11 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic

You’ve got a blog. Everything runs well except for one problem: no-one notices your blog! As you know, there’s no point to have a blog up and running when no-one reads your blog!

Here are more than 10 tips of how to increase traffic to your website:

1. Write Well And Write Often

Updating your blog with hot content frequently is the best way to get readers to actually read your content. If the content you write is interesting, readers would want to come back to read more!

You then have to write more often so you don’t disappoint your readers! Make sure you ask for their opinions at the end of every posts you write. Include social networking buttons for easy sharing.

2. Submit Your Blog To Search Engines!

Submit Your Blog To Search Engines

This is one of the most important step to increase traffic – and that’s submitting your blog to search engines! Many blog services like WordPress and BlogSpot already include an option for your site – whether if you want your blog to be searched or not. But the negative thing is that search engines crawl around the web – not human. This means that it could take up to months for search engines to finally find you!

However, we could speed up the process. You could start by submitting your blog’s URL to Google (or other search engines). They would then crawl your blog and include your pages and posts in their search results.

Although submitting your blog doesn’t mean your pages and posts would appear at the top of search results, at least your pages are included and hopefully readers can finally find your posts. Posting more “hot” and interesting content would be useful.

3. Use SEO

Many users search up latest and hot news on search engines like Google. Google received over 3 billion daily searches from around the world in 2011. People often visit websites that are at the top of the list.

To help your posts to be on top of the list, websites often use SEO. SEO is one of the best ways to get traffic to your website. In many cases, it can improve your Google page rank.

Here are a few sources for more information about SEO: SEO Book, SEOMOZ, Yoast

4. Use Social Networks To Share Your Contents

Many readers actually go into their social networking accounts to see the latest updates. This could range from their friends’ status updates, to posts they share! Research shows that users click links that they are relevant from two sources:

  • pages that they liked (on Facebook) and followed (on Twitter)
  • posts that were shared by their friends

With over 465 million accounts on Twitter and 850 million users, you can see why having social networks for your website is a great idea. There are also applications that are specially created to automatically post content to social networks whenever a post is published on your website.

Another tip is to integrate social networking buttons (eg “like” and “tweet”) into every single page/post you published on your website.

5. Add Graphics To Your Posts

A lot of times, websites actually get around 30-50% of the views from Image Searches. This also shows that not all users are interested in searching for the content, but it’s the images they’re looking for! Research has shown that around 40% of the users would read about the actual post while trying to find the image!

If you use your own images, you could ask people to link-back to their post (or website) so your website could actually gain traffic hopefully!

6. Enable Email Subscription

Enable Email Subscription

When someone drops by at your website and thinks that they would drop by again later when your website has more posts, there’s a high possibility that he would forget. After all, all of us have busy lives! But there’s a way to solve this – and you guessed it! – email subscription.

You can easily get simple and great email subscription like Google Feedburner, to custom animated, pop-ups with full html, paid email subscription. Get it all set up – then check how many subscribers you’ve got every couple of days. Check which sort of posts the readers are interested in more – and try to post more of that type.

7. Advertisements

This one usually require some money to be spent. Pay-per-click advertising is the one of the most common way to increase website traffic.

Basically, the advertisement’s owner has to pay a certain fee whenever a person clicks on the advertisement which would redirect the person to another website. Though this pay-per-click advertisement service is usually more expensive, it’s however one of the most effective way to increase traffic.

8. Guest Post On Popular Websites

If you write something on your website that is practically not getting any readers reading it, then there’s not really a point. Posting on popular websites, however, does help. You can start by looking for websites that offer guest posting, usually they would even reward with link-back to your website, or even money, if the content you write about is really good.

If you write for a website that would allow you to link-back to your website, then it’s a good start. Most websites now would include author-bio for guest authors where you can put one or two links there. Remember not to over-introduce yourself in the bio – a few sentences about you will do.

Oh, Intense Blog (that’s us!) also allows guest-posting! We allow link-backs to your website. In additional, if you write a high quality, in-depth tutorial, we’re willing to pay you between $20 and $50, depending on the the tutorial’s content! For more info, click here.

9. Link To Your Site From Your Social Networks

Nowadays, many of us already have social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkIn and more. In fact, you might be more popular on your social network than to your own website! This is why you should put links into your “About” sections in your profiles.

Another great way is to share your content on your own accounts. Write a few sentences about the post then finally include a link. Putting questions in your sentences like “do you want to know…” and “wouldn’t it be great if you could…” would make your friends think!

However, never share your content more than twice on your social networks. The next second, your friends could be unfriending you!

10. Write A Free eBook

Writing a free eBook can also increase your website traffic

Writing a free eBook can also increase your website traffic! This might be hard for people as this usually takes some time to finish, but if you have the writing skills and have some kind of knowledge about a topic, then I encourage you to start.

After you’re done, try to encourage people to download your free eBook. Most likely, people would click on links (in the eBook) to your site and read more about it.

Just a few tips in the eBook – use text that is moderately large and easy-to-read font. Remember to include lots of pictures and graphs where necessary!

If you often share videos on YouTube, remember to put one or two links in your video!

11. Tag Your Posts!

It only take a few seconds to add tags to your posts! Like links, search engines search for tags to find out the best posts for people! They help readers to find your blog when they search search engines, especially search engines.

Any more tips you want to include? Did you find the tips helpful? Let us know all of your opinions in the comments below!

38 thoughts on “11 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic”

  1. SEO and social media promotion are very essential now a days for every website and blog. If you’re not focusing on these 2 options then it would be very difficult to attract consistent and relevant traffic.

