10 Ways To Start Your Freelance Career (2018 updated)

Freelancing can be a lucrative endeavor, with a very good possibility of replacing your current 9-5 day job, and also supplementing your current position.  It all depends on how much effort you put forth, and being in the right place at the right time. Being a good writer or designer will help tremendously, because the competition for freelance work is tremendous.

To get started in freelance, sharpen your skills.  Take a class or finish your degree, because unless you have experience or at least an education in the field you wish to pursue, chances are you’ll be passed over by someone who does have the experience and education.

So, your skills are sharpened, and you feel you are ready to get into the freelance pool, there are some very lucrative places you should be applying, and looking for work.  These places are all over the Internet, and the opportunities are endless:

Freelance Career


The most highly paid and available positions include:

1. Blogging

Starting your own blog can be a slow, but highly lucrative investment of your time and it doesn’t require a lot of HTML or technical skills.

Most blog spots are user friendly and can be set up in an hour.  Make sure that you write about topics you are very familiar with and are passionate about.  Using your knowledge in other similar topics will encourage more readers.  The way to make a serious living blogging includes getting a huge reader base, and approaching advertisers.  Many people have actually become wealthy just a blogging.

2. Writing

There are literally thousands of websites looking for content, regular contributors and bloggers, and they usually pay per article/post.  Finding this work can be as simple as answering ads, and contacting blog sites in your field of expertise in places like Weblogs, Helium and About.com.  There are several other websites that require applications and sample work to be approved, and these can be found at Freelance job websites.

3. Copy Editing

Copy editors are some of the best paid in the freelance market, but your language, English and writing skills need to be top notch.  Webmasters, publishers and a host of other writing venues pay you to read articles and posts, and correct grammar, punctuation and sentence structure.  These jobs are widely available and can be found on freelance job sites.

4. Tutoring

If you’re recently out of school or college, becoming a tutor can be a pretty good freelance job, because many college and high school students need someone to help them with subjects they are struggling with.  Google searches for tutoring and coaching can help you get started with sites such as E-tutor, and Tutor.com.

5. Sales Affiliate

For those savvy salespeople out there, there is a lot of freelance work doing sales of online retailers, which are usually based on commission for the products a sales person promotes.  There are affiliate programs such as Commission Junction or Click Bank that can get you started.

6. Copy Writers

Copywriters make a great living, and this type of work is widely available.  For the right person, copy writing is rewarding and fun, and it entails writing about products that companies are trying to sell in magazines or websites.  Describing the items in a way that entices customers to purchase that item will enhance your skills even further and lead you to more positions.  Finding this work is a little more difficult because experience is required, but they offer practice tests to ensure you qualify.  These positions can be found by a simple Google search.

7. Online Marketing

Many companies need good marketing professionals, to optimize their new websites, products and to ensure their websites show up in search engines (SEO).  If you can gain experience into SEO and SEM (search engine marketing) work highly available.

Learning how to promote and advance websites, press releases, blogs, articles and being able to work with directory and social media outlets will be well worthwhile because companies pay for this service and the work is in high demand.

8. Photography

If you enjoy photography and are good with a camera, there is a lot of money to be made in this field.  Selling your photos to sites such as Fotolia, Dreamstime and Shutterstock can be a great living if the photos are unique and good quality.

9. Virtual Assistant

These are the people who do office work for companies who outsource, and who don’t want to hire a full time employee.  They perform tasks such as mailings, answering phones, typing and basic administrative and secretarial duties.  So, if you have experience in this field, you can make a pretty good living.

10. YouTube

This is an up and coming treasure trove of cash for the person who is a ‘would-be’ filmmaker or musician, comedian or someone who loves documentaries.  Making films or short clips of your work and promoting it can rake in cash from hits to your site because advertisers will display ads on your video page, similar to pay-per-click advertising programs.

The success of your freelancing career depends on the time you put in, and your expertise.  Find something you love, and write about it, video or photograph it, and give it your all – because the Internet is just beginning to unfold with unlimited opportunities becoming available more and more every day.

9 thoughts on “10 Ways To Start Your Freelance Career (2018 updated)”

  1. I think the best tip before you start as a freelancer is to accept the fact that you have to be mentally prepared for all the challenges that will come your way. You have to also accept the fact that sometimes being a freelancer you may not get a job or some work for sometime.

  2. Freelancing is not that easy to be realistic as clients and projects come and go. But even if you this opportunity come and go in a sudden, some of them are returning and some may have referrals. Just always do you 120% in every project or task you have. Also always have a good open communication with your client be like a friend and a good agent.

  3. Freelancing is a tough Job. I have heard from my friends that you undergo a lot of mental pressure in freelancing. Especially because there is no security like a permanent job.

    1. Yes, that’s why I’m not drop my permanent job to become a full-time freelance at this time.

      However, I think there’re many person that got a great success with this, like one of my friend: Chris Guthrie from makemoneyontheinternet.com

  4. Being a Freelancer may be easier than in the past but that doesnt’ mean that it is easy. Yes there is challenges and risks, but isn’t that same ability to take up challenges that makes a professionals? I do agree that if you listen to clients carefully and you put 120% of yourself to any project, then you won’t have to worry about finding clients.

  5. You definitely must possessed an outpouring determination to be able to go through the challenging that you encounter along your way to success. Never give up but instead compose yourself and be careful on your every step. Learn as well a new strategy to boost your sales.

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