8 Reasons Why Visitors Leave Your Blog

Starting a new blog is easy. Anyone can do that. But keeping and maintaining your blog at its best is hard. Whether it’s the site design or the content you’re bringing, 110% of your attention must be focused on each and every aspect. You will need to think outside of the box, and think like a visitor to your blog.

Unless your visitors are consistently interacting on your blog, you are placing yourself in a bad position. If you want to have a successful blogging business and therefore make money, it is important to take great care of your blog and your visitors, so that they come back and keep coming back.

Let’s look at why your visitors may be leaving your blog.

Slow Loading Site

You know sometimes you click a site and it never loads, and then you eventually leave (and sometimes, forever)? If this is happening to your blog, you are placing your blog at a very bad position.

One solution is to upgrade your web hosting, to ensure fast loading times. Better hosting usually means a more expensive plan, which might not be something within your blog’s budget.

A good, free solution would be optimizing your blog for maximum speed, including caching your blog. All of these are extensively explained in one of our articles: http://www.intenseblog.com/wordpress/optimize-wordpress-speed.html

Logging In Is Required To Comment

Some sites make you have to connect to social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and even WordPress, just to comment. Remember – there are many blog visitors who aren’t connected to social networking sites! So make sure you don’t make it difficult for people to comment – just a normal “Name”, “Email” and “Comment” form will be simple enough to do. Always think of the simplest way for a visitor to connect.

Annoying Pop Ups

Pop ups are annoying – there is no doubt about that. Most popups can be closed easily, but there are some others that hide the “close” button so well that you can’t see where it is! Remember, some blog visitors are the elderly who just want to read posts! Don’t confuse them with pointless pop ups! They can end up closing the tab instead of finding that little “X” button.

If you want to make a pop up that hopefully gets the visitor to like/share your post, you might want to add a “floating social bar” (like ours, on the left!) which is easy to find but doesn’t take up too much space. It does the trick quite well!

Confusing Navigation

Make sure your navigation system is clean, clear, easy and quick to use. Choose a clean theme that matches those four points, if you are not making the theme yourself. Place your posts under relevant categories that will help your readers find a post they are interested in.

Make sure your search bar is easy to find and use, so readers can find what they are looking for on your blog.

There Are No Interactions

If most of your blog posts have little or no comments, likes or any kind of interactions, it really gives your blog a very poor reputation. Visitors will think that your blog posts are so boring that no one shares them, and they will leave without even reading your blog posts.

A solution to this, is to hopefully lighten up your posts with “rewards” – with loyalty programs. You can find out how loyalty programs work here: http://www.intenseblog.com/articles/engage-users-loyalty-programs.html.

Interlinking Is Not Relevant

Interlinking is a very effective way of compelling visitors to spend more time on your blog. It helps your readers to know even more into a specific topic. However, you need to make sure interlinking is relevant, because visitors won’t like it at all when they get to a blog post that isn’t even relevant.

If you keep your visitors around for longer, it can also help you reach a good alexa as well as higher search rankings. You can use plugins which shows how much time your visitors are staying on average. The amount of time spent on your blog can tell whether your blog posts are of high or poor quality.

You Are Posting Too Many Sponsored Posts

Sponsoring products or services can bring you some extra revenue to your blog. But too many sponsored posts will make your users to begin to wonder – are you putting value into your readers, or are you just caring about money?

If your blog visitors think that money is all you care, and you are not caring the quality of your blog, then they might just as well leave.

Your Posts Look Boring

You know how when people throw a book full of small text, you immediately yawn? You don’t want to do this to your visitors.

Make sure to place some relevant images to accompany with your posts, so they get a sense of what they are about to read! Even though this may not be for every blog, videos embedded in blog posts can help visitors take a break from whatever they are reading (especially something long).

Did this article help you in understanding more about how to make your blog more successful? Share your thoughts below in the comment box!

