4 Basic Tips For Success in Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate marketing is sometimes taken very easily by many new comers. I might suggest to every affiliate marketer present on the Internet not to take affiliate marketing an easy proposition. For those who do not know affiliate marketing let me explain them in a brief.

Firstly you need a product to sell, you do not have to create products as you can get it for free from various genuine affiliate networks. In order to sell a particular product you have to promote it or run a campaign. You may use various medium to reach out to your potential customers. Therefore let’s try to find out what are the basics of affiliate marketing that you need to know.

An Affiliate Network

The fun begins with choosing a great and authentic affiliate network. Today on the Internet there are hundreds of affiliate networks are available. However, you should not choose any one of them.

First you have to know about the company and its authenticity. To cut it short let me tell you two great networks that are popular not just in America but around the world. These are Commission Junction and ClickBank, my favorite one is ClickBank.

ClickBank has paid around 2 billion dollars to its affiliates in past 3 to 4 years. Its affiliates are more than satisfied and making anywhere $5000 to $50,000 per month. So you can trust it because it is here to stay and can pay you forever.

Choosing Right Products

Next point to keep in mind is choosing right products. Here let me take example of ClickBank affiliate network.

You will find there are thousands of products under different categories so how do you choose one product out of them? Here is the answer.

  • First criteria to choose a product would be gravity means how many other affiliates like you are promoting that same product.
  • Second criteria would be the commission. How much owner of the product is ready to pay you? Say 50% or 75% of the selling price.
  • Third criteria would be the quality of the product. You can buy the product to see how good it is. Remember if you do not like it then do not sell to others.

So these 3 criteria are very important to choose a product.

Right Medium to Promote

Remember in affiliate marketing you can work from home without investment , therefore to promote your product we will use all online methods not an offline method. The best way to start promoting is to start a free blog and write something about the product on daily basis.

Then you can get traffic from social media like Facebook and Twitter. There are many other ways to promote or sell your products. Such ways are forums and discussion boards. Look what people are debating on these forums if they are seeking solutions to their problems then you might offer them in the form of your product. Therefore explore all possible online medium.

Art of Persuasion

The most important skill that you have to master in this line is to persuade people who are seeking solutions to their problems.

The only tool that you have is words. So develop your writing skills. Tell them that your product can really solve their problem. Hence create an effective sales page that will talk to them not talk at them. While designing a sales page in first part get reader’s attention then in second part try to convince them by explaining all the benefits of the product. In final stage force them to take action by purchasing your product. So art of persuasion cannot be learnt in one day you have to practice for years and years.


Finally in conclusion I would say you must learn the basics of affiliate marketing.

First one is to choose right affiliate network that can pay you on time on long term basis.

Secondly choose a right product that can be sold may times on daily. Never sell a product that you yourself do not like.

As we know in affiliate marketing you can work from home without investment so to promote products use various online mediums like social media, forums, discussion boards etc. For long term you have to persuade customers through your writing skills.

6 thoughts on “4 Basic Tips For Success in Affiliate Marketing”

  1. Hey Here is a quick blogging tip that I learned the hard way. And no I am not trying to sell you anything. Just passing on one of those little lessons we all learn from time to time when trying to improve our Blog.
    BE CAREFUL when trying to get more traffic to your website! I did some research and everyone agrees that building backlinks to your website is CRITICAL if you want to get Search engines to consider your website an authority site and send it free search engine traffic via the SERPs (meaning people type in a phrase that has to do with your website or a page on your website and that page comes up in the first few positions of the Google search results and the people searching for it then click your website link and come to your website)..
    BUT, if you build too many Back links to quickly Google WILL penalize your website! Especially if it is a relatively new site with few links. Go out and generate a 1000 links to it in a week or two and suddenly your rankings will drop off the face of the earth and you won?t get any traffic from Google. They recover with time but lesson learned. Don?t get anxious and build to many links to quickly on a site that doesn?t have many backlinks!!
    Just an FYI

    1. Yes, it’s correct in some ways, however, if all of your backlinks look nature, it’s still OK with you. (Some websites like Twitter received thousand of backlinks a day for the starting time but there’s no problem with them).

  2. I agree with the previous comment. The key is slow but sure towards building back links. In fact you need to demonstrate to Google that they have been built up ‘naturally’ and over time, as opposed to several hundred over night. I’ve noticed that by gradually developing a series of back links I’ve moved up the search rankings. Albeit slowly, however, at least this way I won’t get penalised.
    The article provided some great information. “The most important skill that you have to master in this line is to persuade people who are seeking solutions to their problems.” So very true. You might have great product, but if nobody believes you, or is compelled to respond to your message, then it really makes no difference.

  3. Affiliate marketing is very simple way to begin.

    However to make money with it is quite difficult and tiresome.

    You need to have patience and good writing skills that means good blogging skills.

    I hope you do not take easy.

  4. Grate info! now days affiliate marketing is good and also good it can be do from home,as it is online,but it is not so easy,we need to spend our most time with blogging , we have to make more and more traffic to site.i dont think its so easy.
    Thanks for post.

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