Ever Wonder Why Your Blog Never Has Any Blog Comment?

You have been blogging for quite some time now. The traffic is growing steadily, but the amount of blog comments are not getting there. You wanted to connect with other people with similar interest when you first started your own blog, but so far it seems like no one’s caring about your posts. So why is no one commenting to share their thoughts? Here are 5 reasons why you might not be getting many comments.

Your Posts Are Too Long

Even though writing longer posts may lead you to more keywords and better SEO results, most readers want posts to be short and clean. Writing a long post that seems to go on forever won’t get you anywhere from getting nice blog comments. Most readers check how long a post is before deciding they should read your post or not. Therefore, it’s important to keep your posts at a reasonable length. Another tip is to make sure your fonts and texts are extremely easy to read and absorb. That is – divide your post into appropriate paragraphs and perhaps headings.

You Never Really Asked For Comments

Not many people likes the idea of posting the first comment on the post, purely because it would seem to be “awkward” to be the only one commenting. But once your blog is significantly popular, your loyal readers will start to comment more often and before you know it they will always want to go for the first comment of the post!

But before that happens, you might want to start off by putting a question at the end of every posts you publish. Something like… “Did you find the post useful/funny/entertaining?” or “What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!”. By doing this, you are specifically asking your visitors to comment because you want them to!

(Image from jeffshore.com)
(Image from jeffshore.com)

What?! What is Facebook?

You know how some blogs make you have to connect to social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and even WordPress, just to comment? Some may find it irritating to have to do that. But the worse thing is, many are forgetting that there are still many blog visitors who aren’t connected to social networking sites!

Make sure you don’t make it difficult for people to comment – just a normal form requiring the name, email and comment would do. Always think of the simplest way for a visitor to connect with your blog.

Too Many Interlinks

Relevant interlinks are great. But there’s got to be a limit – countless of interlinks will set your readers wandering around and opening up too many tabs. Depending on your blog topic and suitability, there shouldn’t really be any more than 3-5 interlinks. A good tip would be to set your link to open in another tab, so readers can always come back to your post that they came for in the first place and still get to comment.

(Image from espiti.com)
(Image from espiti.com)

Interact With Your Readers

Readers who have posted one or two comments before would stop commenting, if the author doesn’t even care about them. Make sure you are responding back to them and try to talk to each and every one of your reader. This is an excellent strategy of building a positive relationship with your visitors, especially your long-term readers. This way, your readers would love to keep reading your upcoming stories/posts and you will be more happy about receiving more interactions. In the end, it’s really beneficial for you and your  readers.

7 thoughts on “Ever Wonder Why Your Blog Never Has Any Blog Comment?”

  1. Nicely said but mostly it is about getting your post read by the right audience. When you right to the right niche and get the right readers who are in that niche category they will comment, because in most cases they have something to say about your article

  2. Siddhartha Sinha

    I was not much aware on how to get the blog comments but after reading your blog post I came to know much about it. One must post the comment on the other’s blog and in return you will also get the comment.

    Siddhartha Sinha

    1. Hello Siddhartha, yes – commenting on others’ blogs is a great way to interact. And this is why, in your comment, you just got a backlink to your website – for free! Hope you found my article useful! :)

  3. Hi,
    A very useful article, I myself kept only Facebook comments on my site for some time and then removed them of the same reason stated above, i.e. some one may not be on Facebook and he wants to comment.

    1. Yes, it makes sence. I did the same thing. Facebook is great, but sometimes users want to keep their comments separated from Facebook. There should be 2 options for commenting

  4. Comments are indeed necessary for bloggers.Hope these steps will increase the number of comments on my blog.

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