26 thoughts on “8 Reasons Why Visitors Leave Your Blog”

  1. Hey Jeffrey !
    One of the most important point that you mentioned is that a site should have a clear navigation …Visitors should be able to find other topic on your blog by clicking on the menus/labels. One should never forget adding a menu-bar and labels to their blogs.


    1. Hello Pramod,
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. That is a very good point! As mentioned, the search button is also a popular way of searching within the site, therefore there should be at least one within every page of a blog.

  2. Hey,
    this is really helpful post. I wasn’t able to maintain audience in my previous blogs, but I think I’ve figured where I made mistakes.
    Thank you for this amazing post. :)

    1. Hello JK & George,
      Glad the post helped you. Remember to check back often for upcoming posts for a successful website! :)

  3. hey very well said these are some aspects on which every blogger should work on …..well I suggest the image implementation and interaction will be always important to engage your audience…so we should use them in the most efficient way we can…..

    Nice Post

    Thanks for sharing

  4. hi jeffrey
    nice post and very informative i totally agree with all your points. and some poins very helpful with me like internal linking not relevant and posts look boring thanks for sharing.

    1. Hello Zenelia and Hiren, yes interactions are very important nowadays because of the continuous growth of social networking. Glad you found the article helpful! :)

  5. Can you suggest me about my keyword ranking is going to down. Whereas my website content is fresh and i always change description in every site.

    1. Hello Paul,
      There could be many reasons why this is happening. One could be because you are putting up H1 Headings for titles, which may be confusing Google as to which one is the target keyword. If you wish, you could post up a link to your website so we could have a look! :)

  6. Popup’s and sign up or sign in is the most unwanted things I found whenever I try to comment something. These things should be avoided in order to have more interaction over your website.

    1. Yes, I find popups very annoying and always give me bad reputations of their website! :( Therefore popups should only be enabled if necessary!

  7. I’m really trying to get more readers to my blog. I feel like I do most of the things mentioned. Maybe I could do more interlinking on my blog. Do you typically link between posts, like if you like this article check this one out?

    1. Hello Pame, yes. You could try linking a post within your blog, when you are mentioning it. Another way is to have a “Related Posts” section – you can check ours out, which is right after the end of the article and before my bio! :)

  8. Hi Jeffrey:
    I did use one 59 character with space in my website which is follow enough to follow Google seo policy.

  9. Great article Jeffrey. Indeed, most bloggers fall into the trap of just publishing stuff and trying to increase hits on their site. They forget that repeat traffic is the key to increasing traffic to their blogs. All the factors you’ve listed are really important, especially the slow landing page and interlinking. Unfortunately, bloggers often focus on monetizing without adding value to their sites…

    1. Well said, Vishal. In the short term, extra cash from sponsored posts may help out the site. But in the long run, it’s important to really put value into the actual posts that would matter and attract your long-term readers!

  10. Thanks for the heads-up on this. My vote for the most annoying features of an unsuccessful blog would be slow loading and pop-ups. To wait ages for the page, just to find that your interest is obscured by infuriating monetizing is an instant turn-off for me.

  11. I always have at least two pictures per page; and try to give them appropriate titles so that the users like them, trying to be myself in their shoes.

  12. this is 100% true nice article i am new in blogging and i will try my best to follow and to apply all above positive points and to avoid negative which jaffrey described very well thanks to share.

  13. Great article. This is interesting for me because I read many articles which talk about getting visitors to your website but very few that talk about how to keep visitors on your site. The latter is more important to me! Some great tips here that I’m going to look at trying out.

  14. The way pop ups are done can REALLY be annoying. I’m always surprised that blogs using them are doing well in the first place. Problogger adapted a really clever way of doing this, similar to the floating share bar on this site. Darren Rowse’s eBook and newsletter opt-in is a hovering bar on the side and at the top. It follows the reader no matter where he or she goes on the page. In my opinion, works MUCH better than a pop up.

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