links incorrectly.
    Nice post

  11. Thanks for this great checklist, I am going to start a new service website and I think if I will take care of these points I will be on the safe side, I am not sure if the design matters in SEO or not so I am try to do it as good as possible.

  12. I redesigned my website a few weeks ago; this list would have come in very handy back then. My recommendation is to use Screaming Frog SEO Spider to check for broken links and other website-related problems, in order to save some time and discover several potential problems. They have a free version that will work fine for most needs.

    I would also add a “related posts” plugin, in order to reduce the bounce rate, as well as videos, infographics, etc – things that would increase the time spent by the visitors on my site. My tests show that this is an important ranking factor nowadays.

  13. Optimizing images saves space and adding “ALT” text would not hurt. Search traffic from Google Images are not that significant, yet its a good things to do. I have always felt that bing gives more importance to code validity that google.

  14. great post. I am planning to redesign my blog and give it an uplift and the list of things to do on your post is exactly what is needed when someone is trying to relaunch. There are tons of things to do and there will always be a space where you want to fill in something, planning is absolutely important as well as taking action on the to do list.

  15. Excellent tips for any website redesign and changes, especially ensuring 301 redirects have been made to help visitors and search engines. When relaunching a site there has never been a better opportunity to use social media marketing to spread the message for your new website, good advice.

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