The Basics of Making Money with Your Blog

Ask just about any blogger out there and you’ll get the same answer: they want to make money with their blog. Understanding the correct way to make money with blogging, though, is essential to long-term success.

There are some general basics that need to be understood before you can set out to try and make money from your blog.

The first, and most important (and though it may sound like common sense, too many bloggers fail to consider it up front) is that without readers, there is no opportunity for you to make money online.

This harkens to the basic premise of business: if you don’t have people walking into your store, or visiting your website, then you will not be able to make any sales.

Start Generating Traffic

In order to make money online, you have to generate traffic. There are many ways that people work to accomplish this seemingly innocuous goal, such as through search engine optimization, pay per click marketing, and more.

However, no amount of effort that you make in this regard is going to amount to much if your blog is either poorly written, hard to read (the visual layout, color combinations, etc), or is covering a topic that few people will have any interest in.

Make sure that your blog, whether it is a written blog, audio blog, or video blog, or any combination of the three, is written well, produced well, and is of top quality. Anything less and you will lose credibility immediately. Competition in the blogging arena is fierce and your blog must be unique and stand out.

Think About the Competition

If you are blogging about a very popular topic, for example Travel, then you need to understand that if you plan to make money online, you are going to be going up against some of the stiffest competition out there. Odds are, when you are just starting out, you are not going to be able to stand much of a chance against the big dogs, so to speak.

So, if your goal is to focus on Travel with your blog, then fine tune your focus and blog about specifics within the industry that will leave you will far less competition.

For example, instead of blogging about general Travel, create a blog about Traveling to London, Paris or any other specific destination. This way you raise your chances and eliminate much of the competition. As you gain a larger following, then you’ll be able to branch out into the more popular and competitive realms.

Choose your Revenue Streams

Revenue StreamsPeople always ask, how much money can I make blogging?

That is a question that is very had to answer. There are bloggers out there making anywhere from $10,000 all the way to millions. Bloggers such as Paris Hilton, Tech Crunch and many others easily generate millions of dollars.

As mentions above, generating traffic is the most important first step; the next is how you monetize your blog by choosing your preferred revenue streams to generate income. Initially you can choose:

  • Google Adsense – Sign up with Google Adsense and place adsense text or image ads, related to topics within your blog, to generate income. Every time one of your readers clicks on a adsense ad, you make a certain percentage, very little, automatically. If you have a huge amount of traffic, then the cents ad up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month.
  • Network Based Advertising – Sites such as Clickbank, Commission Junction, Google, Linkshare or Shareasale are networks which have thousands of brand name advertisers within them that allow you to place their adverts on your site whereupon if you make any sort of sale you get certain percentages, depending on the terms of the advertiser, per sale. Advertisers such as Nike, Macys, Walmart, Target and many others cooperate with affiliates and bloggers within these Networks
  • Media Advertising – Once you are able to generate huge amounts of traffic, thousands of page views per day,  than you can elevate your income by selling image or text based advertising within a section of your blog to various advertisers. For example, if an advertiser feels that your site is generating the correct traffic for their products they will purchase spot placements within your blog and pay you for the privilege every month in order to have the placement on your blog. This can generate hundreds to thousands of dollars per advertisement placement. As you can see, this is the ultimate way to generate fixed income of your blogging.

Focus on the Process

When you want to make money online, it’s about the entire process, from beginning to end.

There are plenty of free blogging sites and templates out there to get started, but remember that the more creative and unique your website is, the more articulate and focused you are on your niche or topic, the more success you will have.

While blogging may be ‘free,’ if you want to make money online, you need to make an investment of some kind in it.


Blogs are a powerful way to generate interest on the Internet, and they can also be a great way to make money. However, that money isn’t going to magically appear just because you have a blog.

By understanding how to monetize your blog, you will turn your endeavor in writing and video production into a revenue generating machine.

5 thoughts on “The Basics of Making Money with Your Blog”

  1. Before making money from your blog, you have to concentrate on generating huge traffic on your blog each day. One you start getting huge traffic consistently then you can easily make money. To generate traffic you must provide quality information or services as per your blog only then you can expand your reach.

  2. Blogging is really a fun way to earn money, esp if you’re writing about things that you are really familiar with. This article is very helpful for beginners, Rick. Good job. Although I would like to add or reiterate that consistency is going to play a major part in achieving success in blogging.

  3. Blogging is a great option to make money online.. You can “combine” it with affiliate marketing and success is guaranteed. I really like your post.. Very useful tips!

  4. I have thought about blogging as a way to make income or even just pass some time but I just don’t feel like I have enough knowledge in any certain area to make it. Are there stats out there about the percentage of male vs. female bloggers and followers out there? Obviously through life you’ll learn good things and bad things you can write about so the next person doesn’t have to experience or should experience them but can that make a blog? I notice a lot are about travel or being a vegan or being the best money saver there is and I just don’t see myself competing with any of them. I have my opinion about different products I use and I love cooking and coming up with different recipes but could this be enough to start my own blog?

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