Benefits to using a Cloud Database

Due to the benefits that technology is offering to companies, most of them are planning to put up their businesses on the internet. That has made it mandatory for businesses to look for databases that will host their websites. Lately, cloud database is becoming more effective and its benefits will make it a more preferable option in future.

Listed here are the benefits of cloud computing:

Economies of scale

database-t-cloudCompanies will be at an advantage whenever a cheaper option that will guarantee the reduction of their expenditure will be found.

The online database provides perfect economies of scale since it does not involve an investment in very expensive hardware in setting up the servers. Hence, more money can be invested in better applications. Regardless of its cheap installation, it is reliable.

Cloud-based Document storage

This type of storage is very effective for the users. This is because one has the capability of retrieving and editing a document regardless of his/her location.

It is not necessary for you to be in a particular location in order to acquire the documents. Its effectiveness is more enhanced, as it enables a user to edit the right document at the exact time that it is needed. Thus, it is dependable.

Data Security

When a company stores its data in hardware or a laptop, the level of security of that data is low. The personnel of the firm can easily lose the data once the hardware containing it is lost. When hardware crashes, it is likely to lose data too.

Cloud database enhances the security of information. Passwords can be changed anytime just to protect the data from unauthorized people.

Collaborative Access

Every company operates under bureaucracy and that means various departments might require viewing a particular document when processing it. Cloud database enables the people within an organization to access these documents since they are stored in the database. Hence, the colleagues can work at the same time without any conflicts. This makes cloud computing to be beneficial.

Disaster preparedness

It is an impeccable idea for every company to be ever prepared for a disaster that might affect their data and systems. Having a reliable backup system will enable the companies to move on quickly after a disaster.

Cloud computing has an integrated backup for offsite storage. This ensures that not data can be lost regardless of the damage on the hardware and devices.

No software

The maintenance of the online database is extremely easy. This is because it does not use any software to run its operations.

Relying on software will require constant upgrades and this might affect the running of the organization. Maintenance of the servers might affect the operations within a firm. This also saves your company from paying for additional licenses.

Gather information online

The people relying on cloud database will possess the capability of gathering information from the internet. The functioning of the database relies on the internet. Thus, using the web forms, users are in a better position to retrieve any info they like.

Information can be obtained from a user and it be posted on the database immediately as a new record. It makes sharing information very tranquil.

Gathering information through mails

Getting information and storing it in the cloud database can be done through the email. Understand that most people prefer using email as their main source of communication. This is because a majority of them have access to the internet.

Hence, countless data is shared via email. The cloud database will make it easier for you to store information from emails.

Low workforce

Managing the infrastructure of hardware servers in a company is a very cumbersome task. You will require more Information technology experts to run the operations smoothly. This is because malfunctions within the system might occur and finding the problem might need more workforce. The management of cloud computing is quite easy and fewer IT specialists can handle it effectively.

Reduce spending on infrastructure

Setting up technological infrastructure is very costly. This is because the material needed including the hardware tends to be very expensive. Seeking remote DBA services is a better option as it does not involve more charges in the beginning. You will also have the ability of expanding your usage of the database depending on demand. Maintenance of infrastructure is also very costly.

No storage space required

It is apparent that companies generate huge data every time and that can make their storage to be a very big issue. Information in a company is important and storing them is mandatory for future reference.

Computers and other storage hardware are limited in keeping information. Cloud computing is not limited in storing information. This makes it extremely effectual.

Email Notifications

Sometimes if you have a tight schedule, you will need to be reminded of some of the most important things that you will need to do for the day. Having reliable notifications will definitely make it impossible for you to miss anything important for the day. Cloud computing enables the users to depend on the email notifications. Hence, they can keep with their schedule for the day.

Globalize Workforce

There are companies that have spread abroad and they have workers in various countries. The only way of ensuring your overseas branches pursue the common objective of the company is through effective communication. If you have a problem in exchanging data and having reliable communication mechanism, cloud computing is the best option.

Cost Effective

Another key advantage that makes cloud computing more preferable to companies is their cost effectiveness. Other database solutions are very costly when compared to it.

For example, the charges for maintaining cloud computing are much cheaper than procuring new software for your new workers. Cloud computing will never require licenses for software as it does not use them.

Fair competition

Small businesses have the ability of competing fairly with bigger and more established companies when they use cloud computing. Small businesses have the aptitude of using cloud computing. This will enable them to use the same tools like the big businesse

Cloud Database Services:


EnterpriseDB-EnterpriseDB focuses on the open source PostgreSQL databases.It has binary replication and scheduled backups.

Garantia Data-Garantia’s software allows for automatic configuration of  open source data platforms by helping developers scale nodes.

MongoLab-MongoLab gives users access to MongoDB on a variety of major cloud providers, including AWS, Azure and Joyent.MongoLab run on either shared or dedicated environments, with the latter being slightly more expensive.

Microsoft Azure-Microsoft uses its SQL Server technology to provide a relational database, allowing customers to access a SQL database on its cloud

SAP-Enterprise software giant SAP is now playing in the cloud with HANA, a platform built on in-memory technology

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