Besides a blog post content, the comment section is the most important part of your website, it’s not only create valuable discussion but also help you to improve the SEO ranking of the website by adding fresh new content and relevant articles to your post or further more sharing the post to the world.

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12 thoughts on “45+ WordPress plugins To Enhance Your Comments”

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  4. Thanks for the post. I wasn’t aware of the SEO for Comments plugin. I like the idea of allowing comments to display Twitter avatars. one question I had for you though is how could a new comment on an old article hurt page rank? I thought pagerank was based upon the number of backlinks…please explain the connection. Thanks!

    1. Some opinion said that the comment on an old article page would hurt its pagerank because the new comment will change the keyword density, change the page content and add additional backlink which may not relevant.

    2. This is quite honestly new to me, Jenni and Benin – I’ve never heard that a new link on an older page might hurt search engine rankings.

      On the contrary, in the latest SEOMoz search engine ranking factors report, the general opinion was that it wouldn’t hurt your rankings and I tend to agree with that.

    3. Yes, I’m not sure about this 100%, however, someone still recommend to close the comment on older article.

  5. Thanks for the link, Jenni – I am discovering a lot about you all of a sudden! I am off the check out your blog post. Also wanted to add something to the discussion above…

  6. i too agree…comment is the thing which will help you to connect with the people via your site…this must be a user friendly…for better communication with yout readers…

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