5 Tips for Hiring a Great Web Developer

In the fast developing world of informational technologies, you find yourself quite often in a need of a professional. As an industry, web development is being driven by businesses wishing to use their website to sell products and services to customers.

Among many positions that IT specialists can concentrate in, web developers are one of the keys roles. Hiring a web developer is quite critical because this person creates the online face of your company.

If you need a great developer, you will have to consider many aspects to get the best in the business. We have rounded up the best hacks for your successful developer hunting. Check out five tips that can help you in the selection process:

Attract the Right Applicants


You need to understand for what projects the developer is going to work.

What kind of sites or web applications will he or she be programming? What is their complexity? What is the budget for a web developer? What kind of the job offer will you suggest: full-time or freelance job?

If the project is complex, you need to hire senior specialist. However, if the experienced professional will not be working for minimum wage. You should have all of these issues straight before head hunting. It will save your and developer’s time. Online, turning to social networking is valuable for finding members – but be selective which sites you choose.

For instance, Lucas Biewald, founder, and CEO of CrowdFlower prefers to find developers on sites as 37signals.com or jobs.joelonsoftware.com.

Just post your request and different developers will provide you with the information about the price and period they will need to complete the job.

Set a skill set

If you want to start building a new website, you should decide in which programming language it should be written. PHP is the most popular language. There are many developers that can write applications in it.

Once you decide that, start searching for a developer that codes mostly in the selected programming language(s). If you want to have an existing website modified, you should check how your website works in order to find the best developer for the task. When you have an accurate set of skills your developer should possess, it is easier to develop an efficient screening process.

What kind of the experience are you looking for? What frameworks are the most suitable for your online projects?

Setting specific requirements will minimize irrelevant people to fill such important positions as a web developer. Do not forget about personal skills. Whether a candidate is a team player, is he or she a positive person ready to learn and progress – are essential skills for you to consider in a web developer.

Examine a portfolio

Again, depending on experience, developer’s portfolio can vary drastically. The bigger experience the bigger portfolio there is to explore.

If your potential candidate is a professional, he or she most likely has a github account. This platform is one of the greatest in the world of development. Developers can create and commit their projects or add their suggestions and editions to the existing projects. You can witness the evolving process of the web developer you are wishing to hire.

Important thing to remember that even junior web developers have small portfolios of their first tries. If the candidate refuses to provide you with the portfolio, it is highly suspicious. You need to be alert with such person. If a candidate is adequate and sends you his or hers portfolio, carefully examine the latest works in order to check their relevance. While testing each application, consider these questions too:

  • What type of the website or application is it?
  • Does it serve its purpose?
  • How many bugs are there?
  • Is it user-friendly?
  • Do all features work well equally?
  • Is it performance optimized?

Test your candidate.


This is the best way to investigate whether the skills declared are actually existent. How to test programming skills? Many Team Leads have own tactics.

For example, many of them ask to write a sample of code and evaluate how the candidate thinks and how he/she actually writes a code. Test project should be the closest variation to the tasks the developer may work with. It will ensure your candidate knowing of what he/she is getting into.

Moreover, you will have a chance to witness how they work “in the field”. Testing task is the best way to see whether a candidate suits the project and the company. You may also use non-traditional questions that can help both employers and applicants find a good cultural fit.

Hire for your DNA first, and then work experience

When hiring a web developer, their personal DNA is a very important consideration.

Are drive, curiosity, determination, persistence, important to your company? Or, are you more relaxed about time management and deadlines? You should be sure that the web developer will fit in.

A professional web developer who worked at a startup may not do well at a large financial institution.


A startup generally requires adaptability, risk-taking personality, but these features may be less important at a large company.  Make a list of your company’s DNA requirements.

Do you foster an environment of relentless drive? Do you want great team players?

If you come up with five requirements, make sure the interviewee matches at least three. Hiring for DNA also can help you to start to define a company culture and ensure that your team will work well together. This should be your principal regardless whether you have doubts or certainty about someone. Ask for consult of another recruiter or team lead of the similar project. Perspective can make a huge difference in decision-making.

You need all means available to help you to hire the RIGHT web developer. This person is going to be a crucial figure in many projects to come. Take your time. You need to be sure about the decision.

3 thoughts on “5 Tips for Hiring a Great Web Developer”

  1. well in hiring good developer we also need to check his quality of the past worked projects and also they reviews/experience of the developer on the topic which was suggested to him. As if he is perfect with in the topic he can do amazing job in the given work.
    Anyways Nice In-detail write-up and will sure follow some of this as i got to find few new tips over here in this article.

    Thanks once again.

  2. Great post. I agree that companies should do all of this….But, it’s very one-sided. Granted, the best hires are ones who, like you said in 3, are already part of your community and want to work for you. Most of the time, though, an amazing programmer will be amazing for many companies.

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