10 Reasons Why Bloggers Need WordPress

In this age of the Internet, blogging has become quite the trend. People are able to share many things thanks to blogging, be it information on news and current events, reviews and thoughts on the latest gadgets or movies, or even simply just treating it like an online diary, writing down whatever comes into mind or whatever that person was up to, for all to see.

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging tools available and here are 10 reasons as to why bloggers need it for their blogging needs:


1)     It’s free. WordPress is open-source and is free to use. Meaning that there’s no problem when it comes to costs for having or maintaining a blog, because you don’t even have to pay for anything at all.

2)     It’s easy to get started. It only takes as much as 5 minutes to setup your own blog with WordPress. Furthermore, once you spend more time using WordPress, you’ll be able to easily make a quality blog in a few hours or so.

3)     It’s easy to manage. Most sites require extensive knowledge of HTML to create and edit a webpage. WordPress makes it easier to do that by letting simple changes spread out to the entire blog. This gives you much more control in managing your blog.

4)     It has many themes to choose from. WordPress lets you customize your blog in any way you want by giving you access to different templates. It lets you stylize your blog the way you want it to look.

5)     It has plugins for functionality. WordPress has many different plugins that lets you add things like photo galleries and maps. Not only that, you can add them to your blog without having to change the core of your blog.

6)     It lets you add things on the go. A free app is now available for WordPress that can let you add anything to your blog from anywhere. This includes pictures taken with smartphones and anything you add using your iPad.

7)     It has automation. WordPress makes it possible to set tasks that can automatically activate on a certain time thanks to a time-stamp scheduling system. It makes it possible to accomplish things without having to do them yourself.

8)     It has a good community. A lot of people use WordPress because of how easy it is to use and manage. Thanks to that, it has amassed a community that’s easy to ask for help in case you are having difficulty with your blog.

9)     People can easily access your site. WordPress is a hit in search engines such as Google because of how popular it is. Because of this, your blog can easily garner a huge amount of views, making it the ideal blogging tool.

10)  WordPress has very good support. Automattic, the company responsible for WordPress, takes very good care of their product. Despite WordPress being open-source, it is easy to make their blogs secure and protected from anything that can compromise them.

There you have it: 10 reasons why Bloggers need WordPress. It’s easy to use, easy to manage, easy to ask for help with, easy to get views with and is easy to protect.

35 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Bloggers Need WordPress”

  1. I changed from Joomla! to WordPress two years ago and I have never looked back. I find WordPress very easy to use, intuitive and yet still I am able to change everything I need.

    I took me time to find the right plugins for my sites. Now I use very little time managing my sites and the bulk of my time creating content for them.

  2. Yeah its true. You have not left any point. WordPress comes as a perfectly packed tool for bloggers and also its free.
    There is no doubt that wordpress will help a blogger improve their passion of writing.

  3. All bloggers think a lot to decide whether to go with Blogger or WordPress, instead of writing great contents. I personally think WP is the best platform for bloggers of all the types, as it is flexible, and we get more control over our blog!

  4. Without the community on WordPress i would have never even started a website. It helped so much with trouble shooting!

  5. Heyy Susan… you very nicely listed all the features…your post satisfies the point you want to make…!!!
    Thanks…good work..:-)

  6. WordPress is such a powerful tool for bloggers, or websites in general. I am actually surprised when I see how many people use other platforms for blogging, and wonder why more people don’t use it – for the reasons you mentioned above. Great points!

  7. Yes easy to manage and number of plugins make it easier for you to do whatever you want to do with your web.
    Thanks for sharing this great and worth reading article,
    Going to share it on Facebook.

  8. Hello susan

    WordPress has brought a new life in blogging arena.With it now a 10 year old can start a blog plus it is free of cost.Anyways thanks for sharing this wonderful article.

  9. Hello,
    Good Article!
    I was on blogger last year, blogger is hard to manage code and finding themes as well as to customize it as per different browsers. But as I started using WordPress I feel great no need of extra codes, no need of customizing themes too much because of Plugins and Framework :) So, WordPress is better than blogger!
    Happy Blogging :D

  10. I would like to thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this article.I appreciate your post because it has useful information.Waiting for some more great articles like this from you in the coming days.

