Top 10 Reasons: Why Blogging is the Future of Branding

To run a successful business, you have to run it properly by using effective marketing and branding techniques. If you are successful in branding your business, you are most likely to get turn it into a big achievement for you. There are different ways to brand your business and blogging is the latest of all. You cannot skip blogging if you are running an online business because this is a great way to reach out to new customers, increase your sales and especially to brand your business.

It Requires Low Budget

One of the most wonderful things about blogging is that, it requires very less budget. Since you already have a website, setting up a blog will not be that difficult. You can easily create a blog for your business by using WordPress, Joomla or BlogSpot etc. If you are good at writing, you can be the author of your own blog posts and it will save you a lot more money.

More Search Engine Crawling

Another aspect of blogging is that, it keeps your website updating frequently. Search engines like those websites that keep changing with the passage of time. If you are submitting at least one blog post each week, search engine spiders will visit your website over and over again. This will result in better search engine results, more customer database and improved sales.

Blogging is Gateway to Social Media World

To become a big name in the online world, you have to be famous on major social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest etc. You can create a profile/ page on those social networks but what will you share with your followers? Well, writing an interesting blog post each day and sharing it with your social media followers is a great idea to bring more fans and traffic towards your website.

Blogging is Really Easy

I must mention it here that blogging is one of the easiest things to do in the entire world. From a distance, it may look like a rocket science but once you will get into blogging, you will start loving it. All you need is to be good at writing and rest will come to you eventually. You can practically share anything on your blog like a podcast, a funny video, an interactive article, a beautiful picture, a presentation or a tutorial.

Brand your Company before its Launch

Another good thing about blogging is that, you can start branding your company before even its launching. You can publish a blog and keep updating your readers about the latest developments about your company’s launch. You can ask questions from your readers about what kind of products should be introduced by your company and how you can bring a wonderful customer support team for them.

Blog can be installed on same domain name

Your products page may not be going viral on the internet but your blog posts will definitely be getting shared all over the internet. The good thing is, blog can be installed on the same domain. So, while your blog is getting promoted in the online world, your actual domain name is also getting branded as well. This is really a great way to bring more customers towards your business.

People love to read stories

If people love your products then they will also be interested in listening to your side of the stories as well. Customers love to know how their favorite product was designed and what kinds of materials were used in its manufacturing. By sharing such information on your blog, you can win trust of your customers.

Publish your own press release whenever you want

Another advantage of having a blog is that, you can publish a press release whenever you want. If you have a new announcement to make, you can make it at any time of the day. There is no need to distribute copies of your press release to media agencies and journalists because you can share it directly with your readers and customers with the help of your business blog.

Repost old products on blog

You must have some best-selling products that are always liked by your customers. With the passage of time, you will have some new customers which means they may not know about your best-selling products. To bring new audience towards those old yet best products, you can share them on official blog. This will definitely attract some new customers and your sales will be increased.

Brand your logo in SERP

You can set up for Google “Author Profile” or “Publisher Profile”. By doing so, your own picture or company logo will be displayed in search engine result pages behind your posts. This will be really good for branding your business without paying a single penny to any search engine.

7 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons: Why Blogging is the Future of Branding”

  1. It feels great when you read a blog post about the same thinking you have!!

    Even I think Blogging is the Future of Branding … Having a blog will is essential for any company these days !!!

  2. You’ve said it right !
    Blogs are certainly the best platform to market your business products because it requires very low budget to start with . Apart from the low cost , as the blogging platforms has pre developed themes which are optimized for search engines …more are the chances that you’ll receive natural traffic and thus you’ll get much better exposure.


  3. Blogging is actually the core of online publishing and we can not imagine online brand building without blogging. I really liked the points shared here.

  4. This is exactly What new bloggers need to know about getting better SERP’s for their blog posts. I understand that for an experienced SEO person, these rules may seem basic but, ALL three rules are very important and most people don’t know the rules or how to apply them. Most people just don’t know how to use keywords properly in their own blog posts, but you shared some great tips on how to do that

  5. @Arjun Mishra &Pramod
    Thanks for reading my blog and for the input. Yes, blogging will be the future of branding and it is very important for the brands to have their blog on their website to educate the people about the products and services they are offering. People will buy when when they will feel that they have enough information about the products or services they are going to take.

  6. Hey there,

    Blogging is definitely the future’s best way to market a product or a company.Even now, we can see a significant increase in guest posting techniques, which all then leads to advertising those blogs on social media. The power of a regular blog really doubles when active on social media. Hence, all small and medium size companies with for sure be looking for blogs to connect with their clients.

  7. Sometimes a social media snippet is enough but I think that most people will opt for a blog entry on an interesting topic. In general social media helps bloggers more than it hurts them, at least per my stats. I used to work for a newspaper and yes it is sad that the print industry is taking a hit but, having a background in layout and design as well as writing, I really enjoy the visual aspect of multimedia blogging.

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