  2. Social Media interaction is extremely important if you’ve got the good content thing going. Unfortunately, that’s not as easy as it seems. I get the feeling that the ratio is almost 60:40 in favor of social media interaction. I don’t engage a lot on social sites and feel that it is one of the reasons for not getting good traffic to my blog.

    1. I do agree at your point about the ratio in social media interaction. And yes, I think participating in social networks frequently (and “promote” your website) does help a lot.

  3. This is a great site for anyone looking to start receiving traffic to their blogs.

    SEOing your blog and submitting your site to search engines is a great way to get organic traffic as well as getting your site indexed.

    1. Thank you for your positive comment. And yes, SEO-ing and submitting your website to search engines are one of the most important steps in becoming successful!

  4. I totally agree with the graphics. Some people who blog have this mindset that content is always text, which isn’t the case when you’re trying to get attention online. The thing here is that you should make it a point that the graphics doesn’t slow the site’s loading time down. One more thing is that your blog won’t become famous if it’s just sitting there. You should reach out the people who you think will read your posts.

  5. Increase Traffic in the site is difficult task but if a proper consideration is taken into account then you can make this task a lot simpler and have a good traffic.. Having some free tools or ebook in your site can certainly boost the traffic.

  6. Looks like our company blog is on track with regards to increasing our blog traffic. However i do think we could add more graphics, seen as humans are very visual beings.Guest posts seem to be a big thing at the moment, still have not done that as yet. Thank you for sharing this with us, will come in handy.

  7. I’m a newbie, and have to admit that I have been frustrated trying to learn how to build backlinks, drive traffic, etc., so reading your article has given me more motivation! I’m glad that I found your blog, and I believe it is a great resource. Thank you so much for the tips!

  8. Hi Jeffrey,
    Its a comprehensive post and you well explained 11 tips to increase traffic. You put light on all key points and I read in few websites that they cover points on adding graphics and writing ebook in tips of increasing traffic.

  9. These Days subscriptions, writing often and social networks are i think the greatest way to increase traffic to your website

  10. This blog has great tips for trying to become better known.
    Putting a link to your blog on social websites like Facebook or Twitter is a really good idea. It seems that everyone has one, and is suggesting to use them for blogs.

  11. Hi Jeffrey,
    For me, right use of social media, blog commenting and guestpostings are best strategies for generating hugh traffic.I believe in writing less but quality comments and your all tips are very helpful especially for those who are new in this business.Thankyou.

  12. Thanks for the post. Traffic is a jewel in the blogging world. and most think it takes an arm and a leg to get it. I think that your lists sums up the essentials aspects of getting traffic. The point that stands out for me Guest Posting. I’ve been reading a lot about that lately. It’s something every blog should feature.

  13. I did almost all the tips you mentioned for a long time period. Finally I was able to get a good traffic rank on Alexa and a better PR from Google. Now I am receiving more than 1000 visitors per day. What I didn’t do much is guest posting. Because it takes time. Anyway I know by my experience all the tips you mentioned are working fine.

    Great share for all the newbies.

  14. Great tips! I need to hammer out an ebook and add email subscriptions! It seems everything is pointing to email newsletter these days.

  15. Jeff the Entrepreneur

    Start a blog carnival contest on a specific topic related to your blog. Give a great giveaway for the winners. You get good traffic, good exposure and good contents.

  16. Thank you for sharing these great tips! I’m new to blogging and learned a lot while reading your post. The first tip is critical for me, bloggers need to make sure that their topics are interesting enough to make readers want to come back and look forward for more.

  17. rent yacht barcelona

    You can improve with traffic though google by having better SEO. Use a good page title and friendly urls. Also if you name your images with good quality names and have an alt tag on them google images could pick them up and people will find your site that way.

  18. Social media and SEO are very important to increase traffic to our website or blogs. Focusing on these two things will be very beneficial. Tips you share are really very important to keep in mind and use properly.

  19. Handy post indeed and to make your blog popular you should do SEO for your blog. You can take help from social media as well. Quality content is also important for your blog.

  20. Thanks for sharing useful tactics. I like Guest Posting. I know it requires great expertization but the end result is quality traffic along with quality backlinks. Guest posting is new and effective concept among blogger and many have moved to this by seeing its great effectiveness of diverting quality traffic.

  21. I really believe that these tactics are definitely the best ways to increase blog traffic. I would really advise other bloggers, new and not so new alike, to take these tactics to heart because it will help each and everyone of us get the kind of traffic we desire and more.

  22. Another effective way to increase blog traffic is to create and share videos that are entertaining and or informative. Videos that are easy to the eyes can get viral in no time, and that can bring in additional unique visits to your blog.

  23. Joseph Buchanan

    Search engines especially Google loves those blogs which are updated regularly. If you are in blogging, update your blog in regular interval. A long posting pause can down your blog traffic.

  24. Finally i got the chance to read through this post.We will certainly be adopting most of the tips you have covered. I’m especially excited about utilising Reddit. We have some great posts in our blog but we are still in the early stages of building up a following through Twitter and Facebook so we don’t get many views. I think Reddit could definitely help increase traffic numbers. Fingers crossed

  25. Blogs are great for SEO. Google really gives credit for blogs that update their contents on a regular basis. Also for websites. if you have unique content it differentiate you from the others. Enjoyed reading your post. you gave great tips.

  26. I have as well a blog and i do believe its helping my own website. I especially like to share my blogs on facebook in order to boost traffic. I have tried most of the things you mentioned in your post. However i had no clue of tagging my posts. I usually add content often and use social networks. Reading your blog actually help me understanding that I am on the right way, i will add couple of things as you mentioned. I believe it will really help. Great post. continue to share your wisdom.

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