  11. WP just keeps getting better and better. Definitely established itself as a market leader and I now use WP for all of y sites.

  12. Welldone susan, you did a great job for us. I am very beginner to use the wordpress, can you please let me know the facebook like box in a website. i mean what’s code we need to write.

  13. I recently started my blog and website with WP.com I found out later that I couldn’t use plug ins as my domain is registered with them, instead of a 3rd party hosting service. I read this is not necessarily bad, WP does a lot of work for you in SEO aspects, specially if you are not an expert in HTLM. I completely agree with the post, WP is great and in the long run it will save you time and money.

  14. Great list! The other one that I feel would be a great addition to this list is “It has security”. The fine folks who develop the WordPress core are always working on identifying and closing security holes and finding ways to thwart hackers. The provide frequent releases and updates to help make sure that their software is as secure as possible. It’s one of the primary reasons that I recommend WordPress to many of my friends, colleagues and clients.

    Great article!



  15. Self-hosted WordPress is best for blogs. It offers great flexibility and support. I started my first blog in Google Blogspot but later I moved it to WordPress.

  16. WordPress also has one of the best UI when it comes to content management. I’ve tried various other blogging and content management platforms but nothing comes close to what WordPress has to offer.

  17. Dr.Paul Zemella - Santa Barbara Chiropractor

    The advantage of using wordpress as platform for your blog is the fact that applications are well available for your networking and marketing requirements from themes to advance marketing requirements along with the availability of a wide range of applications for the better visibility and performance of your niche on the internet.

  18. Though i also blog using WordPress, but what i really have found that you don’t need wordpress unless you are problogger or blogging for money. for casual bloggers Blogger and Tumblr are great option. what you think?

  19. hey Susan Good reasons. I too tried to convince people to choose WordPress with my own reasons, infact I was straight to ask them to to do so. WordPress is wonderful CMS.

  20. My first blog was on Google BlogSpot platform. I didn’t had any knowledge about WordPress at that time. Later I moved my Blogger blog to WordPress and noticed huge traffic improvement. WordPress is very flexible, we can create almost all kinds of sites using it.

  21. I truly appreciate all your views on wordpress and their advantages. I’ve been blogging for an year now and just shifted to wordpress recently. To be very frank, I’ve been finding it hard to handle with so many options and settings. But your points are truly valid and essential for upcoming bloggers.

  22. Cool! I trust what you said! I run a blog with Blogger for one and this year I have created one more blog with WordPress and host on my own hosting. Since I used WordPress, I have recognized that it more better.

  23. I also think that WordPress is the best way to build a website fast, and thanks to thousands of free plugins, even a newbie can customize their WordPress site very easy. The WordPress community is so large so if you have any problem, there’s usually someone who can help you out and answer your question.

  24. WordPress is convenient to use, easy and hassle free to set up, not to mention that it has so many great plugins to choose from best suited for your website’s needs. It’s very user-friendly although there are some blogging platform, I really prefer WP. Good for personal so as on business purposes.

  25. Thanks for sharing! Absolutely agree. I use blogger for 1.5 years and I never new about this benefit until I created one more blog with WordPress. As you spoke, WordPress have many benefit since use WordPress I could ability to customize advance features such theme, SEO, and other.

  26. Thank you for the information that you have given here. I have a blog in blogger.com. Few days ago, I made a blog site in wordpress.com. But it did not work well. I know wordpress.com is good for blogging. Why it did not work well, I could not understand. However now I am blogging in blogger.com.
    Now I feel easy by blogging in blogger.com.

  27. Great points you have there. I started using WordPress about 5 years ago, and now it slowly evolve as a CMS. Indeed, it’s really easy to use WP!

  28. Hi
    Wordpress is amazing platform to share our Contribution in blogging to our readers. It id totally different from Bloggers. New bloggers will prefer Bloggers and later will migrate their blogs to WordPress like me . Thanks for sharing !! :) :)

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