Blogging – For business or for education?

As you know, blogging is a useful internet marketing tool which businesses use to generate traffic for their websites and to win customers. Businesses have to determine a specific objective before setting up a blog. They have to decide whether they are blogging for the sake of earning profit or because they want to educate their customers on different topics related to business field.

Whether you’re blogging for the sake profit or education, you will surely earn something from that. With the passage of time blog gets recognition and with recognition, comes success.  To get recognition via your blog, you need to focus on a specific niche. Only then you would be able to write successfully to achieve desired results. I will discuss blogging for profit in comparison with blogging for educating customers in this post.

Blogging for profit

If you are blogging to make money then you are not alone. Many business bloggers run blogs for the purpose of earning handsome sums. Some businesses earn a constant stream of income via blogging while some people rely solely on it to make their living. Blogging for profit requires you to add valuable content in your blog to grab the attention of people. You should write genuinely and embed the link of your website into your posts in order to increase traffic and conversion rate for your business.

There are numerous ways that can give you good profits by blogging such as using Adsense, affiliate programs, writing guest posts, sponsorships, free e-books sales etc. Writing blogs for the purpose of earning profit requires you to showcase your knowledge and expertise in the relevant industry. When your customers read useful content that offers valuable insights, it adds to your credibility as a reliable seller, making your customers to doing business with you for a longer period of time. A blog can also be effectively used to win more customers.

Blogging to educate customers

Educational blogs are written to teach or educate visitors so that they learn and increase their knowledge on different topics of their concerns. Educational blogs consist of posts that are written with a purpose of educating people.

Whether your blog is for educational or business purposes, the genuineness of information is a must.  Some businesses love to share their ideas and knowledge with others. These businesses are very much concerned about their customers and they always find ways and means to update their client’s knowledge and expertise so that they become experts in their fields.

Blogging also allows people to share their views and ideas on different topics and activities taking place in the business world by the means of guest posting and commenting. This helps bloggers to know what customers think and what are their needs and preferences. In this way, they win customers’ loyalty as well as stay vigilant on information that helps them to conduct their businesses effectively.

I however think that both of these objectives go hand in hand and a clear comparison line cannot be drawn between them. All the blogs are primarily written either to educate or to inform the customers but the purpose behind each write-up is to present the information, ideas or knowledge in a way that can forces readers to start believing that business bloggers are solely writing for them.

So, are you blogging for business or for education?

9 thoughts on “Blogging – For business or for education?”

  1. Thanks for sharing this informative post Gibbs. It really helps a lot on how to be more productive this year. I do agree on your statement and really direct to the point. I do practice it in vice versa. For education and to gain money.

  2. Before, blogging is for the purpose of educating readers and target audience. But as soon as the blog site matures as well as the writer/author the website has become both educational and for profit. Blogs that are useless to readers can have a hard time gaining profit. So I can say that blogging is for educational and for profit as well.

  3. Of course you can also do both at the same time too. Blog to educate customers about your product or solution to their problem which will in turn make you money! Educate them without selling. Infact, the best converting blog posts are the ones that help the user to solve their problem. If you can suggest a possible affiliate product that will help with their problem then you can make money while being helpful.

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