Bloggers Need to Check Out These Top 15 Productivity Tools

There are many people who are stressed out with very little time in completing persistent tasks, and new blog writers who are trying to show off their skills to the world. Below is a list of the 15 top productivity tools that help bloggers manage their time and to improve their multi-tasking skills.

Plagiarism checker


You can make sure your content is plagiarism free and original with PlagTracker. It’s easy to use and all you need to do is upload your file or text and the tool will check your content for plagiarism.

Typing Test

Bloggers have the gift of speed and agility when they are writing since they need to be confident in what they are typing. However, they can figure out how fast they really are when they take the Typing Test. This is a simple tool that gives people the ability to test and improve their typing speeds through a variety of challenges and practices.



This tool is an incredibly helpful tool for bloggers. This is helpful if the blogger starts doing interviews. TheInterveiwr is innovative in providing the user with recording telephone interviews, setting agendas, and organizing interviews. This reduces the amount of stress one faces when having to interview others.


Boomerang offers bloggers an email service that has a unique ability to send out emails at specific times. This is perfect for bloggers who want to schedule their postings and to email their followers/subscribers.



CloudKafe is a cloud storage tool that is adaptable and easy to use since it stores data files into categories that are labeled by the individual.


Bloggers need to make sure they are aware of privacy risks of having a variety of email addresses and login IDs with one common password. When you use a different password for each website, LastPass helps keep track of all your usernames and passwords so you can make the login process easier.

Blog Desk

For those who have several blog websites, the Blog Desk helps bloggers by saving time of having to copy and paste content from one site to the next. Whether you have text or an image, this tool help you post it simultaneously to a variety of platforms.



Memonic is a tool that allows people to capture manuscripts from desirable websites. A great thing about this tool is that it is available for smart phones, iPhones, and Microsoft Windows.

Oh Life


If you forget things easily, then Oh Life is a great tool for you. You will never forget anything anymore because this tool collects and organizes all your thoughts into one place.

42 Goals

42 Goals is a tool that helps bloggers become aware of how value time is. It is a daily planner that helps manage their schedules. It is a unique planning tool that grades your performance in relation to managing your time.


This is a free plugin that can be used in every web browser. This is a tool that is used by many bloggers because it allows them to bookmark certain websites. This is an easy to use and simple tool.


E.ggtimer uses the concept of an alarm clock and bloggers have used this for some time now. E.ggtimer helps people get work that needs to be done within a certain amount of time. If the user runs out of time, then a popup with a sound comes up so they won’t work over again.



Otixo is a tool that helps bloggers save time by storing their files in the cloud for a variety of accounts. This helps users access their files in one place instead of a variety of places.

Let’s Crate

This tool helps to make accounts to be able to store items and files. This tool helps people store files in ‘crates’ and then makes it easily accessible for the person, since all it needs is to insert the contents into a blog posting or an email.



Zemanta is a tool that allows users to look through pictures and other web content that is related to blog postings. This is a great add-on for Firefox.

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  1. Hey I am new in blogging the above list of tools is really helpful for me. I love to further blogging tips. please keep it up!!

  2. Edgar Williamson

    I only knew a few of them and thanks for sharing it. Now, I’ll be trying them and hoping that it will improve my blogging.

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